Veganzola Cheese Ball

By now you’ve no doubt heard about the hefty tome penned by seasoned cookbook author Joni Marie Newman and blogger extraordinaire Celine Steen, 500 Vegan Recipes.  I mean it when I say this book is massive–at 512 pages and almost 2 pounds (900 grams), it weighs almost as much as I do (okay, I flatter myself; but I’m still adusting to this no-longer-obese me!).

Just the first in a series of cookbooks, this includes-everything volume covers all the bases:  from an introduction on “What is a Vegan Diet?” (and why you should adopt one!) to chapters on every conceivable course and dish, to an extensive Resources section and full index, you’ll find it all (or, at least, a variation of it) in these pages.

As an avid follower of Celine and Joni’s blogs, I couldn’t wait to order my book from amazon. I had some initial concerns that I might not be able to make many of the recipes given my ACD status; after all, Celine is famed as a baker, and I am not currently using many conventional baking ingredients in my menus (such as sugars, glutenous flours, dried fruits, yeast, or many nuts).  Add to that my dietary restrictions in general–no processed, refined, etc.–and I feared there would be precious few items to sample from the book.

I needn’t have worried. Chapter titles range from “Breakfast” to “Sweet and Savory Muffins” plus others for dips, snacks, salads, soups, pastas, side dishes, sauces and condiments. There are four chapters that cover entrées and seven (seven!) covering baked goods and desserts such as breads, cookies, pies, crumbles, cakes, candies, and puddings or ice creams and “libations.”  Clearly, this book has something to offer every eater, special diet or not!

Hallmarks of the individual authors’ cooking styles are also evident in the book.  Celine’s influence is detected throughout in the quirky ingredient combinations and wildly creative baked goods (Cookie Crumble Granola; Salsa Bread Rolls; Matcha Spelt Rolls with Bittersweet Chocolate Filling and Almond Icing; Pumpkin Chocolate Brownie Cake; Chocolate Tahini No-Bake Barley Bars, to name a few), while Joni’s touch is discernible in the many southwestern-themed recipes and her flair for converting “standard” dishes into vegan deliciousness (Buttermilk Biscuits and Gravy; Inari with Spicy Sushi Sauce, Au Gratin Potatoes,  Spicy Chorizo Veggie Pie, Granny’s Meatloaf, Hot and Spicy Buffalo Sauce, and every kind of faux meat you can imagine). After a while, I was like a Beatles groupie poring over old albums, guessing the origin of each song:  I bet John wrote this one.  That one sounds like Paul. . . .

No matter who created it, though, I am happy to report I was pleased with every dish I tried–and that the HH, too, was a fan (especially of the eggplant and lentil pilaf).  Recipes were easy to follow and the ones I made came together quickly and without a hitch. They’re also highlighted with keys to ingredients, such as “low fat” or “gluten free,” so you can pinpoint those that will work best for you.

For those of you who prefer cookbooks with photos, I should note that they are not included in this book.  However, you can view pics of many of the goodies at the flickr page that was created for the book.

Even if you’re a long-standing vegan cook, there will be something novel for you in 500 Vegan Recipes.  And if you’re new to veganism–or are simply looking for some healthier, lighter options at mealtimes–this is a great introduction to plant-based recipes. As for me, I’m counting the days until I can create more conventional baked goods again, and delve into some of those final seven chapters in the book!

Here are a few of the dishes I made (some with adjustments for my diet), with commentary.  Pull up a chair and enjoy the feast!

Ginger Soy Tofu Satay with Simple Thai Peanut Dipping Sauce

A quick and easy dish to make, packed with Asian flavors.  I used almond instead of peanut butter, of course, but that didn’t diminish the dish in any way.  I loved how simply these came together.  And how can you resist grill marks?

Veggie Curry Feast

Another super quick and simple dish, highlighting healthy cruciferous veggies.  As you can see from my photo, I was likely a little heavy on the veggies in this one, so the sauce was a bit sparse (I’d double the sauce ingredients next time).  Spicy, but not too much so, and extremely enticing, this was wonderful served on rice the following evening.  Both the HH and I had seconds of this one.

Eggplant, Lentil, and Rice Pilaf

Yee-haw! This one is spi–say!  If you like hot foods, you’ll love this all-in-one meal (and you can easily tone it down by adding less cayenne).  A terrific comfort food for those damp, cool evenings in springtime, this Indian-inspired curry will definitely become a dinnertime staple. I apologize for the lack of photo–we gobbled it up before I snapped one!

Veganzola Balls

This was my favorite of the recipes I tried, and high on the HH’s list, as well.  In fact, he specifically requested that I make this again.  If you miss those big cheese balls everyone used to hover around at parties, you must try this. This recipe is also the one I used in the first version of my cheese-filled olive and onion bread, and it was astonishingly good baked into the loaf.  Smooth, smoky, with a slight sweet undertone, this cheese can be spread on crackers, added to rolls or bread, or just eaten from the spoon.

[Veganzola as base for a lettuce wrap lunch]

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  1. This is on my Amazon wish list, I’d love to win a copy.

    I have one of Joni’s other cookbooks and her recipes are great!

  2. How could I resist not coming out of perma-hiding for an opportunity to have the recipes for such deliciousness?!?!!? Yum!!!! (Err is this open to overseas fans?)

    Love the pics too, you’re making me drool!

  3. i woudn’t give up the chance go get my hands on a new cookbook 🙂

  4. I’d like to win a copy of this, too! I haven’t heard of these two authors before. However, after glancing through both of their blogs, I think I would enjoy this cookbook.

  5. Ooo! I absolutely love cookbooks! My fiance is always amused that I adore my collection of them so much. There’s something great about leafing through a new cookbook and bookmarking the recipes I want to try.

  6. Yes! This is at the top of my wishlist!

  7. oh i’d love to try some of these recipes! please enter me!

  8. I’d love to win a copy. I have no, yes, no vegan cookbooks yet. I’m just getting started out!

  9. i have this cookbook but still really enjoyed your review! When a book has so many recipes, seeing the dishes someone else tried always remind me of something I overlooked. I loved the Fajita Pitas and have my eye on the Disco Stew. But now I gotta try the Veganzola ball!

  10. That cheese looks yummy!

  11. Great giveaway!!! I would love to win.

  12. I would love a copy of this cookbook! I am vegetarian, trying to transition into veganism and I think a great cookbook like this would be a wonderful resource!

  13. Erica Rose says

    I’ve been hearing such wonderful things about this cookbook, I’d love to have a copy of it!

  14. Oh My! That veganzola ball sounds wonderful. I’m in the later stages of my own ACD diet and slowly reintroducing things back. What did you eat with the veganzola? some sort of ACD friendly crackers?

    It looks like a wonderful, inspiring book!

  15. I love Celine’s blog and was considering getting this book, but I’m also on a pretty restricted diet right now, so I had been re-thinking it. I’m so grateful for a positive review from your perspective!

  16. I would love get my paws on this tome, there must be SO many great recipes and tonnes of additional info in it! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  17. Woo hoo! My life is made happier and more complete with new vegan cookbooks 🙂

  18. I could certainly use 500 hundred more recipes up my sleeve.

  19. I want the recipe for that peanut sauce!

    Oh, and the other 499 would be nice, as well.

  20. Thanks for the tip on the cheeze ball. I’ve actually had a few parties that I thought could use a cheeseball, but how to make a vegan one? I’ll have to try this one for my next shindig!

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  22. ooh, a hard copy book of vegan recipes (vs. all my bookmarks from blogs), how i would love to get my hands on that!

  23. The cheese ball is amazing. I have to check out this book!

  24. Lexi Cotcamp says

    oooh i would love a copy!

  25. I had no choice but to pull my own copy off the shelf to look up these recipes! Celine and Joni wrote a spectacular tome.

    P.S. Please don’t enter me in the giveaway since I already have a copy. I want someone else to be able to experience the joy!

  26. I am new to the vegan lifestyle – trying a combination of raw food and food combining – and I love that a book like this exists with many recipes for many options. thanks!

  27. These recipes look awesome! I would love this many recipes to try!

  28. Kelly Michelle says

    oh my goodness those recipes look amazing! Since I am vegetarian and recently stopped eating dairy I am in need of as many awesome vegan recipes as possible!

  29. I’ve heard so much about these recipes and have seen a few on blogs, it seems like one of the ‘must haves’ for vegans!
    Your pics look so good! No dish can be too veggie heavy in my opinion 🙂

  30. This recipe book looks amazing. I’m not a vegan but would love to expand my vegan recipe repertoire.

  31. i would love love love to win this book. i just saw it in a store the other day.

  32. I have been meaning to take a look at their cookbook ever since I heard about it but I have to admit that that plan kind of got buried in the massive number of vegan cookbooks that came out around that time. Thanks for the review, I am definitely one of those people who loves a picture for every recipe in cookbooks, but I think I might be able to let it slide this time since I know I like their recipes (if blog recipes are any indication) and I can potentially head over to the flickr group to find a picture.


  33. That veganzola ball looks and sounds great. This appears to be an incredible cookbook. I’d love to win!

  34. oh my goodness!!!
    *does happy dance*

    that book looks SO SO SO SO GOOD.

    especially for the struggling vegan student (a la me)


  35. A free vegan cookbook is shiny!

  36. Yay! I’ve decided to try becoming a vegan, this book would be great for my jump start as a newbie!! I would love to have this cookbook! Pick me!! 🙂

  37. It’s been about 3 months since I’ve gone vegan, and I’m beginning to run out of ideas! This would be the PERFECT way for me to get crackin’ on some creative vegan eats!

  38. i love your site and would love this cookbook! thanks for offering us great recipes.

  39. Oh man. This would make all my vegan friends so happy.

  40. Wow! This would be amazing. I’ve recently become a vegetarian and am interesting in learning about veganism, so this would be an invaluable resource!

  41. I also tweeted! (username truepennie)

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  43. I linked my blog to this entry, Ricki, to increase my chances : ) Thank you!

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    is it open internationally ?

    I blog about it and tweet about it

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  53. SelahWrites says

    I’d Love this copy! I’m a cookbook addict and love to give them to those beginning a vegan life as gifts.

  54. I just can resist the chance to have a book by those two lovely ladies. Although, I think it would be the perfect gift for someone just starting to consider the vegan diet. Thanks Ricki!

  55. Theresa AKA SleeplessInSimi says

    Would love to win, one cannot have enough cookbooks!

  56. whoops…I mean I can’t resist. Ahh Monday mornings.

  57. 500 recipes like the ones on this page? Yes please!

  58. Theresa AKA SleeplessInSimi says

    Just sent out a Tweet linking the post. Good Luck to all!

  59. I tried the Butternut Squash Hummus recipe while over at a friend’s house. Delicious! Would love a copy of my own.

  60. I’m not entering, Ricki, just stopping by to say hi! I just can’t keep up with all your posts, but I’m caught up now.
    You made some of my 500V favourites. Yum!

  61. Gotta love all things Vegan! Especially this awesome cookbook! Heres hoping 😀

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    im new to veganism so im interested learning some yummy new recipes!! this looks like an excellent read =)

  63. I twittered it up as well 🙂 good luck everyone

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  65. I can’t resist saying that if I won this book it would be a very good friday indeed! Not sure if you will send it to the other end of the earth but if you can then please put me in the draw! And I love the sound of the cheese – strangely enough the acd version appeals more than the regular one. A good teaser if the rest of the book is this interesting and yummy sounding

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  70. Sarah Westling says

    I would love to win a copy of this cookbook!

  71. Sarah Westling says

    I tweeted about your giveaway!!!

  72. As a vegetarian whose cooking involves over 60% vegan dishes, this book sounds very good to me.

  73. i want! what good timing too – i’m just finishing up food matters by mark bittman and really thinking about going fully vegan

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  75. I would love to win a copy of this book – I’ve heard really great things about it.

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    falongoesgreen @ gmail dot com

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  82. Kelly Harris says

    I have recently begun to eat vegan and would love to win this!

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  94. Yum, these recipes look great! Looks like a great cookbook to win! On another note, I just started reading your blog and absolutely love it. I made the giant apple pancake recipe three times in two days….that’s how good it is! Thanks for sharing your great recipes.

  95. I would love, love, love to win a copy. I’ve just started cooking and need all the help I can get!

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  98. This only fuels my recipe obsession, but I still want this book!

  99. Ashley Mauceri says

    I would love to win!!!

  100. Well, there you go, posting food porn again. As if we’re not addicted enough already.

    I wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog yesterday, too. I’ve been following your blog for a while — I think I may have even commented before, but probably under my old email address (I moved almost cross country a year ago, which partially explains the hiatus of my own blog).

    I do have your cookbook, and when I’ve made a few more recipes, I’ll review it. I’ve like what I tried so far. I also made your raw candy bars from the blog a while back, with some tweaks, and recently came across someone extolling your veggie burgers — I will definitely be giving those a try!

    Have a Happy Passover.

  101. The book sounds amazing and extremely delicious!

  102. Ohh i’ve been wanting this cookbook since it was first available to preorder and it’s nice to see some of what can come from the recipes. Winning a copy would be like an awesome early birthday gift to me so maybe the universe will work in my favor haha

  103. Aren’t Celine and Joni the best? Being on their testing team for their upcoming books (plural!) is a real treat. Though I wasn’t on the team for 500 Vegan Recipes, I’m sure the recipes in that book are just as amazing as everything I’ve seen and tried from them so far.

  104. And here’s my tweet about the giveaway:

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    I would absolutely LOVE to have this cookbook. It sounds fantastic and my sister (also my roommate) has just converted to being a vegan and we are searching for yummy recipes we can make that will satisfy us both: )

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  113. I have just started eating vegetarian this year and am interested in going vegan – this would be really helpful!

  114. thanks for all the great recipes on your website, love the cheesy spelt bread with tomato and green onion, have made it twice already

  115. hiya, Ricki – sorry i’m so behind on your posts. this weekend was bananas with a 10K, multiple gatherings with friends, holding down the fort with dan in vegas for a bachelor party, and a bridal shower. whew! anywhooooo……thanks a ton for the rock’n passover post – i need to check out all the tasty recipes. i don’t know much about passover, but i feel like i really should; i’m gonna have to do some research. all the awesomeness from 500 vegan recipes looks amazing, and i’d expect nothing less from Joni & Celine. Amy from Tahinitoo had posted many tester recipes throughout the past year and they also had me drooling. hooray for sharing the veganzola recipe with us! i can’t believe i’ve never made my own vegan cheeze (with the exception of some super easy tofu ricotta) – not only do i need to make this recipe, but i still want to make your almond feta recipe some day. yum!

  116. As a newbie vegan, this book would be a great addition to my cookbook library. The recipes sound fantastic and the your pictures make me salivate!! 🙂

  117. This is the cookbook on my “next-to-buy” list! I’m addicted to vegan cookbooks. Your pictures are beautiful.

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    Also, just wanted to say, I had some friends over today and I served them your coconut macaroons (the ones you recently posted) as well as the coconut macaroons from VCIYCJ (I was on a kick!). They’re very different cookies and people liked them both but many of them said they preferred your cookie. And, my husband said they were so good on their own they didn’t need any chocolate chips to get in the way of the coconutty goodness so next time I make them I’m omitting the chips! Lastly, I over cooked one batch and they were really chewy and also very good that way too!

  124. What a wonderful blog you have-I just discovered quinoa about 2 years ago-I love all your recipes.

    thank you

  125. Ricki –

    I also wanted to you know that I tagged you in my “10 things that make me happy” blog. Thanks for being such an inspiration!


  126. Oog, these recipes look great, especially the veggie curry picture!! I’ve been wanting to try a curry myself but I’ve been too worried I’d completely mess up. This may just be the guideline I need 😀
    The Veganzola looks like it would be delish too, and such a hit for a vegan (and non vegan!) party.

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  128. I’d love a copy of this cookbook! I know, I should just buy it already, but I’m feeling a bit guilty about how my cookbook shelf has been growing by leaps and bounds lately… Money that should be spent on the ingredients to actually make things!

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    Great giveaway ricki!

  136. Hi,

    I’m very interested in this giveaway. I’m just starting to get pulled towards vegan living after being off dairy, eggs, etc.


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    Thank you.

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  162. I love to cook and would love to use this cookbook!!!

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    HURRAH for free stuff!


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