All About Stevia*


* with apologies to Bradley Cooper and Sandra Bullock (though from what I hear about the movie, they should be apologizing to us). [Stevia-sweetened giant baked apple pancake] How did it get to be Sunday already, and five days since my last post?  Well, I haven’t been lounging around watching soap operas and eating bon-bons, […]

Anti-Candida Desserts: What Do You Eat?


MEGA SUMMER 2015 DIGITAL COOKBOOK SALE! From now until JULY 31, 2015, nab ANY TWO of my digital cookbooks for just $10.97! If you’re looking for great anti-candida recipes, I’ve got you covered. Head over to the sale page, pick any two cookbooks, and you’re all set. HAPPY SUMMER!  [Raw key lime tarts–NOT an ACD-inspired […]

Maple Mania I: Marvelous Maple-Flax Cookies


[Welcome to the new home of Diet, Dessert and Dogs!  I’m still tweaking the format and layout of the blog, so please bear with me while I update some links, combine some page tabs, etc.  It should all be up and running smoothly within the next week or so!] A few weeks ago, I was contacted […]

A Win of Omission: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies


For me, baking is a form of therapy and meditation rolled into one. Since it’s a long weekend here in Ontario (Happy Victoria Day!); and since I’ve been assiduously following my Total Health course guidelines up until now; and since I’ve got scads of marking to finish before Monday–I decided to take a break. In […]

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