Tofu Quiche for Thirty

The weather continues to annoy me, what with all the grey and gloom and snow and slush.  Too much shadow (and so I take umbrage at the weather. Bah.)

Consequently, I wasn’t all too thrilled when I remembered that I had to drive about 40 minutes just to teach a cooking class this evening at a local RCSS.  Besides, the coordinator had called me on Friday to tell me only six people had signed up!  I love doing these classes, and the intimate number of participants is always nice because it allows for one-on-one attention, but this darned Canadian winter just seemed too intimidating (the temperature was supposed to drop to -4 C this evening, which meant a slippery drive home at 9:00 PM).

Well, what a surprise when I showed up to the kitchen, only to be informed that the class was fully booked, with 30 people!  Although I’ve previously baked quantities beyond that (muffins for 300, anyone?), I’ve never prepared such large quantities of food, all at one time, in front of an audience.

Luckily, the coordinator was a trained chef who could chop onions and skin tomatoes like nobody’s business.  He had the prep work done in a flash, and when the class started, all I had to do was don my chef’s cap, chat about my recipes, and basically have a good time.  The only difficulty I had was stirring a quinoa salad for 30 (I knew I should have gone to the workout club this morning!)

Even though the participants were neither vegetarian nor vegan, they arrived in such large numbers because the class was entirely gluten-free and they all had issues with gluten.  One of the dishes I demonstrated was Tofu Quiche, a big hit with my HH as well, so I thought I’d share it here.  I’ll post some of the others as well over the next while. (Sorry there’s no photo–I actually brought my camera with me to the store, then forgot to take a pic as the hungry crowd devoured the meal).

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  1. Sounds great!

  2. I just bought some dried millet this afternoon and really enjoyed a tofu quiche I made before Christmas so this recipe is high on my list of to do (as long as the weather keeps cool enough for the oven!). So do people just go along to cooking classes to eat the food or do they actually go away and make the food? I haven’t done cooking classes before so hadn’t realised if it was more people you had to make more food!

  3. Anardana:

    Welcome, and thanks! Let me know if you try it out.


    We love this recipe around here–the flavor is perfect. The texture can be a bit soft, depending on the type of silken tofu used, aseptically-packaged (such as Mori-Nu) or just regular, water pack (I’ve never tried it with medium-firm, but wonder if that would be more consistent). But definitely let it sit at least 15 minutes before slicing, or else reheat the next day!

    As to the cooking classes, the one in this post was offered by our local mega-supermarket, and is purely demonstration (so I can feel like a TV chef for once!). I do have an assistant, and for this class had two, but we were still scrambling to have all the prep done before people arrived (imagine a bowl big enough for 12 cups of cooked grains!!).

    The other cooking classes I offer are in my home, and they are limited to eight people. I’m going to take a leap and shed my anonymity (the only reason I never revealed my full name was that I didn’t fancy my college English students tracking my weight losses, but what the heck) and post my cooking class site: You can read more about the classes there.

  4. thanks Ricki – will have a look at your class info – seems an interesting site!

  5. onlyjustwords says

    Sounds interesting. Another great gluten-free pie-crust can be made with melted butter and ground nuts. (For desserts, of course!) 🙂

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