Wellness Weekend, January 16-20, 2014

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Hi Everyone! Welcome back to Wellness Weekend! Hard to believe it’s Thursday already–it’s been a busy week of writing and recipe testing for the new book since the last Wellness Weekend event! I’m really excited about this book and can’t wait to share (though autumn feels a long way off right now!). Newsy Tidbits:

And now. . . on to this week’s event! PLEASE DO NOT ADD YOUR GIVEAWAYS OR CONTESTS TO THE LINKYS BELOW–THEY ARE FOR RECIPES ONLY. This Week’s Picks: We all need a sweet treat once in a while (as long as it’s made from real food, right?). Here are a few recipes from last week:

Blueberry Peach Cobbler from Detached and Connected. I love cobblers, don’t you? Add blueberries, and I’m sold.

Blueberry Peach Cobbler

Raw Chocolate & Matcha Roulade from Naturelle. I am sooo excited about this one! Matcha! Chocolate! That’s all I need to know. ;)

Raw Chocolate and Matcha Roulade

Blackberry Muffin Sweet Potato Pudding Parfait from Vegan Mommy Chef. It’s a mouthful–and I bet it’s an amazing REAL mouthful!

Blackberry Muffin Sweet Potato Pudding Parfait

Looking for more recipes for healthier sweets? Here are some from the blog:

And this week’s Readers’ Choices:

Readers’ Choice, Savory

Creamy Chipotle Vegan Mac and Cheese from Make Real Food. Such perfect comfort food for this time of year!

Creamy Vegan Chipotle Mac N Cheese

Readers’ Choice, Sweet:

Chocolate Sweet Potato Ice Cream from Bite-Sized Thoughts. Two more of my favorite flavors together again. Love!

Chocolate Sweet Potato Ice Cream

Thanks for joining in and sharing all your healthy, sugar-free and vegan recipes. I love seeing what you whip up each week! And I hope you’ll also share on Facebook, Pinterest, twitter and Instagram, too! Wellness Weekend even has its own group Pinterest board so you can keep track of each week’s links. Check it out right here. And if you’d like to be added as a pinner on the board, just let me know! You have to follow me on Pinterest first (and then I follow you, in order to add you). You can pin any of the recipes from any Wellness Weekend. :)

Here’s How to Participate: The event occurs once a week, starting Thursdays at 8:00 PM my time and running until the following Monday at midnight.

  • Simply link up a vegan recipe you made (and posted about) that contains health-supporting ingredients. This means any good-for-you whole foods, especially those with antioxidant properties or “functional foods” (ie, offering naturally medicinal or health-promoting qualities–such as garlic, coconut oil, all vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc.)–but any fresh, real food is welcome! No-no’s include white flour or sugar, highly processed foods, or animal products. Definite no-no’s include: cane sugar (evaporated or otherwise), sweeteners ending in -itol, margarines, or faux meat products. Items like vegan protein powder, grain or bean flours, or coconut milk are fine even though they are technically “processed,” since they either contain a single ingredient, or could technically be made at home. Also, please note that this is a vegan recipe event. A minor ingredient with a vegan option is fine, but if the main ingredient is intended to be meat or other animal product, your recipe likely belongs in a different link up event.
  • This is a recipe event. Your blog post must contain a recipe.
  • You may link up older posts from your archives as long as they contain a link to this post. Please do not link up any posts you have previously shared at an earlier Wellness Weekend event.
  • Please link the post with your recipe, NOT your blog’s home page or another event page.
  • You may submit up to three recipes, but please follow the guidelines for each one individually. ONLY ONE THUMBNAIL FROM EACH BLOG POST, PLEASE. If your post contains two suitable recipes, link up once and people will still see all your fabulous recipes when they click on the linky. :)
  • Please mention this event and include a link back to this post so that others can find all the recipes posted!
  • Feel free to use the blog badge, above (or see the left sidebar of this page–if you need the html code, let me know and I’ll send it to you). Many thanks to Adrienne of Whole New Mom for setting up the badge code for me!

PLEASE NOTE: In order to promote your posts and the event, I like to occasionally tweet, mention on Facebook, or pin your blog post(s). On occasion, I will repost your photos in the following week’s Wellness Weekend as well. If you prefer that I NOT use your photos or links, please let me know in the comments below, or send an email to me at ricki@rickiheller.com. Thanks! I will reluctantly remove any links that don’t comply. I apologize, but I will no longer be able to leave a comment telling you that I’ve removed a non-compliant link. I hate to have to remove links! PLEASE READ THE GUIDELINES BEFORE POSTING! And now. . . what have you been cooking up lately? Please share!

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  1. Awe thank you for listing the Chipotle Mac’n’Cheese! It has quickly became one of my favorites!!
    Just a quick note – on this week’s Linky Tool it is only letting the caption under the picture be less than 15 characters – is this new? Just seemed a lot shorter than in the past :)
    I love finding new recipes in this roundup!!!! Thank you for doing it!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, Ricki!!!

  3. I’m so delighted that others liked the idea of chocolate sweet potato ice cream as much as I did! I will definitely have to try that sweet potato parfait, and the chocolate matcha roulade too (amazing!). I’m sticking with sweet potato again this week but this time in smoothie form :)

  4. Hi Ricki

    Sounds like you’ve had a successful and busy week! I’ve shared a warming casserole with grain free herby bites (based on my other bite recipes) which we ate with Christmas Dinner this year. My little grandson LOVED them!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Hi Ricki,

    Happy Friday. This week I am sharing a smoothie I’ve been making practically everyday. Like grapefruit? Like avocado? Like hemp? You will love this smoothie! (vegan option included).


  6. Hi Ricki!
    Super excited that you’ll be releasing another cookbook. I’m working on one of my own, so I’ve been doing lots of testing myself. Thanks for hosting what looks to be another great weekend of recipes!

  7. Hi Ricki! I hope you are well. I am so behind on my blog reading and haven’t been to WW in quite a while. Today I’m linking up two juices. One is Green Apple Pie juice featuring broccoli, and the other is a thicker “juice” that I’m calling Raw Spicy Avocado Soup.

    Have a lovely weekend, Ricki!

  8. Happy 2014!
    So glad to be here at Wellness Weekend!
    Today I shared “Vegan Veggie Delights: Roasted Beet Salad with Vegan Feta and Pine Nuts”.
    Thanks for hosting!
    All the best,

  9. Hi Ricki,
    I am into beets this week, so…
    I also shared my post: “Finer than Wine: 10 Delicious Beet Juice & Smoothie Recipes”


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