Lucini Cinque e’ Cinque Review and Giveaway

[Disclaimer: I received a package of Lucini products for free from the company.  I was under no obligation to write this review or, if I did write it, to provide a positive assessment.]

[What you can win: three bags of Cinque e’ Cinque mix–Traditional, Rosemary and Chili (vegan, gluten free, sugar free, ACD-friendly; two cans of vegan, sugar-free, gluten free, ACD-friendly pizza sauce; a bottle of olive oil; and a beautiful Lucini whisk to mix up your cinque!]

A few months ago now, I received a lovely email from Laura at Lucini Italia asking me if I’d like to give their new product, called Cinque e’ Cinque, a try.  A native Torontonian, Laura explained that the Cinque acquired its name because “you’d get 5 cents worth of the cinque, and five cents worth of bread.  Lucini doesn’t bother with the bread (so not necessary) but keeps the name.”  Back in Italy, this standard rustic fare is made from chickpea flour and can be compared to a “chickpea frittata.”  Lucini has re-created the authentic version here in North America using specially milled flour to achieve the traditional result, which is slightly crispy on the edges and smooth, creamy, and even a tad custardy inside. It’s traditionally prepared in a cast-iron pan, but that’s not necessary. 

As you know, I’m always looking for more ways to eat natural foods, and especially natural foods that are vegan, gluten free, ACD-friendly and–in this case–really quick and easy to prepare.  The packages contained a single ingredient–their specially milled chickpea flour–which I’d mix up with a wee bit of olive oil, salt, and water.  That’s it!

What did I have to lose?  Besides, Laura was so affable and relaxed about my participation that I immediately felt comfortable accepting the package knowing that I could provide her my honest-to-goodness, no-holds-barred response without obligation.

Well, I needn’t have worried. 

For my first attempt, I decided I’d prepare the cinque “au naturel,” exactly as an Italian country Madre might make it.  I used a full packet of the flour and baked it up in my cast iron pan, leaving half plain and covering the other half with greens sautéed in olive oil with garlic:

And you can see the thick, smooth center in this photo:

I was smitten, immediately.  If you’ve ever had Indian chickpea pancakes (called cheela or pudla) or French socca, you may have a vague notion of what the cinque is like.  I adore pudla and make them all the time, but this cinque was different: smoother, creamier on the inside without being too moist, and solid.  The flavor doesn’t scream “chickpeas!” the way hummus sometimes does; it’s mild and subtle, unassuming enough to pair with almost any other taste, whether savory or sweet.

You can also use half a package for a thinner frittata that is perfect as a pizza base:

[Cinque “pizza” crust topped with Lucini pizza sauce, baby spinach, vegan goat cheese and oil-cured black olives.]

I’ve been eating cinque morning, noon and night.  I think I’ve developed a little addicition.  Luckily, it’s almost fat free and high fiber, with a good amount of protein (9 g) in every serving.  Why had I never heard of these delights before? 

Apart from the cinque itself, I was impressed by the company’s business approach and philosophy.  They still prepare their artisanal products in small batches and use 100% natural ingredients.

The pizza sauce, for instance, contains the following: Tomato Puree, Vine-Ripened Plum Tomatoes, Roasted Garlic, Garlic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Basil, Natural Flavor, Oregano, Fennel, Red Chili Pepper, Citric Acid (naturally derived). No sugar; no fillers.  As the product profile tells us, “Lucini Italia’s Pizza Sauce is the only one on the market that uses fresh California plum tomatoes picked less than 12 hours prior to the sauce being made. It is never produced off season with tomato paste.” If I had the time, this is the kind of sauce I’d make myself.

Can you have a crush on a food?  If so, Lucini has converted me into a teenager again.  For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been pining for the stuff, waiting breathlessly until our next meeting.  Seriously, I have eaten cinque five times in the past three days. (Luckily, it is available at several Toronto-area stores so I won’t have to go through withdrawal).

Here’s how I had it for breakfast yesterday:

[Traditional cinque made as directed, then spread with one cup of the sweet variation of my Sweet Potato Spread, topped with baby spinach, arugula, black plum slices and a smattering of pomegranate seeds. . . return to oven for 2-3 minutes, just to heat through.  A divine way to start the day!]

And I Want You to Try Some, Too! 

The kind people at Lucini want to offer you a gift package filled with samples of the cinque mix, their pizza sauce, their olive oil, and a whisk to prepare your farinata (see photo at the top of this post). 

To enter the giveaway for a free gift package like the one I received simply do the following:

  • Leave a comment at the bottom of this post telling me why you’d like to try Lucini products. 

For extra entries, do any one or more of the following (and be sure to leave an extra comment for each one, please!):

  • Visit the Lucini Italia page and browse through their products. Tell me which product sounds best to you.
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The contest closes at midnight on Tuesday, November 16th. I’ll be giving it away to one lucky DDD reader whose name I’ll choose at random after midnight on Tuesday, November 16th, 2010.

Or, if you can’t wait to try the products. . . use this discount to buy!

The website offers invitation-only discounts of up to 70% off the retail price of all kinds of luxury products, but their sales last only 36 hours.  They’ll be featuring Lucini products starting November 11th,  so if you’re interested, be sure to sign up asap! To access the site and sign up, go here.

Good luck, everyone! :)



  1. oh my gosh you make it all look so amazing!! I have never made pizza at home yet, so this would be perfect for me to get started

  2. i think the pizza sauce looks great

  3. i subscribe via RSS

  4. There was a time in my life when I ate Tortillitas (Spanish chickpea flour pancakes) EVERY DAY. Those were good times.

    I’d love to win this because I’m lazy and this is even faster than my classic recipe!

  5. I’m subscribed – always will be 😀

  6. The vinaigrettes look amazing – no sugar, oh my!

  7. yum! that goat cheese, baby spinach and black olive would be perfect anytime for me … and I have some home-dried tomatoes that would be nice as well. This whol GF way is new to me, but I feel so much better! Thanks again Ricki for great information!

  8. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this Cinque stuff! Would LOVE to try it!

  9. I tweeted – @AlmostVeganBlog

  10. I’d love to try some of their oils – the 100% organic, garlic infused, or white truffle especially.

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  15. Your pizza looks wonderful!
    I’d love to try Lucini’s products because I’ve never had cinque, socca, or the like.

  16. What products sound great? All of Lucini’s olive oils are 100% olive oil – apparently most of the olive oils in the stores are not. Unless it states 100% pure olive oil on the label and where its from – it probably isnt what you expect.

  17. and yes I am a fan of Lucini now!

  18. I love trying new things and thus would love to try this! :)

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  20. I am a DDD fan on facebook, too :)

  21. Looks fantastic . . . and no yeast, either, which means I can have it!! Yay! Would love to win!

  22. I would like to try Lucini’s products because I am impressed with their purity compared to similar products.

  23. “Liked” Lucini on Facebook, too!
    Thanks for the review of their products because it’s scary to order from places without knowing how they taste!!

  24. Pick me! Pick me!
    I’m already on your subscription base, and have been following you for a while. Like you I have a Black Lab at home and like you I’m gluten free. And I’m convinced that in a former life I was Italian — I even live in the Italian neighbourhood of town. Unfortunately I haven’t found Lucini products in Ottawa — and I’ve been on the lookout.

    thanks for the great recipes!

  25. I would love to try these products because the chickpea pancake looks so good, and I love supporting companies that use pure healthy ingredients.

  26. I subscribe to your blog

  27. I love the look of their tomato basil soup!

  28. Hi Ricki – love the idea of a chickpea base for pizza or pancakes – a tasty option instead of wheat. Looks Scrumptious!!

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  31. I ‘shared’ your FB post:

    Ricki Heller
    can’t wait for you to try my new food addiction, so I’m giving some away! Vegan, gluten free, sugar free, grain free, and quick and easy to make–want some?

  32. the best product has to be the 10-Year Gran Riserva Balsamico! i love high-quality balsamic!

  33. subscribe to your blog :)

  34. Why those amazing pictures make me want to try this product! Thanks so much for the chance to win this :)

  35. The Roasted Hazelnut and Extra Virgin Vinaigrette sounds so different from anything I have ever tried. Very intriguing!

  36. I tweeted about the giveaway :)

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  40. Beautiful, Ricki, just beautiful! It doesn’t even look real, it’s so pretty. Well, the why I’d like to win is quite easy … I LOVE everything chickpeas! I’ve even looked for chickpea flour with no luck before. Sounds like a great prize pack!


  41. That looks and sounds so delicious. I’m a fan of chickpeas in general, and I do have the perfect pan for cooking the cinque. I guess I’ll have to be pretty lucky to win this because this will be my only entry. 😀

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  46. I would love to try this – I’ve never tried socca or farinata – I wanted to for a long time, but I haven’t been able to find chickpea flour and as a cash strapped grad students can’t afford to order it online right now! I maintain a gluten free diet – right now I make pancakes from buckwheat flour, but other than that I don’t eat any bread substitutes b/c rice flour doesn’t settle well with me – this chickpea flat bread sounds like it would be great for pizza or with some baba ganoush!

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  49. I think I make a product very similar to these as my chickpea flatbread.. Love the stuff!

  50. If I could only choose one product from Lucina I would definetely try the traditional cinque, but the fig infused balsamic vinegar also sounds very yummy!

  51. that sounds absolutely divine, and i’m all over things chickpea :)

  52. I would love a chance to try this amazing looking products! Thanks

  53. love their extra virgin olive oil, but i’d love to try their 10yr gran riserva!!

  54. i’ve been dreaming of gluten-free, acd-friendly pizza for months!! my italian blood is crying for joy over this giveaway.

  55. I honestly can’t decide between the chili and the rosemary cinque on their site. Both sound so good!

  56. would love to try one of the infused balsamic vinegars!

  57. I have been in a breakfast funk and this will cure me!

  58. RachelBethany says:

    I would love to win this! I have had a chickpea frittata once and it was amazing. I would love to recreate it!

  59. RachelBethany says:

    The rosemary cinque looks great as does the fig and walnut viniagrette!

  60. The Cinque e’ Cinque product sounds so unique and healthy! I have made chickpea crepes before, but never a chickpea-based fritata or pizza! I would love to try this product in order to incorporate more variety into my current low-sugar and low-GI eating plan. If I were to win a sample, I would probably make a fritata with roasted squash and carmelized onions :)

  61. Lucini’s Savory Fig-Infused Gran Balsamic Vinegar also sounds amazing. It could be a very versatile and simple way to add flavor to many of my favorite dishes and salads.

  62. I also signed up as a fan on Lucini’s facebook page!

  63. 😮 I think I read about this in VegNews a few issues ago and it sounded delightful. Now that I see how it’s actually used, my mind is blown. I’d like to try this because I’m of Italian origin, yet I’ve never tried anything like this before! Mmm… :)

  64. Oh, and I subscribed (I can’t believe I hadn’t been subscribed already! Sorry about that!) :)

  65. Yum – I’ve been meaning to try my hand at socca – even bought a big bag of chick pea flour at the ethnic grocery. But, I haven’t gotten around to it yet. This looks delicious!

  66. Whoah! I actually have my first batch of socca ever in the oven RIGHT NOW, so this type of dish is obviously on my mind. I’d love to try this mix too and explore the world of chickpea flour!

  67. I’d love to try these products because I adore chickpeas in any form… and have lately succumbed to eating them straight from the can. 😛

  68. I also think the Tuscan sauce pouch on their website looks amazing!

  69. sweetkaroline says:

    would love to try their fig infused balsamic vinegar!

  70. sweetkaroline says:

    i think how they give back to various causes is awesome!

  71. I love pizza & need to as much eat sugar-free as possible & anyone that can combine the two has to be good ;).

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  75. sounds & looks yummy. I will look for Lucini cinque frittata mix & the pizza sauce at our co-op in Boise, Ida.!

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  77. I would love to try the Lucini products because they look amazing. And who doesn’t like pizza? 😉

  78. wow, those look so good and sound so easy to make. i love trying new foods and this sounds awesome.

    thanks for the giveaway!

  79. I checked out Lucini’s website and after seeing garlic olive oil at wine shop recently I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I really want to try some and Lucini has some!

  80. I also follow you on twitter!

  81. I love the variations that you have come up with; especially the breakfast one.
    I’m curious to try this product; since you mentioned that it is creamier and smoother than Indian pancakes (cheela – which I make often)

  82. Not sure if we overseas people can participate..? But if so, I’d love to try these because I love farinata and anything and everything that makes eating vegan and gluten-free just a little bit easier.

  83. Most of the Lucini products look good but I’m most intrigued by the bags of Cinque e Cinque. The marinara sauce would come in handy, too.

  84. I have really been wanting to try working in more vegan recipes into our weekly meals. These products look like a delicious starting point! thanks for the opportunity!

  85. Tomato gorgonzola sauce looks like it’s to die for! YUUUUM! It was hard to pick a favorite off of their site!

  86. I commented on twitter!

  87. I mentioned your giveaway on FB, and linked back to this page!

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  92. I’ve actually been experimenting with homemade sprouted chickpea bread with no luck thus far, so maybe this would give me some ideas as to why.

  93. I’d like to try the products so that I can basically recreate what you’ve made here!

  94. I can always use extra olive oil

  95. Wow! That looks great! Sounds right up my alley.

  96. The sauce looks great. Can’t beat tomatoes and garlic!

  97. I’d love to try any one of their Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Or maybe their Creamy Tomato Ricotta Sauce. Mmm…sounds delicious!

  98. your in my google reader too!!

  99. I have a 5 y/o granddaughter who is a Type 1 diabetic and celiac. I would love for her to be able to have pizza again. Thank you for all you do!

  100. JoAnn Whitley says:

    This looks devine!! I have never had anything like this but it looks fabulous and would love to try it. Thank you!! JoAnn

  101. my husband and i are both vegan and are gluten-free due to sensitivities towards it. the number one thing he misses is pizza, and i would love for him to be able to eat it again! also- all of those products look absolutely delicious and i would love to add them to my weekly menu!

  102. Hi, Ricki! I “tweeted” this giveaway! I’d love to win this one!!! :)

  103. I’d love to try it because it looks delicious, especially as a pizza with vegan goat cheese!

  104. Melissa Gettler says:

    I would love to try these products. I received the Cherry Rosemary Vinaigrette as a gift and it was so delicious, the best vinaigrette I have ever had!!!! I am sure all Lucini products are just as tasty. Never had the Cinque de Cinque and really want to try it!!!

  105. Ooooooh yum!!! I have been eying these. Thank you!

  106. would love to try because i am always seeking more protein packed alternatives to traditional GF flours… which wreak havoc on my blood sugar.

  107. i feel the rosemary cinque sounds amazing… rosemary + bread + chewy = <3

  108. The first 2 things I look at when I see a new product is ingredient list and nutrition label.

    WOW! 9 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber in each serving ( I look for products that are very simple (the fewest ingredients possible), and this has a max of 2: chickpea flour and an herb.

    I would love to try this product and to cook a a healthy meal for myself and my family. How fun it would be to try all sorts of ingredients… :)


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  114. OMG Ricki–I have been wanting to try this stuff for SO long! It is kinda pricey here, though, which is why I haven’t gotten to yet. I realize I have practically no chance of winning since I don’t have a blog, a face book account, or a twitter account, but I’ll enter anyway :-) From their website, I really think that just the standard traditional Cinque e Cinque is what I want to try the most. I am boring!


  115. I subscribe to your blog!


  116. I would love to make some “pizza” because your pictures look stunning!

  117. Ooh! All your Food looks delicious! I would love to try this product.

  118. I would love to try it! Sounds really good and versatile.

  119. oh wow! and oh yum! i haven’t done a lot of “gluten-free” baking b/c the yeast and such tends to mess with my candida. however, this looks like a great way to get both protein and a bit of bread-i-ness back into my life.

  120. went to the lucini webpage. i thought that i would like the rosemary mix the best…but the chili looks pretty interesting. i’m torn. but, for a walk on the wild side, i’d pick the chili :)

  121. I would love to try this because it’s something I can actually eat! And I could share it with my vegan housemate.

  122. Looks delicious, especially with the pomegranate!

  123. Yum! The crust looks amazing and I so want to try it – which is why I would LOVE to win this product package. I also love the ingredients in the tomato sauce. No sugar – yay!

  124. I also mentioned this on twitter. I will win, oh yes I will!

  125. I’ve been in a bit of a food rut lately — need new ideas. This looks like it might be just the thing to get me out of the rut.

  126. Looked at the website. Interesting products, but I enjoyed looking at the salad dressings. Love unusual salad dressings. The Cherry Balsamic and Rosemary Artisan Vinaigrette sounded good to me.

  127. Kristy McBride says:

    I have recently found out that I’m allergic to gluten and wheat so I’m very excited and eager to try the Lucini Italia brand. Thank you for making sure pure and excellent products that someone with a gf tolerance can enjoy!

  128. Kristy McBride says:

    I left a link on my fb page :)

  129. I would love to try this because I love chickpea everything and am trying to cook GF more. How cool!

  130. I’d like to try some GF baking, as my son discovered he is gluten sensitive. He’s not a big fan of GF so far, so it would be cool to find something tasty for him!

  131. Kelly Michelle says:

    OMG that looks amazing. I have recently been trying to eliminate gluten from my diet as different elimination diets have seemed to indicate it as a problem for me but it is so hard. A great product would make it that much easier!

  132. Kelly Michelle says:

    I subscribe to your blog!

  133. Kelly Michelle says:

    I really want to try the Cinque e Cinque – any flavor will do but honestly I want to try all three!

  134. Wow! Cinque e Cinque – I want to try!!! I’d like to try just the traditional, because well, I’m a traditional kind of gal!

  135. I’d never heard of this company before, but these products look amazing! I love that they’re all natural, and almost anything made with chickpeas is good in my book.

  136. I became a fan of Lucini on Facebook! Thanks again for letting us know about these cool products.

  137. I checked out their website, and the Garlic Infused Olive Oil would be such a great addition to bruschetta.

  138. I have seen these products and have been wanting to try them!!! Anything with chickpeas is a winner for me! Thanks for the giveaway!

  139. I already subscribe to your blog

  140. I am a fan on twitter @singerinkitchen

  141. WOW – that looks incredible!
    I would love to find a tasty pizza alternative as I am vegan and gluten-free.

  142. I have been struggling with candida for years on end…My poor family finds gluten free flours to be disgusting, and now they’ve stopped trying my cooking adventures. My grandmother, a celiac, won’t stop eating wheat because she loves bread so much – I would absolutely love to make this for her so that she could see that alternatives to bread can be just as delicious!

  143. Cinque e Cinque – Savory Rosemary

    That product DEFINITELY sounds the best to me!

  144. I had to create a twitter account for a class over the summer, and now it’s cool that I am actually using it – just tweeted about the giveaway!

  145. Also – I’m pumped that you’re on Facebook now….I can get all my updates in one place! I’m your newest fan!

  146. I already follow you.

  147. I RT’ed contest

  148. I would love to try this product and especially like the Fiery OO they have on their site.

  149. Oh.My.Chickpea. I love chickpeas in any form (hummus, pudla, chickpeas with quinoa and evoo and salt, you name it) and I love spicy foods so the Cinque with Chili is totally mouthwatering. Thank you for entering me in this giveaway :)

  150. Back from the Lucini website. They have chili infused olive oil. Yes, I am now completely in love with their website. I tried their EVOO once a long time ago (got it super on sale) and it was pricey, so I have not bought it since, but it was very good.

  151. Just mentioned the giveaway on the City|Life|Eats facebook page:!/pages/CityLifeEats/132643296777331

  152. And also mentioned it on twitter.

  153. I am now a fan of Lucini on Facebook.

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  155. I am a fan of DDD on facebook :) (love your daily questions btw)

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  157. I tweeted about your giveaway, I follow you on Twitter and I’m a fan of yours on FB.

    Off to Lucini’s website…

  158. Rhiannon Beshers says:

    This sounds amazing! I’m going to tweet about the giveaway! I saw several people mention having celiac disease or being diabetic–I am diabetic and recently started using a product called Skoopz. It’a an all-natural sweetener that’s tasty, GLUTEN free, and DIABETIC friendly. Things don’t get better than that…well, unless you win this giveaway!

  159. I want to try this product because we only enjoy chickpeas in their pureed state (homemade hummus) or in their whole state. How boring are we?!?

  160. Why? … Italian my favorite cuisine and am gluten free

  161. Cinque e Cinque – Savory Rosemary to use in this recipe – Arugula & Prosciutto di Parma Flatbread

  162. … am a fan of Lucini Italia on Facebook

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  164. … linked to Facebook
    guess that’s it
    I don’t tweet, twitter, whatever

  165. One more entry: I blogged about the giveaway here:

  166. I would love to try this because I’ve only gone vegan this year and recently found out I am gluten intolerant!

  167. i’d love to try the cinque e cinque!

  168. i would love to try the Lucini products because, as a junior in college, i studied food abroad in italy. i fell in love! now, i have to eat gluten free and i cherish that time i had–eating QUITE liberally– but this would be a lovely taste!

  169. i follow you on twitter @ellen1214

  170. I love, love, love chickpea anything!!!! My husband teases me about how many cans of them I have as well as mason jars of dried ones! I love all the different ways you made the ‘socca’ too. Yum!

  171. I love balsamic vinegar as well and the Cherry infused one sounds very interesting!!

  172. I subscribe to your blog.

  173. Became a fan of Lucini on FB!

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  177. I’m trying to find ways for my husband to eat chick peas, so cinque e cinque sounds great. I’d love to try.
    Your photography is beautiful

  178. michelle edsall says:

    I have 5 children 3 of which are intolerant to gluten and dairy and I myself cannot do gluten, dairy, yeast, or sugar. We would LOVE to have a wonderful pizza crust again, its been so long.

  179. It just sounds so yummy and versatile that I would love to try it.

  180. I went to the Lucini Italia website and I think the
    Cinque e Cinque – Savory Rosemary sounds amazing and do the flavored vinegars.

  181. I have subscribed to your blog.

  182. I’d love to try their products because I love high quality food.

  183. I’d love to try this product for my husband who is garlic-free

  184. fan on FB

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  186. tweeted!

  187. fan of lucini on FB

  188. added you to my google reader

  189. It is always great to try new products in your old recipes to get new tastes, and I would like to try the Lucini products.

  190. Visited the Lucini Italia website and the Cinque e’ Cinque mix sounds like it would be awesome with their Lucini pasta for our families weekly pasta night!

  191. My husband and I have started a paleo diet. We sure miss a lot of the foods we used to it. These products would be great to try!

  192. Oh, how I love healthy convenience food! :) I have heard amazing things about their olive oil but have not seen these new products in any of the stores near me.

  193. Visited their website and the Fig Balsamic Vinegar sounds fantastic!

  194. Liked their Facebook page.

  195. Liked your facebook page. :)

  196. I’d like to try Lucini products because you made them sound so delicious that I must find out for myself.

  197. I’d love to try the Roman Tomato Cream Soup.

  198. I’ve been wanting to try these products for so long! I think I’d love the rosemary cinque…..yum!

  199. I’m gonna go with fig-infused balsamic vinaigrette. Oh my gosh! Sounds amaaaaazing. :)

  200. I love Italian food and am always looking for new products to try!

  201. The Lucini product sounds just like the socca I’ve become obsessed with lately. I would love to try this as a pizza crust too!

  202. The Lucini products sound wonderful. How about some Cherry infused Balsamic Vinegar? I can imagine it making a delicious dessert topping. But I must say, I’m a sucker for having some jarred soups on hand and I bet their minestrone is really good.

  203. I just tweeted about this :)

  204. I also subscribe to you blog, I’m a fan on FB, and I follow you on Twitter!

  205. Oooh. Looks tasty! I think I might have to go off wheat again (been feeling pretty poorly, lately) and have not yet attempted a gf pizza crust! Plus the pizza with plums looks really tasty!

  206. Oh my…either the fig or cherry infused balsamics sounds amazing!

  207. Give-away has been duly noted on my latest blog entry. Was very pertinent, since this week’s theme is the Mediterranean and my produce of the week post was on olives (well, the oil)!

  208. Mentioned on fb, sadly no twitter account.

  209. I follow you on blogger dashboard!

  210. And now I like Lucini on FB.

  211. I haven’t used these before and up for a new taste adventure.

  212. You had me at “gluten-free.”

  213. I subscribe to your blog.

  214. I’m a fan of DDD on facebook.

  215. Finally got twitter to work again – now I’m following you!

  216. Ummm…Because it looks rediculously delicious and I cant afford to buy my own!

  217. I get the impression that eating their sauces would be like licking Italy. yum!

  218. oooh…I would LOVE to try this, because I’ve been making socca/farinata for a while with random chickpea flours from health food and Indian grocery stores, and am OBSESSED, but this chickpea flour sounds extra special. AND I’ve been meaning to make a socca pizza, which I would obviously do with these ingredients.

  219. Matilde Gambetta says:

    I was born in Uruguay, South America but my blood is PURE ITALIAN!!!
    My whole family( both sides) was fron Italy.
    In Uruguay we love FAINA, that we eat with a slice of pizza or alone.
    In USA is very difficult to find Chickpeas flour to make it.
    When I try your Cinque e Cinque… reach heaven!!!
    Thank you!!!!

    FOrt Lauderdale, FLorida, USA

  220. Tried the plain my adult son had some at a friends home and raved about it. My entire family is gluten intolerant and would love to try all the products. My small dog eats gluten free also lol…just in case.

  221. Yummmm tried the plain and would love to try all the rest.


  1. […] e’ cinque 12 11 2010 i recently heard about a product called “cinque e cinque,” which is basically a chickpea frittata of sorts made with chickpea flour. my first thought […]

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