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Get the support you need to stick with your special diet--and keep your health moving to the next level!

You've been told to drastically change your diet, and you're left wondering, "What's left to eat?" 

Or maybe you've followed a special diet for some time, but you can't seem to stick with it long-term. You feel as if it's just too hard to keep finding special recipes, cooking special meals, and feeling left out all the time. ​

You feel as if you’ve tried all kinds of strategies, yet somehow you're not able to keep eating the foods you know make you feel better. 

You're bored of cooking the same six dishes over and over again. Sometimes, you just throw away all the hard word and find yourself reverting to old habits. ​

There are (too many) times when it just feels easier to "give in." So you eat that "one bite," or you get home after a long day at work and you're too tired to start cooking a separate "safe" meal. That's when you end up eating something you know you shouldn't. 

More than anything, you just want to feel like a "normal" person again, eating foods that you love. Eating this way feels way too hard.

What if someone could give you all the support you need--when you need it--so you could stick with your diet? Not just this week, but over the long term?

What if someone could show you how to use all those special ingredients, with tips and techniques for foolproof cooking?

What if you had easy strategies to bypass those "out of bounds" foods, even when in the midst of social events or family pressures?

What if you had a huge collection of fabulous recipes that everyone would love--and that all fit your dietary boundaries?

What if there was a whole community of people just like you, willing to share their experiences and wisdom of how to deal with special diet challenges every single day?

If you're ready to learn how to live well and enjoy great food that supports your best health, The Sweet Life Health Club is for you! 

What Does it Mean to Live the Sweet Life?

The Sweet Life is an online health club that offers support, guidance, information, recipes and a community of people who really "get it" when it comes to food restrictions. 

As a member of The Sweet Life, here's what you'll get in the club:

  • New recipes each month: You'll get at least four foolproof recipes all free of gluten, eggs, dairy, yeast, sugar and alcohol, with many grain-free options as well. All are suitable for a low glycemic or anti-candida diet. No more worries about switching ingredients or changing cook times! With made-for-you recipes, continue to eat delicious, appealing foods without feeling deprived. These are recipes your family, kids, friends or co-workers will be happy to share (so no more cooking two or more separate meals each night!).
Ricki and The Girls on RickiHeller.com
  • Monthly private Q&A with Ricki: Whatever your questions, I'm here to answer them! Wondering what you can use instead of psyllium husk? Maybe you're not sure whether your favorite gluten-free cereal is really safe. Is there a way to have waffles without eggs, dairy, nuts, soy, corn, yeast, gluten, sugar or coconut? (Yes).

    You’ll never feel stuck without an answer about what to eat or how to handle a certain situation or recipe. In these private meetings with me for club members only, we’ll cover all your questions about ingredients, recipes, substitutions, product recommendations, challenges about staying on the diet, or whatever else you’d like to talk about. A regular one-on-one session with me costs $150 per hour, but you'll have ongoing access every month. Calls are recorded so that you can listen in later if you missed them, or refer to them again as often as you like.
  • A private, members-only community of like-minded individuals who “get it” when it comes to eating special food in restaurants, dealing with skeptical family members, buying special ingredients, and more. It's a safe space where you can share your experiences, recipes and ideas, answer each other's questions, and enthusiastically cheer you on when you have a “win” as you all navigate the special diet journey together. There's nothing quite as motivating as having others along with you on the journey!
  • Exclusive (not available anywhere else) tips sheets, video tutorials, information, ingredient guides, and more, updated on a regular basis and saved in the archives so you can access them as long as you’re a member. Learn about cooking substitutions, best health practices, and a variety of how-to's for your favorite recipes in the club.
  • Recipe Redos: Submit your favorite recipes for a redesign. Whether it's a long-standing family tradition, a recipe you found in a magazine, or a dish you ate at a friend's house, I'll take your recipes and revamp them to make them "safe" for your new diet! Then I'll share with the whole club so everyone can enjoy something that tastes just like a conventional dish. 
  • PLUS... Recorded interviews with experts from the holistic health field who’ll talk about food and other health-related topics that are not published anywhere else. You also have the opportunity to provide feedback or ask questions when the interviews are presented live, to ensure that club materials are geared toward exactly what you would like and what will be of most use to you.

Imagine how much easier life would feel if you no longer had to wonder what you could eat--but instead, always had delicious recipes at your fingertips that you knew fit within your dietary boundaries.

Imagine not having to cook up two or more separate meals because your husband or family won't eat your "special diet" foods--and how great it would be to never have to apologize again when you serve "your" food to other people! These are recipes that everyone will love, special diet or not. No more apologizing! 

​And since the club is entirely online, you have access to the materials whenever you need them and won't waste time searching online or flipping through pages and pages of cookbooks that aren't geared 100% to YOUR special dietary needs. You'll save time cooking meals, too!

Imagine having a community resource every time you have a question about a new product, or how to use an ingredient, or which foods work best to support your health. Whatever questions you have, there's someone there with an answer, willing to share their own experiences. 

You'll get all this--and more--for about the same price as a bottle of stevia, a jar of nut butter, or a bag of almond flour each month. 

What people are saying.  . . .

Lauren R. Sweet Life club member

I made the chocolate pecan pie and the grain-free pumpkin pie. Holy cow!! My family was absolutely amazed at how delicious they were, and all sugar/dairy/gluten/butter/etc. free! I also made your Brussels [sprouts], sweet potato and green bean casseroles, and cranberry sauce, which were also devoured. Needless to say, the anti-candida Thanksgiving menu was a total hit! Thank you for saving my holiday!

Holly Orban Private Coaching client

I really want to give you a HUGE shout out and thanks for all the amazing recipes! I've been having a blast, and both my husband and I have really enjoyed everything I have made. . . . the Toronto sandwich with the creamy Asian greens is a ridiculous combination! My husband wants to marry you! LOL!... . I haven't even given it a try yet, which is unusual for me not to want sweets!

Gretchen Dunoyer Candida Kick-Start participant

The incredible knowledgle, wealth of information that Ricki provides with the program... is just amazing. You will be armed with all you need to know to help rid yourself of candida... Ricki also provides great information, support and encouragement to really change how you eat for the rest of your life.

MaryBeth Pitt Private Coaching client

Working with Ricki was like working with a ray of sunshine! [...] Ricki is so knowledgeable and helpful with tips and suggestions and ways to make your new diet work for you. . . I went from feeling angry and unhappy about my new diet to accepting the changes I needed to make and feeling proud that I was able to add new foods and make things I never would have before…. I could not be more thankful or appreciative for your help!

Michelle Lacroix Candida Kick-Start participant

We made [the Tempeh Bourguignon] last weekend, it was fabulous! We enjoyed it so much that we're making it again for my husband's parents next week... All of the recipes we've made from the program have been so delicious, I second the thank you Ricki!

Linda Czarnecki Candida Kick-Start participant

In keeping with foods that are good for the liver, I made the cauliflower "popcorn" yesterday and between my hubby and me, we just about ate a whole head of cauliflower. Funny how my husband turned up his nose when I told him what I was making, but when I brought a bowlful into the living room, he couldn't keep his hands out of it. Yay! To me this diet is not at all limiting. It is so freeing and opens up a whole new world of foods that I, otherwise, would not have tried.