Desserts without Compromise Digital Cookbook

Desserts without Compromise Ebook by Ricki Heller

[For a detailed description of this cookbook with photos of almost all the desserts, please see this post.]

Now anyone can enjoy delicious, tempting, sweet and satisfying desserts–all made without gluten, eggs, dairy or sugar, and all low glycemic! These treats are ideal for anyone following a low glycemic or anti-candida diet, Type II diabetics , or anyone seeking gluten free, sugar free, additive- and chemical-free desserts.

[Grain-free Fudgy Brownies]

After testing the confections with a group of devoted recipe testers, I saved only the best treats for this cookbook–those that received rave reviews, from the testers and their families, friends, and colleagues!

The digital cookbook contains fourteen brand new original recipes along with a few tried-and-true favorites from the blog, so you can enjoy all the best healthy desserts in one convenient place.

[Strawberry Parfait with Soy-Free, Corn Free Creamy Vanilla Custard]

Here’s what you’ll get in this newest cookbook:

[PLEASE NOTE: Some of the recipes in this cookbook were formulated using earlier versions of the anti-candida diet, and recommend agave nectar for later stages. In every case, you can safely substitute stevia or coconut nectar for the agave.]

  • 43 pages of information and recipes
  • 19 delectable dessert recipes, most with beautiful full-color photographs
  • 14 newly created original recipes, developed just for this ebook
  • An introduction outlining the basics of the anti-candida (low glycemic) diet and the version I follow
  • a section outlining key ingredients used in these anti-candida desserts

The table of contents includes:

  • Introduction
  • Key Ingredients
  • Candy-like Confections:
  • Cookies and Bars:
  • Creamy Desserts:
    • Mint Chip Ice Cream *
    • Green Tea Ice Cream
    • Quick Berry Sorbet *
    • Strawberry Mousse or Tart Filling
    • Soy-free, Corn-free Creamy Vanilla Custard *
    • Peachy Pudding *
    • Blueberry Chia Pudding *
  • Special Occasion:
    • Individual Bread Puddings with Caramel Sauce *

*includes full-color photograph

[Mounds or Bounty Bites]

Every one of these recipes is

  • low glycemic
  • refined sugar free
  • egg free
  • dairy free
  • gluten free
  • delicious!

[Mint-Chip Ice Cream–no ice cream maker required!]

Buy it now for just $10.95 USD (and download the book immediately once payment is submitted).

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  1. Cynthia Placencia says:

    I ordered all your ebooks last Tuesday and I have not seen them yet. When do they usually arrive

  2. Hi Ricky,
    I just finished the Sweet Victory Class you did with Andrea Nakayama and I cant wait to dig into these recipes! Thanks!

  3. Before I order these books I am wondering what kind of sweetener you use as I have found that any sugar alcohols do not agree with me.

    • Hi Patsy,
      Most of the recipes use stevia, but about half of the dessert ones use either yacon, agave, or vegetable glycerin (you can choose which one you like). There is one recipe with coconut sugar. I never use sugar alcohols. :)

  4. Hi,

    Can you please tell me how many of the recipes in your cookbooks involve yeast, soy and/or vinegar?

    I’m allergic to soy, yeast makes my sinuses act up, and I’ve been told to stay faaaaar away from vinegar. (Supposedly vinegar exacerbates candida symptoms.)

    Anyway, thank you.

    • Hi Christi,
      I’m on an anti-candida diet, so none of my recipes contains yeast. The only vinegar I ever use is apple cider vinegar, which some sources suggest is useful on the diet; that said, only 2 recipes in Anti-Candida Feast contain it, and two in Good Morning! Breakfasts. In all but one case you can sub freshly squeezed lemon juice for the vinegar.

      There is one recipe with soy in Anti-Candida Feast and two with soy in Good Morning! Breaktasts. Some of my recipes mention soymilk, but in every case you can sub with either almond, hemp, coconut, or rice milk. So, to recap, a total of three recipes from all of the ebooks specify soy or vinegar where it can’t be replaced.

      Hope that helps! :)

      • Christi says:

        Excellent. Thank you for your prompt and thorough response!

      • Christi says:

        PS: It just occurred to me, unfortunately, that I would not be able to eat any of your recipes containing milk substitutes, either, due to their high sugar content. In the past, when I tried coconut, almond and rice milk, my [sinus] candida symptoms went wild. My nose swelled up for days and it looked like I had taken a fist to the schnoz. Not fun. The only thing I could ever chalk a reaction like that up to was the sugar content, since all of the other ingredients are healthy/nutritious.

        Hmm. I wish I could hunt down a sugar-free non-dairy milk substitute. That would be ideal. If you know of any, please let me know.

        Thank you.

        • Christie,

          Once I made an almond cream based strawberry pie with a crust which was awesome and the process for making the almond cream you could add more water to get an almond milk, then add stevia. I do not remember the proportions, but this is how it goes, get some almonds (amount up to you), soak them overnight in water to cover, drain in the morning, then blanch them in boiling hot water for about a minute then coll off under cold water and rub them in the center of a clean towel and the skins will come off. Put the almonds w/o skins in the blender with water (less is better at first) and blend. If it starts to get thick, then add some more water until you get the consistency you like, then add the stevia.

          • Thanks so much, Linda. And of course, as I mention, you can always make any homemade nut or seed milk (or even rice milk). :)

        • Christi,
          ALL the milks I use are sugar-free! You can get sugar-free almond, soy, hemp or rice milks here in North America (I don’t know where you are). Also, you can make your own almond or other nut or seed milk without sugar–very easy to find recipes on the internet. Or just go for my quick and easy hemp milk. :)

  5. Christi, I just discovered a coconut milk at
    I haven’t tried it but I like the fact there is no carrageenan, etc. Unfortunately, it appears they do use a trace amount of cane juice.

    “There are no preservatives added to the coconut milk, coconut water or coconut cream. However, to keep the coconut cream and milk completely fluid and not allow it to separate, a tiny bit of xanthan gum (1/10th of 1%) is added to the milk and cream. And to keep the sweetness consistent on the coconut water, a trace amount of evaporated cane juice may be added to it. These are the only two things that are added and they are only added in very minimal amounts.”

  6. Hi, I am interested in your Desserts Without Compromise book. Between my daughter and I we are not only GF and DF but also egg-free (I see you’ve addressed that), corn free, tapioca free, potato free. It seems like very few recipes use arrowroot or agar agar or that combo instead of tapioca starch/potato starch/cornstarch types of combinations. Do most your recipes in this cookbook utilize tapioca/corn/potato? If not, I’m definately buying your book! We miss our treats! We actually have no problem with vegan white and brown sugars, but can’t do yeast eitehr (which I see is an issue for others so not asking about that because you’ve already addressed in this blog reply area). Let me know about the tapioca/potato/cornstarch question. Thanks! The pictures look so yummy!

    • Hi Linda,

      Thanks so much for your interest in the ebook! I just looked through the recipes and there’s one baked good with potato starch; you could sub arrowroot in that recipe. The other baked goods (cookies, brownie, bread pudding) don’t have potato starch, cornstarch or tapioca. Many of the recipes are other types of sweets, too, like fudge, truffles, raw bars, puddings, etc. so they don’t have potato starch either. Note, though, that I do use alternative natural sweeteners like stevia (mostly) or sometimes coconut sugar and yacon syrup. You can always replace coconut sugar with brown sugar if you tolerate sugar.

      Hope that helps!

      Ricki :)

  7. Thanks so much for your speedy reply, Ricki! I will order the book ASAP! So excited!

  8. The photos are incredible, Ricki. Congrats to have another “baby” alive and kicking!

  9. oh, wait, I thought this was the new one! I’m going to have to grab my copy and take another look at those brownies, they look amazing!


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