Dog Day: The Girls Go Gaga for Halloween

Here it is, Halloween again, and once again, Mum has us decked in these silly costumes. . . seriously, Mum, Lady Gaga?? I mean,  how many more years will I have to put up with such indignities? A bad romance, indeed. . . . “

What do you mean, Elsie? I LOVED my costume this year!  I was thrilled with it!  I adored it!  I could have a costume like this one every year! It was fantastic! It was stupendous! It was incredibly delicious!—slurp, slurp—

Um, what?  What do you mean, I wasn’t supposed to EAT the dress?  Ooops. . .

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, everyone! 😀

Last Year at this Time: Dog Day: Tricks for Treats [Elsie is so angelic]

Two Years Ago: Dog Day: Happy Halloween [with captions!]

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  1. Happy Halloween to you Ricki! And the girls, and HH of course! I didn’t think of making a costume for Sam…maybe I should have?

  2. Oh, Ricki, that picture is priceless! Enjoy Halloween (as for me, I’m a scrooge! I shut off the porch light make a delicious meal, pop open a bottle of wine and ignore the goblins outside! LOL)

  3. I love it! Happy Halloween 🙂

  4. You are too funny Ricki! And bless Elsie for putting on a Lady Gaga costume! Ringo would never let me do that!

  5. Happy Halloween Ricki!
    Lady Gaga and the disappearing meat dress – such creative costume ideas for the girls 🙂

  6. This is hilarious! Chaser ate her meat outfit! Heehee! Happy Halloween!!

  7. ROFL here … OMG, Ricki. But, I have to admit that my first thoughts were of Queen Elizabeth versus Lady Gaga. Maybe it’s the shape of Elsie in her costume? 😉

    Hugs and happy Halloween, Ricki! My life is better for having you and your blog (with the girls) in it! 🙂


  8. It’s hard to believe that such adorable and innocent-looking girls could possibly a Halloween menace. 😀 Happy Halloween!

  9. Hehehe, she makes cutest Lady Gaga! Happy Halloween!

  10. the girls are such a delight! I’m so glad you share the doggie pics.

  11. hehe, too cute!!

  12. Oh my gosh lady, you crack me up!!!

  13. Ahhhhhhahahaha! Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

    You’re a rockstar 🙂 Cutest photos ever!


  14. Awww such cuties. 🙂

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