You’re Invited to A Gluten-Free Holiday Progressive Dinner Party!

It’s almost the holidays!! Are you as excited (and as yet unprepared) as I am? 😀

This year, Hallie of Daily Bites had a great idea: host a progressive dinner party to provide you with some fabulous recipe ideas for your own holiday tables, making everyone’s life easier! Starting Monday, December 10th, a different blogger will offer up a fantastic recipe each day, moving from course to course one at a time. And you’re all invited!

Even better, each day the hosting blog will offer a cookbook to give away. Each day will feature a different book, so check them all out and be sure to enter to win!

Here’s the lineup (and can you guess which course I’m creating?):

Monday, December 10: Figgy Cocoa Wedges (Edible Gift–vegan) from Daily Bites Blog
Wednesday, December 12: Garlic-Roasted Mushrooms with Herbs (Side Dish-vegan) from Tasty Eats at Home
Thursday, December 13: Veggie Pot Pie (Main Dish–vegan) from She Let Them Eat Cake
Friday, December 14: Dessert from–moi, of course! (what else would I be making?).


I hope you’ll join us as we hop from “home” to home to partake of different delectable dishes, all gluten free! (Note: not every blog listed is entirely vegan, but most will offer lots of vegan options).

And to pique your interest, here’s a peek at what I’ll be serving up on December 14th (yes, Ricki actually got a blog post done in advance–don’t faint!):

Mum, we love dinner parties–guests always drop food on the floor! And I bet we can even eat this dessert, too–no chocolate!”

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Last Year at this Time: Calcium-Rich Cranberry Smoothie (gluten free; ACD  All Stages)

Two Years Ago: Grain-Free Double Ginger Quinoa Scones (gluten free; ACD All Stages)

Three Years Ago: Chiles En Nogado (Stuffed Peppers with Creamy Walnut Sauce) (gluten free; ACD Stages 3 and beyond )

Four Years Ago Raw “Fried Rice” (gluten free; ACD  All Stages )

Five Years Ago: Hazelnut Mocha Cookies (not gluten free; ACD  Maintenance)

© Ricki Heller, Diet, Dessert and Dogs

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  1. Ricki, your dessert looks AMAZING! Can’t wait to kick off the party next week. xoxo :)

    • I’m SO looking forward to it! I’m woefully behind on holiday planning this year and I know I’ll get some fabulous inspiration/recipes from everyone at the party! 😀

  2. What a fun idea! And that dessert looks incredible! I can’t wait for the recipe! Thanks for sharing.

  3. That dessert is beautiful! Can’t wait to see the recipe.

  4. Oh wow that looks fabulous. I’m not GF but I like playing in my kitchen with different ingredients so I’ll be happy to join the party!

    • Sounds great, Emma! I love experimenting, too–which is how I began to cook and bake gluten-free in the first place. Sure came in handy when I had to make the switch to 100%! :)

  5. What a great idea! I’ll look forward to the posts – and yes, especially dessert 😉

  6. Ooh, that looks amazing – and what a fun event with some of my favorite bloggers!

  7. Wow does that look incredible! Can’t wait to see everyone’s dinner party dishes! What a great lineup of bloggers!

  8. I fainted it looks so good.

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