Wellness Weekend September 15-19, 2011

I hope everyone has been having a great week!  After my excitement last weekend, the rest of the week seems to have zipped by. . . and now it’s time for another Wellness Weekend!  I loved all the entries from last week–your creativity in the kitchen is always so impressive! From upside down cakes to tempeh Reubens to two (two!) types of fried okra, I want to try every single recipe.  But since I *have* to choose four to highlight this week, here are my four choices this time round:

  • Empty Fridge Slaw from My Munchable Musings. I loved this combination of grated roots (and I’m a beet lover from way back!).
  • Skinny Fudgesicles from Misadventures of Fat Free Baking.  Because fudgesicles are classic. ;)
  • Beans to the Rescue Cheeze Sauce from Veggie V’s Vegan Adventure. A great way to top pasta, nachos, tacos, etc.–and add some extra protein and fiber at the same time!
  • Creamy Asparagus Soup from the Vegan Cookbook Aficionado. I loved the luxurious texture of this soup (and who doesn’t love asparagus?).

And the Reader’s Choice post goes to. . .

Thank you to every one of you who’s played along by submitting your recipes! I love seeing what you all make each week.

Please join us this weekend! There are so many options for healthy foods. . . whether or not you’re vegan, remember that many salads, veggie side dishes, pasta dishes, desserts, smoothies, and more are naturally vegan and can all be included!  :)


  1. The event occurs once a week, starting Thursdays at 8:00 PM my time and running until Monday at midnight.
  2. Simply link up a recipe you made (and posted about) within the past week that contains health-supporting ingredients (see list below)Use the Linky Tool at the bottom of the page.
  3. Please link the post with your recipe, NOT your blog’s home page.
  4. You may submit more than one recipe, but please follow the guidelines for each one individually.
  5. Please be sure to mention this event and include a link back to this post so that others can find all the recipes posted!
  6. Feel free to use the blog badge, above (or see the left sidebar of this page–if you need the html code, let me know and I’ll send it to you). Many thanks to Adrienne of Whole New Mom for setting up the badge code for me!
  7. As always, I hate to remove links, but will do so if they don’t comply with the guidelines.

What your recipe CAN contain:

  • Any good-for-you, whole foods, especially those with antioxidant properties or “functional foods” (ie, offering naturally medicinal or health-promoting qualities–such as garlic, coconut oil, all vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc.)–but any fresh, real food is welcome!
  • Natural sweeteners (coconut sugar, agave, brown rice syrup, maple syrup, stevia, Sucanat, rapadura, coconut nectar, yacon syrup, etc.)
  • Vegan ingredients (even if you’re not vegan, OF COURSE you can still play along! You’ll be surprised at how many foods are naturally vegan; and if not, there are many subs you can use for eggs, milk or butter–include vegan options and we’re good to go!).
  • Note that this is NOT AN ACD-ONLY EVENT.  Any real food ingredients that are sugar-free and vegan are more than welcome–so use that maple syrup, those mushrooms, that nutritional yeast, miso, etc!  I’m just looking for healthy, whole foods recipes. :)

What your recipe cannot contain:

  • White flour, white sugar, or any highly refined, highly processed ingredients
  • Anything almost entirely artificial (ie, most boxed mixes, fast food, faux “cheese,” faux “meat,” or margarine, unnaturally colored cereals or other foods, etc.)
  • Animal products (meat, chicken, fish or seafood, or their by-products, gelatin, eggs, dairy, butter or honey)

“Hey!  Why was my entry removed?”

  • The major reason entries are removed is because they don’t adhere to the guidelines: either they contain ingredients that aren’t listed here, they are a re-post of a blog entry that is more than one week old, or they contain neither a recipe nor anything directly related to food preparation.  If you render a recipe vegan-friendly by adding a vegan option to your ingredients, your post will be good to go!  For older posts, you’re welcome to re-post them during the week of the event, or choose a newer recipe.
  • Another reason posts are removed is because the link leads to an advertisement or a business blog. Please do NOT link up posts that are merely referrals to a different post or the home page for another blog event.
  • I hate to have to remove links! PLEASE read the guidelines before posting!


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  1. Oh my gosh…Thank you for featuring my recipe! Woohoo. You made my day :-] I love your ideas for my Beans to the Rescue Cheeze Sauce, too. Thanks again!

  2. I finally linked up again this week, Ricki! I’m sharing salad with Lime-Cilantro Dressing. :-) The vegan option would be chickpeas or white beans (probably even black beans would taste good) topped with the fresh lime-cilantro dressing. It’s a pleaser. ;-)


  3. Thanks for featuring my recipe Ricki! I was wondering where all these new hits were coming from, lol.

  4. Thanks for featuring my recipe!!! It made my day! :D :D

  5. I’ve shared my Bean and Vegetable Soup recipe this week! Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Shared two mushrooms burger recipes this weekend :-)

  7. shared a savory kidney beans indian curry and a candied beet cookie!. its fun candying the beet.. i love the color! Thanks for hosting WW every week!

  8. Stopping by with a BLack MIssion Fig Coconut ice cream recipe – it occurred to me it might even be ACD friendly?

  9. Mind if you help me delete the first one? I’m soo sorry!! I’m really clumsy today! Thanks :D


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