Wellness Weekend, January 10-14, 2013

Newsy Tidbits:

Well, it looks like much of today’s news IS actually “news”! I’ve got lots to share, so here goes:

  • Diet, Dessert and Dogs has been nominated as one of the Top 25 Healthy Living Blogs by The Skinny Scoop! Whoo hoo!  And thank you so much to reader Rose who first nominated it.  If you’d like to vote for my blog (pretty please??), just hop to this page and click on “see all suggestions” at the bottom, then scroll through to the DDD listing (about 2/3 down), then “like” it.  That’s it! :D
  • This month’s Living Without Magazine features five of my decadent dessert recipes--all without gluten, eggs, dairy or refined sugars!  You can enjoy cranberry swirl cheesecake, chocolate-grasshopper parfaits, orange-chocolate satin tart, banana cupcakes with banana buttercream frosting, or chocolate sandwich cookies (heart-shaped for Valentine’s Day!).  And I’m doubly honored that they chose my photo as their cover image–I can’t even tell you the happy dance that went on in our kitchen when I found out!! (“Mum, seriously, I know you were excited and everything. . . but you did seem to channel Ed Grimley a bit there.“).  You can see the entire article for now by going here.
  • My friend Hallie from Daily Bites has created a FREE printable motivational calendar for the month of January.  It’s filled with little bits of insight and motivation (like reminders to hydrate, tips for expressing gratitude, instant recipes and more). I’ve printed mine out and am using it as a reminder to be mindful–and stay motivated–this month. Get yours here.
  • Christy Morgan (aka The Blissful Chef) has created a new Wellness Reboot program to help anyone interested in plant-based eating and living a healthy lifestyle. The program combines both menus and fitness information, videos, and more.  Check it out here. And stay tuned–I’ll be hosting a giveaway for this amazing program later in the month!
  • Stephanie from Recipe Renovator is giving away a signed copy of The Five Spice Chronicles, plus some organic spices you can use to make the recipes! If you love Indian food (as I do), this is one to enter.  Ends January 17 (5:00 PM PST).
  • Finally, I’m thrilled and very excited to announce that I am one of Attune Foods new brand ambassadors this year! I was already a huge fan of Erewhon cereals. Now that Attune has brought more of their products into Canada, they asked me if I’d like to help spread the word.  Well, I could not have shouted “YES” any faster!! Here’s the ingredient list for their organic crispy brown rice cereal: Organic brown rice, Organic brown rice syrup, sea salt.  The corn flakes? Organic milled corn, sea salt.  Yes, folks, these are cold cereals I CAN EAT.  I couldn’t be happier to recommend these cereals as they are made from organic whole foods, just the kind of foods I already eat.  Stay tuned for my first Attune recipe on January 17th!

Do you have a blog linky event, giveaway or other event you’d like me to mention? Send me an email with the details and I’ll include a few each week (depending on how many requests I get, I may not be able to include them all).

PLEASE DO NOT ADD YOUR GIVEAWAYS OR CONTESTS TO THE LINKYS BELOW–THEY ARE FOR RECIPES ONLY. I will list as many events as possible under “Newsy Tidbits” for you if you send me an email to dietdessertdogsATgmailDOTcom. :)

This Week’s Picks:

Are you a salad lover? A good salad can make an entire meal.  Here are this week’s picks for links on the theme, “salads”:

Hearty Mixed Green Salad with Cranberry Vinaigrette from Tessa the Domestic Diva. Gorgeous, no?

Hearty Mixed Green Salad with Cranberry Vinaigrette

Spicy Lentil Salad from City Life Eats. A great way to incorporate those high-protein legumes.

Spicy Lentil Salad

Southwestern Quinoa & Pasta Salad from Cooking Quinoa. I love the look of this salad–so many colors and textures going on here!

Southwestern Quinoa & Pasta Salad

And This Week’s Readers’ Choices:

Readers’ Choice, Savory:

Nightshade-Free Chili from Cuter than Gluten. This was a huge hit with you guys–and why not? Looks incredible.

Nightshade-Free Chili

Readers’ Choice, Sweet:

Creamy Dreamy Chocolate Peppermint Mousse from Allergy Free Test Kitchen. Nothing like chocolate, peppermint and creamy mousse all in one bowl!

Creamy Dreamy Chocolate Peppermint Mousse

Thanks for joining in and sharing all your healthy, sugar-free and vegan recipes. I love seeing what you whip up each week! And I hope you’ll also share on twitter and Facebook (there’s a new, shorter twitter hashtag, too, so you can write more about the food: #WWknd as well as the original #WellnessWeekend).

Here’s How to Participate:

The event occurs once a week, starting Thursdays at 8:00 PM my time and running until the following Monday at midnight.

  1. Simply link up a vegan recipe you made (and posted about) that contains health-supporting ingredients. This means any good-for-you whole foods, especially those with antioxidant properties or “functional foods” (ie, offering naturally medicinal or health-promoting qualities–such as garlic, coconut oil, all vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc.)–but any fresh, real food is welcome! No-no’s include white flour or sugar, highly processed foods, or animal products. Items like vegan protein powder, grain or bean flours, or coconut milk are fine even though they are technically “processed,” since they either contain a single ingredient, or could technically be made at home. Also, if you render a recipe vegan-friendly by adding a vegan option to your ingredients, your post will be good to go!
  2. This is a recipe event. Your blog post must contain a recipe.
  3. You may link up older posts from your archives as long as they contain a link to this post. Please do not link up any posts you have previously shared at an earlier Wellness Weekend event.
  4. Please link the post with your recipe, NOT your blog’s home page or another event page. The post must contain a recipe.
  5. You may submit up to three recipes, but please follow the guidelines for each one individually. ONLY ONE THUMBNAIL FROM EACH BLOG POST, PLEASE.If your post contains two suitable recipes, link up once and people will still see all your fabulous recipes when they click on the linky. :)
  6. Please mention this event and include a link back to this post so that others can find all the recipes posted!
  7. Feel free to use the blog badge, above (or see the left sidebar of this page–if you need the html code, let me know and I’ll send it to you). Many thanks to Adrienne of Whole New Mom for setting up the badge code for me!

PLEASE NOTE: In order to promote your posts and the event, I like to occasionally tweet, mention on Facebook, or pin your blog post(s). On occasion, I will repost your photos in the following week’s Wellness Weekend as well. If you prefer that I NOT use your photos or links, please let me know in the comments below, or send an email to me at dietdessertdogsATgmailDOTcom. Thanks!

I will reluctantly remove any links that don’t comply. I apologize, but I will no longer be able to leave a comment telling you that I’ve removed a non-compliant link. I hate to have to remove links! PLEASE READ THE GUIDELINES BEFORE POSTING!

And now. . . what have you been cooking up lately? Please share!

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  1. The linky worked this time Ricki! :) Im obsessed with this cauliflower soup, and also sharing raw caramel apple trifle. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thank you for the shout-out. Glad you liked the spicy lentils recipe :)

  3. OO, thanks for featuring my salad…it has been a bit of an addiction of late!! Lots of greens..my current theme!

  4. I’m linking in a recipe that is probably not well suited to your weather right now, but is very well suited to ours! Tropical watermelon crush, for burning hot days ;)

  5. Thanks for sharing about the calendar, Ricki. :)

  6. Too many distractions so not blogging as much for a while but still cooking. Daughter Rita is back in Austin studying accupuncture at AOMA. Nutrition is critical to her success so I am providing cooking support for her at her apartment. Wish I had had a batch of your cheezy macaroni while I was not feeling well -comfort food for sure ;-)

  7. Congrats on the recipe feature in Living Without, Ricki – pinning and sharing that now! And… on your Top 25 nomination… AND on becoming an ambassador with Attune Foods. Your new year is off to a fabulous start! HUGS!

  8. That is great news! That’s awesome to be an Attune Foods brand ambassador! Congratulations!! What an accomplishment – an amazing company with delicious allergy friendly foods. Also great job making it into Living Without. Sounds like an amazing week!

    • Thanks so much, Devin! Yes, I was pretty excited about both of those. . . I adore the Erewhon cereals and Living Without is such a great magazine. Happy week! :D

  9. Congratulations on your honor. You are definitely promoting healthier eating. I am voting for you.

  10. Drat, I totally forgot to post my spaghetti squash recipe from today!


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