Wellness Weekend, March 28-April 1, 2013

For those of you celebrating Easter, I hope you have a great long weekend and enjoy your holiday! There are some great last-minute recipes in a previous roundup post. 

For those of you celebrating Passover, I hope you had a great start to the holiday! If you’re looking for more Passover friendly recipes over the next few days, you’ll find a whole bunch in that roundup post as well. :)

As always, your recipes blew me away last week. Since I barely had time to sleep, let alone cook on my own, I just drooled over your dishes instead: Almond Butter No-Bake Bars, Better Than Nutella Cheesecake, Savory Cous Cous, Peanut-Free Tagalongs, Smoky Carrot and Cabbage Salad, and so many more! Check them all out (and 34 more!) here.

Now that major book work is done, I had time to lift my head from the keyboard and look around blogland a bit more. Here’s what’s been going on.

Newsy tidbits:

  • Do you sometimes feel like sugar controls your life? I’ve been there (and sometimes, I’m still there). Could you go two weeks without sugar and see what happens? A new course from functional nutritionist Andrea Nakayama, “You’re Not the Boss of Me: Control Your Blood Sugar Before it Controls You,” examines issues of blood sugar, getting control of sweets cravings, and detoxing from sugar with a 2-week program with live support. I’m delighted to be part of this course (I developed all the recipes and will offer insights into the emotional and psychological aspects of sugar addiction). To listen to a free audiotape about Why Blood Sugar Matters, or to learn more about the course, check out Andrea’s website, here (early bird discount applies until April 1st).
  • Sonnet from For the Love of Food is giving away a prize pack of savory teas! Totally intriguing, right? I hadn’t heard of these, either, but they sure do sound good. To read Sonnet’s description of the teas, learn more and enter the giveaway, check out Sonnet’s blog. Ends this Sunday.
  • If you’re anything like me, mornings can be hectic, and it’s not always easy to prepare a good breakfast. Here are some of my best tips for breakfast on the go.
  • The “Orange Foods” blog event continues over at The Blissful Chef with a month of orange recipes! If you love porridge but are trying to cut down on grains, I’m sharing one of my favorite recipes for grain-free “porridge.” Head over to Christy’s blog to check out the recipe!
  • There’s a great Dairy-Free Chocolate Easter Bunny (and more!) roundup over at Go Dairy Free. If you’re looking for allergy-friendly treats this Easter, check it out!
  • I’m giving away a SIGNED, PERSONALLY INSCRIBED COPY of Nava Atlas’s Wild About Greens! For a sample recipe and to enter, see this post. Ends at midnight, Wednesday, April 3rd!
  • Wellness Weekend has its own Pinterest board! Now you can find all your favorites in one place. Check it out here (and be sure to follow!) :)

Do you have a blog linky event or giveaway you’d like me to mention? I also will occasionally mention new courses that bloggers offer their readers. Send me an email with the details to dietdessertdogsATgmailDOTcom and I’ll include three or four each week. Please note that I cannot always accommodate all requests.


This Week’s Picks:

I’ve been blending like mad since I finally got my repaired Vitamix back from the company (did you know they will take it back, fix it, and then ship it back to you for free if it’s still under warranty? I love my Vitamix!!).  Naturally, this week’s picks all focus on the theme, “raw & blended recipes”:

Raw Spicy Garden Soup from Gluten-Free Cat. This would be a perfect first course for any meal, but especially with warmer weather coming up.

Raw Spicy Garden Soup

Fruit Tray Smoothie from Gluten Free Easily. Shirley shows us a great way to repurpose party leftovers!


Chocolate Cherry Basil Smoothie from Sweet. Smart. Vegan. Oooh. . . I’m drooling just at the thought of those flavors all melding together. Mmm!

Chocolate Cherry Basil Smoothie

And This Week’s Readers’ Choices:

Readers’ Choice, Savory:

Raw Sunflower Seed Butter from Small Footprint Family. I love making my own nut butters, and happy to see you all like the idea for seed butter, too!

Raw Sunflower Seed Butter

Readers’ Choice, Sweet:

Fudgy Sweet Potato Brownies from The Healthy Maven. These hardly need an introduction–I mean, they’re brownies! And fudgy! With sweet potato! :D

Fudgy Sweet Potato Brownies

Thanks for joining in and sharing all your healthy, sugar-free and vegan recipes. I love seeing what you whip up each week! And I hope you’ll also share on twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, too!


Here’s How to Participate:

The event occurs once a week, starting Thursdays at 8:00 PM my time and running until the following Monday at midnight.

  1. Simply link up a vegan recipe you made (and posted about) that contains health-supporting ingredients. This means any good-for-you whole foods, especially those with antioxidant properties or “functional foods” (ie, offering naturally medicinal or health-promoting qualities–such as garlic, coconut oil, all vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc.)–but any fresh, real food is welcome! No-no’s include white flour or sugar, highly processed foods, or animal products. Definite no-no’s include: cane sugar (evaporated or otherwise), sweeteners ending in -itol, margarines, or faux meat products.Items like vegan protein powder, grain or bean flours, or coconut milk are fine even though they are technically “processed,” since they either contain a single ingredient, or could technically be made at home. Also, please note that this is a vegan recipe event. A minor ingredient with a vegan option is fine, but if the main ingredient is intended to be meat or other animal product, your recipe likely belongs in a different link up event. 
  2. This is a recipe event. Your blog post must contain a recipe.
  3. You may link up older posts from your archives as long as they contain a link to this post. Please do not link up any posts you have previously shared at an earlier Wellness Weekend event.
  4. Please link the post with your recipe, NOT your blog’s home page or another event page. The post must contain a recipe.
  5. You may submit up to three recipes, but please follow the guidelines for each one individually. ONLY ONE THUMBNAIL FROM EACH BLOG POST, PLEASE.If your post contains two suitable recipes, link up once and people will still see all your fabulous recipes when they click on the linky. :)
  6. Please mention this event and include a link back to this post so that others can find all the recipes posted!
  7. Feel free to use the blog badge, above (or see the left sidebar of this page–if you need the html code, let me know and I’ll send it to you). Many thanks to Adrienne of Whole New Mom for setting up the badge code for me!

PLEASE NOTE: In order to promote your posts and the event, I like to occasionally tweet, mention on Facebook, or pin your blog post(s). On occasion, I will repost your photos in the following week’s Wellness Weekend as well. If you prefer that I NOT use your photos or links, please let me know in the comments below, or send an email to me at dietdessertdogsATgmailDOTcom. Thanks!

I will reluctantly remove any links that don’t comply. I apologize, but I will no longer be able to leave a comment telling you that I’ve removed a non-compliant link. I hate to have to remove links! PLEASE READ THE GUIDELINES BEFORE POSTING!

And now. . . what have you been cooking up lately? Please share!

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  1. Hi Ricki! The linky thing only gave me 15 characters for my Moroccan Vegetable Stuffed Pepper so it became Moroccan Pepper!

    With regard to the first newsy tidbit, even though I don’t eat that much sugar/honey/alternative sweetener, once I have had a taste I find I’m craving it every day so I go cold turkey once in a while! I’ve managed to go three weeks without it and the cravings do go after about a week.

    Thank you for hosting and I’ll be back later to see the other posts! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Happy Easter Ricki :) Eating a few of these contributions would make for a great set of celebrations I think!

  3. Hey Ricki! It’s been a while since I submitted but I’m happy to be back :) This week I’m sharing my “Peanut Butter” & Caramel-Filled Chocolate Eggs, perfect for Easter!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend :)


  4. Happy Easter, Ricki! And thanks so much for sharing my Spicy Garden Soup! You made my day!! Today I’ve linked up my Italian Kale Chips. I was going to make them again today, but I just spotted Kimmy’s Dill-icious Kale Chips, and they sound so good! Thanks for such a great event that helps us all learn from each other.

  5. Happy to share a simple, wholesome side dish: Garlicky Dill Carrots.

    Happy Easter!

  6. Hi Ricki!

    I’m so happy you enjoyed the sweet potato brownies! Many more healthy treats to come. Check out the coconut waffles I posted for this week. They are scrumptious!

    Hope you are enjoying the nice weather and happy easter!

  7. Hi Ricki – Happy Easter!

    Thanks for sharing the abundance of recipes ideas in your previous round up post – lots of food for thought. I must try your mock-chopped-liver pate soon – I’m hoping it might get the boyfriend away from his regular liver pate…

    I’m sharing 2 things with you today – a round up of sweet Easter treats, and as an antidote my latest green smoothie with coconut milk :-)

    Wishing you, the girls and HH a fab festive weekend,

  8. Awww, thanks so much for the special highlight, Ricki! Whenever you highlight one of my recipes from WW, I’m always blown away! I’ll be reading along taking in all the amazing info and delightful goodies you share and then, wow, there’s one of your super sweet mentions … thank you so much! I came over to grab one of your recipes to feature on All Gluten-Free Desserts. :-) Thanks for another wonderful WW event, Ricki! Hope you have a great weekend!



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