Raw Gingersnap Cookie Bon Bons


[Grab a few of these babies and while away the afternoon. . . . ] Seriously, what more do you need than the word “bon bons” in a recipe title to know you want to make these asap? Still need more? Okay, then, how about this: NO-COOK! EASY! QUICK! GINGER SNAP! LOW GLYCEMIC! COOKIE DOUGH-LIKE FILLING! […]

Audacious Celebrity Stalking, Free Cookbooks, and Truffles


One night when I was sixteen, I watched Marvin Hamlisch (composer of A Chorus Line, etc.) on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  The previous guest was Adrienne Barbeau, the buxom actress who played Bea Arthur’s daughter on the sitcom Maude. I was appalled as I witnessed Hamlisch, seated on the couch beside her, stammer and fidget (eyes flitting […]

Love Bites* for Valentine’s Day


* that’s “bites” in the sense of, “little tidbits that can be eaten in one mouthful,” rather than the sense of, “really sucks” (as in, “reality bites”) or even “little nibbles on the flesh of the one you love” (though, to paraphrase our most famous Prime Minister, DDD has no business in the kitchens of […]

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