SOS: Sweet or Savory Sweet Potato Spread

[Fantastically versatile, high fiber and low(er) fat. . . savory spread, here on a raw veggie cracker.]

It was while lunching with a friend in New York last weekend that I first had the inspiration for collard rolls with sweet potato spread.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t exactly while we were lunching, but more like a day or two later.  And oh, all right, maybe it wasn’t specifically collard rolls with sweet potato that I ate back then, but more like nori rolls with pumpkinseed pâté.  Oh, and sure, maybe I wasn’t hit with inspiration, exactly, but perhaps something more like. . . a touch of indigestion?  But you know, it’s taken me thirteen years to wend my way back to New York since my previous visit, and I feel I should now milk that trip for all it’s worth.  Besides, I’ve always wanted to say something like, “It was while lunching with a friend in New York last weekend that I first had the inspiration. . . . ”  Makes me sound rather the jet-setter, don’t you think?  Or maybe like a younger (of course that would be much younger) version of like Ina Garten.

(I know.  But just indulge me).

Although I tend to eat raw foods fairly regularly,  a dinner of entirely raw nourishment requires a bit of forethought since the HH generally won’t partake (or, if he does, it’s just a side dish for him).  However, I was on a raw roll both in New York and immediately afterward.  It began with that lovely lunch before I left the city, followed by a raw dinner that same evening back in Canada.  Then, this past Saturday, the HH and I went out for a birthday dinner. My choice of venue?  Rawlicious.

The best part of eating at a raw food restaurant, for me, isn’t the food–though food is paramount, of course.  No, the best part is that someone else prepares it, expending all the time and effort that entails.  Since I’ve created a few  elaborate  raw meals at home myself, I am aware of how much preparation precedes a multi-textured, multi-seasoned and veggie-rich dishl such as the ones the HH and I enjoyed.

First up, we shared a platter of “nachos,” served with a trio of “sour cream,” guacamole and salsa.  Heaven!  Then the HH feasted on a raw bolognese “pasta” (made from spiralized zucchini), while I chowed down on a raw “tortilla”–a collard wrap filled with a hunk of nut “meat” along with a variety of colorful shredded veggies and sauce.  I fully admit to being a poor, poor food blogger (though so far, anyway, a fairly good Vegan MoFoer) since I was so excited about the prospect of finally eating at the place that I forgot my camera at home!

[My version of raw collard wraps. . . I guess Valerie and I had the same idea! 😉 ]

Since I can’t offer you photos of my professionally-prepared collard wrap, I thought I’d share pics of my own creation.  My wrap is an amalgam of the nori roll I had in New York crossed with the raw collard wrap from Rawlicious.  With one important diversion: I added a spectacular spread made from sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are such a regular fixture in the DDD household that even The Girls receive their portion almost every day; I regularly grind up raw sweet potato along with cauliflower, greens, or apples to add to their dinner.  And while I am happy to consume the sweet spuds in their uncooked state as well, this spread adds a bit of cooked yam to the otherwise raw roll.

I’ve tried the spread in both a sweet and a savory incarnation, and both are spectacular.  Blending the sweet potato purée with either nut or seed butter results in a smoother, lighter spread, and one with less than half the calories and only 1/3 the fat of plain nut butter.  After noshing on this spread on crackers, scones, a chickpea pizza and straight from the jar for the past 4 days, I’ve concluded that I might just like this better than straight almond butter (gasp!).

You can play around with the varieties of nut or seed butter you use as well as with proportions of sweet potato vs. butter.  I’ve found the 2:1 ratio works best for me, but do what pleases you most.

This is also my first submission to this month’s SOS Kitchen Challenge hosted by Kim and me–our ingredient this month is (you guessed it) sweet potatoes. It’s also linked to Allergy Friendly Fridays, Healthy Vegan Fridays, and Whole Foods Fridays.



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  1. Man, you had me mentally searching my pantry to make that spread *right now*, but no luck. 🙁 I’m going to have to make it soon though, it looks fantastic!

  2. Seriously – YUM. This gives me an excuse to go and buy more nut butter!

  3. Hi Ricki – Thought of you when I saw this on Twitter: First for Women Mag wants women who lost weight controlling sugar/carb cravings for candida. Photos required: Have you had your story in a magazine yet? Could be great to get the word out!

  4. This looks divine – and your photo is so much better than my poor lunchbox. It was gorgeously sunny the day I took those photos, almost too much so for good pictures.

  5. This sounds amazing! YUM!

  6. I love Ina Garten, lol! You could totally be (a much much younger and cooler and better cook) version of her 🙂 You could give her a run for her money with your recipes!


    • I actually love her, too–and in fact, I have no idea how old she really is! I suspect the age difference isn’t really that big. 😉 Now, for the recipes, that’s another matter!

  7. What a gloriously delicious spread! I was thinking about making a spread with sweet potatoes, but you’ve done all the work for me, yay!

  8. I love Rawlicious! I love raw foods in general, but I never make elaborate raw meals at home because I can’t afford a dehydrator, a Vita Mix, or the usual waiting time that is involved (as occurs with nut soaking/sprouting). I tend to keep it simple at home, so it is such a treat to go to places like Rawlicious and Live once in a while. Your collard wraps with sweet potato spread look easy and quick enough that I could make them at home. The two different versions of the spread are so versatile! I will definitely try this 🙂

    • It was great–I can’t wait to go back! And I feel the same way; it was sooooo nice to have someone else do all the work. 🙂 I loved the savory spread in the collard wraps, but I might prefer the other one for every day–easier to eat straight up. 😉

  9. Oh, now that is fantastic! Have some sweet potato puree in my fridge and a half empty jar of sunflower butter. A match made in heaven apparently

  10. That spread sounds amazing!!! Love the sweet and savory idea 😉

  11. The spreads sound yummy! I think I will have to try them both. The collard wraps look pretty, but for some reason I just can’t get used to the taste of raw collards.

  12. Yum! These both sound great. I’m addicted to dips and spreads lately. And, the kiddo already likes sweet potatoes, so it’s an easy veggie to get him to eat. I’ll definitely be trying these.

  13. I love the addition of nut and seed butter, genius! I tried something similar without the fat and it didn’t work. Gee I wonder why. LOL!

    You know I love the collard wraps since those are one of my favorite lunch items.


  14. I’ll take sweet potatoes any way you give them to me, but the sweet spread sounds completely amazing. I love the idea of combining sweet potatoes with sunflower seed butter!

  15. sounds great – tahini and sweet potato sounds like a winner – and am glad to hear you had a great birthday meal at an interesting restaurant

    and I was in new york 13 years ago – maybe we passed each other on the street – what a strange thought!

  16. Hi Ricki,
    I just resubmitted my Sweet Potato Hummus. Thanks for your feedback and I hope your readers enjoy this savory snack!
    (Sorry, I’m not sure how to delete my original submission…)

  17. This sounds really good! I’m actually developping a bunch of spread/pâte à tartiner type recipes right now – but I hadn’t though of sweet potato!

    Your birthday meal sounds great! I love collard wraps- I eat tons of them when I can find collards!

  18. Those Girls know what’s good for them! My mother in law’s pup is crazy about sweet potatoes, he even eats thick slices of dehydrated sweet potoato instead of those chewy rawhide things. He’s also a big fan of baby carrots, peas, and green beans. Very fancy pup! 😛

    • The Girls love the sweet ones, too! They also get baby carrots as snacks and the occasional green bean. . . gotta have their veggies, too! 😉

  19. Love this month’s ingredient Ricki! I am slightly addicted to sweet potatoes – thanks mainly to Valerie’s addiction! I will definitely work on something for the roundup! My friend was on about using sweet potato for frosting…I might have to give it a shot!

  20. Scrummy goodness. I’m rather partial to the savory, but wouldn’t mind a sweet dessert spread, either.

  21. Your raw wraps look awesome, Ricki! No shock there. And of course BOTH of those ‘tater spreads sound divine. What fun I’ve had with your Mofo posts!

    G xo

  22. Oh I just love sweet pots! Both of those spreads sound fantastic, especially the savory one. I never thought to combine garam masala with sweet potatoes, but I can only imagine how perfect they would be together!

  23. how did I miss this? it looks terrific!

  24. I am immediately drawn to the sweet variation on this one. I think it must be because fall is coming and the warming sweet flavours of sweet potato and cinnamon are calling my name!

    I can’t wait to try Rawlicious. I actually know a girl who’s husband’s uncle is the owner! I move to TO tomorrow and am just so excited!

    Anyway, thanks for linking this up to Healthy Vegan Friday. Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks, Gabby! I bet you will LOVE TO! I’ve been to Rawlicious a couple of times and it’s great. And while I do love the sweet variation, the savory is equally delicious, really! 😀

  25. This looks incredible…. BOTH versions I want to swim in (with a spoon of course!)

  26. Can you use canned sweet potato? Or pumpkin??


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