Outrageously Decadent Chocolate-Hazelnut Ice Cream (No Ice Cream Maker Required!)

* Or, How I Waited Until the Very Last Possible Moment to Make Ice Cream

There are some people (I won’t mention any names) who simply like to leave things to the last minute.  Like, for instance, when they (who shall not be named) promise to mow the lawn over the weekend, and then suddenly it’s sundown on Sunday and mowing in the dark just doesn’t seem an appealing option.

Or, for instance, when this same unnamed person (who happens to live in your house with you) is supposed to do the laundry, and they keep procrastinating until you are completely out of dish towels for the kitchen, and only remember that “Oh, I guess we in civilized countries like to wear clean clothes once in a while” when THEY (the person who is nameless and happens to live in the house with you and walks the dogs in the morning before going to work) run out of underwear.

Or maybe, when the anonymous hypothetical stranger (who lives with you and walks the dogs in the morning and wears size 16A shirts and 32 waist jeans) is supposed to do the dishes after dinner but instead lolls about listening to classical music all evening and then only begins to run the water into the sink at 10:45 PM and doesn’t get to bed (which, as it turns out, this theoretical mystery man shares with you) until almost midnight.

I must admit, when I first started living with the HH (and please note, the above paragraph is a purely fictional account, and any resemblance to the HH, living or–well, living–is purely coincidental) I found it incredibly difficult to adjust to his, shall we say, apathetic  lackadaisical “relaxed” sense of schedule.

Seriously, the HH should have been born in one of those countries where they don’t pay attention to time–like the Pirahã Tribe of Brazil. He lives and moves at his own, highly idioscyncratic, pace–and pretty much oblivious to the rest of the world.  Whereas I (or, at least, the “I” of yore) tend more toward the anal side of things.  I got through my undergrad years by blocking out chunks of time in my daybook and sticking to my schedule no matter what. It worked well when I lived alone and had no other responsibilities; but now. . . not so much.

You know how they say that people begin to resemble their dogs over time?  Well, I think the same thing is true with spouses.  It seems I’ve adopted some of the HH’s habits by osmosis (funny, it doesn’t seem to work in reverse).  In any case, I think that’s why, on the very last weekend before we bid summer adieu for nine more months (I’m still a little dehydrated from all the sobbing), I decided to make ice cream.


The other day, I put out a call on twitter: what kind of ice cream should I make?  I got an array of interesting responses, from plum-raspberry (which I also whipped up, as a sorbet–recipe anon) to apple or pumpkin.  Now I want to make all three! But I just couldn’t get the idea of Nutella Ice Cream out of my mind.  I mean, Nutella Ice Cream.  How opulent is that??

With just a couple of wee adjustments, I had a version that is:

  1. ACD friendly
  2. the most amazingly decadent, rich, indulgent treat you can possibly imagine
  3. unspeakably delicious
  4. Chocolate.  And hazelnuts!
  5. See number 3, above
  6. made from only FOUR ingredients!

It was so rich, in fact, that even I could eat only a small portion (Me!  The “bathe-me-in-chocolate-I-can-never-get-enough-of-the-stuff” gal!).  Oh, yes.  I know I will definitely have to mix this up again.  As soon as I manage to make some more “notella.”  And buy some coconut milk.

Only, not today. I’ve got some music to listen to.  Or maybe I should mow that lawn. . . .

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  1. umm, yes please!! love this easier version 🙂 (i made a more involved one with similar flavors awhile back) and it is funny, isn’t it, that habits only seem to rub one way? 😉

    • Glad you like it! I was surprised at how simple it was, and yet how yummy. 🙂 And yes, it IS annoying when habits run only one way, isn’t it?? 😉

  2. Wow, Ricki, this looks INCREDIBLE!! I’m also oh so delighted and encouraged by your clever recipe that doesn’t require an ice cream maker, as we’ve somehow still yet to introduce an ice cream maker onto our shelves… Thanks to you, though, we can make this luscious ice cream! WOW!! Thank you, thank you!

    • You know, it’s funny–I actually DO have an ice cream maker, yet I prefer this method! Let me know what you think if you do give it a try. 🙂

  3. Totally luscious, but I knew you hadn’t used the real Nutella! I’ve tried to bake with Nutella and it’s just too sweet, so I know I would much prefer your homemade version, especially in this ice cream. 🙂 Oh, and I think I’ll post my new “eccentric” flavored-ice cream tomorrow; thanks for the guesses on FB. 😉


  4. I could not stop laughing reading this post. I swear we are married to the same man, why do they proscrastinate so? This is one of the great mysteries of the universe.

    The ice cream sounds delicious! A certain unnamed someone that lives at my house would love it. 😉

  5. I used to make a Nutella frozen yogurt that was really yummy, so I have no trouble believing your version is absolutely delicious! I’ll have to give it a try…

  6. Do you ever stop out-doing yourself? Seriously, it looks that amazing out of a food processor?

  7. Dann, why did I make a batch of ice cream yesterday? How I have to wait. This looks awesome and so, so easy!

  8. Oooooh that looks AMAZING! I’m glad it was such a hit with you Ricki. I agree, you just can’t beat the combination of chocolate and hazelnut, and in ice-cream form it is just too good to be true. Gorgeous pictures!

  9. Thank you so much! For two reason: 1) I don’t have an ice cream maker and so almost always am left crying inside after ice-cream-related blog posts, and 2) I’m in Australia, which means it’s finally, FINALLY getting warmer, and seeing as I missed the last summer because I was travelling in your winter…

    I can’t wait to make this. Thank you.

  10. mmm those photos looking meltingly decadently delightful – nutella in anything pleases me immensely so I am sure I would love this – maybe this will be a summer for some ice cream making – though my small freezer just makes it even more of a challenge (ok it is my procrastination that makes it really difficult)

  11. this sounds INCREDIBLE!

  12. Ricki, I’m so excited an ice cream maker is not needed cuz I still don’t own one. This will be perfect for the 100 degree weather we are supposed to have this weekend.

  13. Now I’ve got to go get some hazelnut butter so I can make nutella. Your version sounds so much better than the original — which I’ve never tasted because back (in the stone age) before I was vegan, I didn’t like chocolate or nut butters. (But I’m sure it would have been too sweet anyway.) It’s already so chilly and damp here that I’m not sure I can face ice cream, but nutella in a smoothie sounds good! And maybe after I taste that, I’ll be eager to make some ice cream in spite of the weather!

    • Wow, never tasted Nutella?? I thought every kid on the planet had it at one time or another. 😉 And I’m also amazed that it’s more chilly where you are than over here!

  14. Oh Ricki, your description of the HH made me laugh out loud! He and my mom sound *exactly* the same, lol! Growing up I HATED it, and I truly believe that is why I am such a planner and a stickler to schedules today. Whenever she visits me or I visit her she drives me insane–unlike you and the HH, her, um, shall we say…”unstructured” ways have NOT rubbed off on me, and my ways have not rubbed off on her. It makes for an interesting visit 🙂


    • Ha! I guess the HH hasn’t rubbed off quite enough for me to be okay with no schedule–just enough that I no longer follow one! The worst of both worlds. . . 😉

  15. Vegetable glycerin or agave? Is vegetable glycerin a sweetener? That one threw me! This looks amazing though. You are so creative!

  16. I’ve got a new jar of Nutella in the pantry. Just might give this a try today!

    • Heather, if you use regular Nutella, you might want to cut out the agave/glycerin option–I think the regular stuff is quite a bit sweeter than my homemade version! 🙂

  17. This was a tempting idea the first time I saw it on the Voracious Vegan blog, but now it’s irresistible! Luckily, I believe that ice cream is a year-round treat, so I have plenty of time to make and enjoy it. 😉

  18. I just made this for my celiac husband. Yum, yum, YUM!

  19. It’s never too late to eat ice cream, Ricki! Especially this yummy nutella ice cream. May I have a bowl, please? *Oliver Twist face*

    I hope the hypothetical man’s lack of underwear situation has been resolved! 😛

  20. oh, goodness. Ricki. wow. xoxo

  21. i cant tell what i loved more, reading this post or drooling over the ice cream!! can i choose both..hmm well having both at the same time wouldve been better 😉 XO

  22. Oh my goodness! I would have never dreamed up the freeze then process way of making ice cream! I’m totally in love with the recipe and the method and screw autumn, I’m going to make ice cream year round now 🙂

    • It’s really so much easier than an ice cream maker, I find! And even with an ice cream maker, I’ve found that the ice cream hardens up too much to scoop after a little while. . .this way, it’s always the perfect consistency when you want to eat it. 🙂

  23. oh wow – this sounds delicious and so simple without an ice cream maker (even though i’m looking at getting one!)

    Thanks for sharing!

  24. The texture of that ice cream looks perfect!

  25. Sassy Stephanie says

    Oh my. We’re not patient! Couldn’t wait to freeze it! Just made this in the Vita Mix with a little ice, to give it a soft serve texture. So yummy.

  26. eva vinent says

    Any Candida friendly alternatives to the vegetable glycerine? I don’t think I can find it here.
    It looks delicious!!

    • Hi Eva,
      You could try yacon syrup. The glycerine just prevents crystallization, so truth be told, you could leave it out and just use more stevia. I’m sure it would still be delicious! 🙂

  27. Ricki, I was a little down tonight and decided to read this post. You cheered me up. I just love your writing. And having just met you in person makes it all the better.

    Big big hug. You are such a talented lady. Give the mysterious person a big hug and hello from us :). We have some similar osmosis going on in our household, but some does go both ways. A little.

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