Gena’s Raw (Bean Free) Broccoli Hummus

In case you haven’t noticed, we Canadians are pretty obsessed with the weather.  It rules our schedules, our wardrobes and our moods.  Wake up to sunny skies and 26C (79 F), as we did a couple of weeks ago, and it’s going to be a good day.  Wake up to glum, sodden skies, and that scowl won’t leave your face for the next 18 hours.

The weather influences how early you have to leave for work, your choice of foot covering for the day, whether your hair will behave or not, and how long your dog-walk will be.  Good or bad, it can even inspire me to haiku:

Last week was summer.
This week, earmuffs have returned.
Oh, Canada–why?

 (If you’re in the mood for more random haiku–including the HH’s magnum opus from his childhood–see this post).

Despite the unseasonally inclement weather this week, I’ve been hankering after raw foods for some reason.  (I’ve also been dreaming of appearing on The Ellen Show, but that’s pretty much standard every week these days.)

Maybe I’m just classically conditioned to react this way at this time of year, thermostat to the contrary or not. It’s sort of like being hungry at 12:00 noon, even if I’ve eaten breakfast at 11:00 AM; my head says, “Oh, yeah! Time to eat!” and I heed the call, even if my tummy is still churning through my cereal.  (Still trying to work on that “listen-to-your-body-signals” thing).  Whatever; I decided to give in to the impulse, and whip up some broccoli hummus.

Mum, are you suggesting that there’s something wrong with classical conditioning?  And does this mean all of our work with that nice Mr. Pavlov was for naught? But you will still give us those treats every time you ring a bell, won’t you? “

This is Gena’s fantabulous recipe, so I can’t really take  the cake  this man to be my lawfully wedded husband  the heat  the credit for it. However, I did minimally adapt it since, unlike Gena, I find it’s a rare hummus I can enjoy without a good hit of garlic included.  If you prefer yours without the added allicin, then by all means, leave it out.  I also substituted miso for the nutritional yeast, since I’m still adhering to ACD, of course.

The recipe is perfect in its simplicity, like a classic string of pearls, or a  Henry Moore sculpture, or Jessica Simpson.  I couldn’t believe how quickly it came together, and how scrumptious it was.  The zucchini confers both smoothness and creaminess, just as it does in Gena’s remarkably delicious zucchini dressing (which I’ve been making almost daily for the past couple of weeks) as well; and the tahini provides a bit more density and heft for spreading.

Even if you’re not a fan of broccoli, you’ll likely enjoy this, as the flavor is tempered by the tahini.  I’ve had the hummus spread on a raw collard wrap and on rice cakes–both work beautifully.  And between the broccoli and tahini, you’re getting a nice hit of calcium in each serving. All in all, a bowl of yum.

And if you squint really hard at that photo up top, you can pretend it’s a poetry-inspiring photo of  the sun, its rays emanating warmth and sunny dispositions across our Canadian skies this morning.

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  1. Oh, thanks for the reminder on this one. I’ve been meaning to try it, since I heart broccoli oh, so much!! 😉

  2. Hi, Ricki. I’m also a college teacher in Toronto area. How weird is that? 🙂

  3. Looks good! I hope I can find zuch (finally). I will definately be adding garlic to this. Lurve!

  4. Brilliant! I must try this.

  5. So green and wonderful!!! Can’t wait to try it out as a sandwich spread–mmm.

  6. This is really lovely Ricki- I am using miso in everything these days- love it.

  7. This looks so great Ricki!! Cant wait to try it

  8. Wow, am I flattered! Thanks for making my recipe, Ricki. I’m so happy you liked it 🙂

  9. This sounds delicious! Perfect for those summer days when zucchini is available in such abundance that you end up needing fresh ideas in order to be able to use it all.

  10. This is a fabulous idea…it looks and sounds so delicious and I agree, it’s a great way to use up abundant zucchini in summer. Thanks to you and Gena for the inspiration!

  11. Fabulous!..and thank you for noting the substitution for us folks that can’t use the miso.

  12. Courtney says

    Hummus without garlic?!? Blasphemy! Just about anything without garlic is wrong in my book, lol 😉 Your collard(I think?) wrap looks A-mazing, by the way.
    PS You left the garlic out of YOUR adapted recipe, just FYI!!

  13. So refreshing looking – must try!

  14. i saw this! and will have to try it soon 🙂 i can’t wait until zucchini is in season…

  15. Thanks for sharing this. It sounds much better to me than the zucchini only “hummus”. I tried that once and was not too fond of it. This sounds as though it would have much better texture. I agree on the garlic, it needs to be in hummus.


  16. That looks super and unique! I will have to try it!

  17. That looks SO fresh and delicious, definitely perfect summer snack food. Thanks for another super scrumptious recipe, Ricki, can’t wait to give it a try.

  18. Bookmarked! Dying to try this ASAP!

  19. dips and sunshine go hand in hand – this one looks very interesting – though I am not quite sure I can even imagine how raw broccoli and raw zucchini would taste all blended up but I am sure with those seasonings it would be great! hope you get some nice summer weather to go with it (unlike E in the UK who had sleet yesterday)

  20. Okay, seriously awesome recipe!

    And the weather – yeah, we couldn’t take Vancouver. Two months of “ah” and 10 months of “ugh” was something we had outgrown. But, we did get 6 inches of fresh snow this week, so I think Mother Nature is playing the winter dance all over north america 🙂

  21. I always thought that it was the British who were the most weather obsessed?

    That looks amazingly good Rikki.

  22. Seems that Canada is much like Ohio…I am wearing a winter sweater today! What gives!? ps. I am obsessed with hummus! This looks fantastico!

  23. Thank you for the review, this recipe sounds awesome! I’ve become a fan of raw broccoli lately, but it never occured to me to use it for something other than salad. I’ll definitely puree my next couple of stalks into some serious hummus!

  24. Gena,
    I loved it! And why wouldn’t I make your recipes–they are great! 😀

    I find the same thing–never enough uses for zucchini. 😉

    My pleasure. It wasn’t too long ago that I couldn’t use miso, either. 🙂

    Eeek! Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve added it now. 😉

    They actually taste really good blended together–give it a try!

    Nah, the British have nothing on us! 😉

  25. Low-carb, Braggs, cumin, lemon? This sounds really tasty, maybe even for salad dressing. The grocery list now has broccoli and zucchini added for the next shopping trip.

  26. I love your blog! Not only is it filled with delicious recipe ideas, it’s awfully witty and well-written too.

  27. Gena + Ricki. Isn’t that a sweet combo. Almost as sweet as this delicious wrap and roll recipe!

  28. Yum yum! I could dive right into this. The color and texture look perfect.

  29. I’ve only ever tried bean based hummus so I’m super intrigued by this!

  30. i too get hankerings for raw foods when the weather isn’t the best either, Ricki. i think it’s because raw yummies just make me feel so good! i’ve still got my fingers crossed in hopes of seeing you on The Ellen Show, i’m gonna have to check out the haiku, and i’ll fo ‘sho be making your version of Gena’s hummus. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  31. BERNADETTE says

    This sounds so good. I’ve tried it with zucchini alone, and it was very good. I can imagine it will be excellent since I do so heart broccoli. Thank you!

  32. Thank you for the review, this recipe sounds awesome! I’ve become a fan of raw broccoli lately, but it never occured to me to use it for something other than salad. I’ll definitely puree my next couple of stalks into some serious hummus!

  33. yum yum! I’ve been looking for a good raw hummus that has protein but isn’t made of a large amount of nuts.

    this is perfect! can’t wait to try!

  34. This looks delicious! I’m not a raw vegan, but I’m trying to incorporate more raw veggies into my diet. I’m also a bit of a hummus addict, so this seems like it could help with that a little! Thanks for sharing.
    I’m adding this to my raw veggie recipe link party:

    If you (or anyone who reads this) have any more links to share, please feel free to do so 🙂

  35. What unit of measure you use, English, American or Australian. Maja. Hungary.

  36. I can’t wait to try this one. A super way to get more raw vegetables into my diet. Like Marigold, I am also a hummus addict but I question whether it is really good for me based on how I feel.

  37. Mary Hillary says

    Try using raw dried chickpeas. Soak them for 8 hours before putting in your food processor with tahini and other ingredients. This is from Carol Alt’s book, The Raw 50. It also states that garbanzo beans in a can have been cooked when processed. Legumes when heated change their molecular structure so that you are then getting a carbohydrate and not protein.


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