Mi Mum tuk off th kone becuz i wuz so sad. **

Now Im happee I playd with Chsr tody. But she bits my ear maybee i shud put th kone bak on.

Thnks for asking abut me.  Wht grate blog buddys yu all are.

xoxoxoxo Elsie

**Also becuz i kept hittng th wall and got stuk on the stairs.

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  2. YAY!

  3. Hurrah! Someone deserves a vegan doggie biscuit for getting through this!

  4. LOL awwww!

  5. Yay! Haha and you have very good grammar and spelling for a doggie ;o)

  6. hurrah!

  7. Awwww…so happy you’re free again. 🙂

    (I like the cone in the background.)

  8. Oh Elsie! Yaaaay!

  9. hehe, too cute 😉 i love your pups! if you ever need a sitter in boston… haha 🙂

  10. I love that photo so darn funny, only thing that would of been better is if the computer was on.

  11. Ah, the sight of a happy dog typing out a thank you note. Lovely.

    Look after that leg, ya hear me?


  12. Yay!!

  13. Ha! So glad to hear you’re not too depressed, Elsie. Also happy to see you’re not sporting your ever-so-trendy necklace!

  14. OH, cute little Elsie! Glad you are free…!

  15. Haha, that’s adorable!

    Also, those chocolate cookies are absolutely amazing!


  16. Yay, Elsie. I’m so glad you’re not a conehead anymore. Now, please be careful!

  17. CCV,
    Her mum taught her well! 😉

    Still life,
    Thanks for noticing–it sure was a relief to get it off!

    If The Girls and I are ever in Boston, you’re on!

    Hmmnn. You’ve got a point, there. (Ooops!)

    For a second, I was looking for a cookie recipe on the post! Glad you liked them (I think they’re their best seller!)

    You and I both–glad she no longer “comes from France.” (Hoping y’all get that SNL reference–or am I just too old??) 😉

  18. Aww, Elsie! I LOVE her!!

  19. yay, freedom!

    The dreaded cone. Kobie hates it. I just make him an outfit of ace bandages so he can avoid it. maybe someday I’ll figure out where his blog is so I can see what he says about me.

  20. Awwwwww super cute post and photo!! I hope your baby feels better soon.

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