Anti-Candida Feast Digital Cookbook

Anti Candida Feast Digital Cookbook


For anyone with dietary restrictions, for Type II Diabetics who must eat low glycemic foods, or for anyone who wants less refined sugar in their lives, Anti-Candida Feast is a great collection of yummy recipes for any special occasion!

With 16 recipes for appetizer, side dishes, main course and desserts, you’ll be able to enjoy a festive meal even when you’re watching what you eat. The Choco-Carob Frosting works beautifully to pipe decorations on birthday cakes, or spoon some Stevia-Sweetened Coconut Whipped Cream over Chocolate Pots de Crème for an elegant ending to a dinner party. And Nut Roast with Smoky Almond Gravy will even win over the skeptics!

After all, isn’t good food all about the taste, regardless of the ingredients?

Read a review from Alisa Fleming of the popular website, Go Dairy Free, here.

Here’s what you’ll find in the Anti-Candida Feast digital cookbook:

[PLEASE NOTE: Some of the recipes in this cookbook were formulated using earlier versions of the anti-candida diet, when tofu and agave were considered safe ingredients. Two recipes contain tofu, and one uses agave. You can substitute coconut nectar for agave.]

Tips on how to cope while on the anti-candida diet

* Includes full-color photograph.

Buy it now for just $9.95 USD (and download the book immediately once payment is submitted).

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Residents of EU countries, please click this link to purchase the 4-book Package



  1. Lisa Higgins says:

    I want to purchase all three ebooks but can never get them on my old computer. Can you mail me a copy of all three ebooks

  2. Suzanne says:

    What stage are these appropriate for?

    • Hi Suzanne,
      Each book has something for every stage. But they do tend to reflect where I was when I made them, so Anti-Candida Feast ebook contains the largest number of recipes for Stage 1. You will find a few for Stage 2 as well in it. The other two ebooks are both Stage 1, 2, and (very few–maybe 2 or so) recipes for Stage 3. :)

  3. Just wondering what you use for sweetener? Want to buy the book but currently only use stevia.

    • Hi Hyacynth,
      All of the desserts in the ebook use stevia. One has an agave or stevia option, so you could easily go for the stevia in that one, too. :)

  4. Margaret Beckett says:

    I ordered all four ebooks and paypal has processed my money. How do I get them now? I didn’t get any instructions. :)

    • Margaret, Your ebooks were sent to the email address on your PayPal account, and the email came back “undeliverable because the user’s mailfolder is full.” Please create some space so that I can try again. Thanks!

  5. Hi Ricki,

    Are the recipes GF?

    • Hi Faye,

      Yes, the recipes in all three ebooks are gluten-free and 100% vegan (ie, no dairy, eggs, honey, butter, etc.). The only cookbook that has any gluten-full recipes is Sweet Freedom (and I’m currently working on a revamp of that one, too!) 😀

      • That’s great! Thank you!

        Could you give me a recommendation for vegan, candida safe, gf carob chips? And perhaps where to find them? (I’m in Canada as well.)

        I’ve hit multiple health food stores and searched online, and I cant find a thing!

        • I buy mine at Grain Process Enterprises in Scarborough (Toronto). I don’t know whether they will send them elsewhere, though. They are vegan and gluten free–only ingredients are carob powder and palm oil. From what I can tell, they are Grain Process’s own brand. I buy in bulk, so they don’t come with a label. You could try calling them. Information here. Hope that helps!

          • Thanks! I’ll let you know how it pans out.

            Thanks for your amazing blog. I’ve been “managing” my candida for years, but I’m going to go strict now and fight it. Your blog is SUCH a great resources. I don’t think I’ll feel deprived if I follow your advice and recipes.

          • Thanks so much, Faye! I’m so glad to hear that. (But the holistic nutritionist in me can’t help but mention that not all the recipes are suitable for all stages. . . starting in March 2009, you’ll find more recipes for Stage One, and they will move forward from there). 😀 Best of luck with it!

          • So these guys sell them online and ship domestic and international:

            I’m going to call GPE directly though to see if they ship to anyone in my city though.


          • Great-thanks! And would you let me know if GPE does ship? If so, I’ll add it to the Candida FAQ page. :)

          • Hi Ricki,

            This is the response I got from GPE:

            Good morning Faye,

            Sorry, we do not carry unsweetened carob nibs, however we do carry unsweetened carob chips.

            Yes, we have a lots of customer in [my city], you can look at [xxxx]. I would recommend you to buy from them even though they do not have this week all you have to do just place an order with them because they place an order with us every week.

            If you like to order straight from us minimum order is $400.00 and shipping charge for residential area is $25.00, therefore it better off buying from them is cheaper & if you do not have business license the
            price is retail price only, you won’t be getting wholesale price.

          • Apart from the horrible grammar/spelling, this is what I expected. It was unsweetened chips you were looking for, right?

          • Last question!! :)

            I was surfing the WholeApproach site for safe protein bars recipe and came across the one in the link below. In the comments on that page, you mentioned you put your own delicious twist on the original recipe and that you were going to post your own version of the recipe on your blog. I surfed, searched and went through the archives and couldn’t find it. Would you mind pointing me to the right link? I’d love to make some tonight. I’m already struggling with hunger and need something to tide me over until I get back into the full ACD swing of things.


          • Sure! I just made them as orbs instead of bars. Here’s the link.


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