Ths iz not a blg entree

Ar mum is dung doo doo ng duing fine shes werking hard. she mises th blog and hoeps to bee back sune.

we mis it to.

x o  Elsie + Chaser

PS pls give us fud.




  1. Hehe. That’s so cute.

  2. Cute, non post!

  3. Such smart dogs! I bet they can dial 911 too!

  4. Hee… but can they find Spellcheck?

  5. Hahahahahaaa! I needed that on a Monday 🙂

  6. LOLOLOL so cute :o)

  7. Lol.

  8. See you soon. They’re rather clever those babies of yours.

  9. That is too kute/coot/cute!

  10. I wish zinc would make as much sense when she is on the keyboard – a line of kkkks is about as much as she manages!

    And we miss you too! But when you have done your homework I am sure you can come out and play 🙂

  11. Well, those naughty Girls! Thanks, everyone, on behalf of E and C, for your comments–and for sticking around!

  12. I iz a doggie 2! Ken u emailz me some cookiez, pleez?

  13. Argus,
    I’m sorry to inform you that The Girls are currently grounded and will not be on the computer again for some time. . .but I will pass along the message, and I am sure they will do their very best for you!

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