Flash in the Pan: Carrot Cake Smoothie & A Weekend Giveaway

[Sometimes, you just want a dish that’s “no fuss.”  I’ve decided to offer a mini-post every once in a while, for a dish that comes together incredibly quickly or else is so simple to make that no recipe is required. Here’s today’s “Flash in the Pan.” (For other FitP recipes, see “Categories” at right).]


If you take a gander through this blog’s archives, you will notice that there are certain ingredients–while fairly common in North America and even beloved by many–that don’t often appear in my recipes.  For instance, you won’t find much pomegranate, buttercup (aka kabocha) squash, persimmon or fresh fennel (though that last one is about to change since I recently discovered that I now I like it).

Mostly, the paucity of recipes is caused by my reluctance to use those foods mixed in with other ingredients. I love them so much that I want to experience their uniqueness without distraction or interference, sort of the way the HH listens to classical music (he is one of those rare individuals who actually sits still and listens to music. . . while doing nothing else at the same time).

For me, pineapple falls into this “I want you all to myself” category as well.  Consequently, I was particularly excited to reach the second stage of the ACD because it meant re-introducing a few fruits–apples, pears, berries–plus pineapple, one of just two so-called “sweet” fruits (along with papaya) that are permitted because they contain digestive enzymes (bromelain in pineapple and papain in papaya).  This means they don’t encourage a lot of fermentation, which can lead to more yeast.

As soon as I was “allowed,” I bought the largest, most fragrant green and gold pineapple I could find, toted it home, then trimmed and sliced it.  I sat down at the table as if I were about to listen to my own classical concert, then slowly savored each and every chunk, happily slurping the sweet, tart pieces as the juices trailed down my chin and over my fingers. (The Girls were also pleased to share the fruuit’s core, with plenty of their own slurping going on as well). Pure, clean, and absolutely gratifying.

Then, last week while chatting about favorite juice combos on the DDD Facebook page, a reader mentioned pineapple as an ingredient she often used. I got to thinking that I really needed to expand my culinary horizons a little and take the leap to allow eating pineapple in some other way than merely on the tip of my fork.

What I came up with was a smoothie (okay, maybe not as great a leap as, say, eloping, or gender reassignment, or quitting my job to become a circus acrobat, but a leap nonetheless).  The result was this heavenly breakfast concoction that combines all my favorite ingredients from a classic carrot cake.

While I kept this recipe fairly light on greens, on a typical morning I normally include double or more of what I mention here. But if you’re new to greens in smoothies, you might like to start with the lower end of the leafy spectrum.

The smoothie made a refreshing and satisfying breakfast, and is also a great way to use up leftover cooked carrots.  And, of course, it’s a way for me to expand the number of recipes containing pineapple on the blog.  😉

DDD In Your Kitchen this Month:

Wow, you folks have been cooking up a storm! I love when readers make my recipes and tell me about it.  Here’s a list of the culinary creations you’ve made in the past few weeks based on DDD recipes.

If you’ve tried a recipe and I miss it here, please let me know about it in the comments and I’d be happy to add it next time. 

Also: Thanks to Alisa Fleming of Go Dairy Free for a fabulous review of Desserts without Compromise!

As always, thanks to everyone for letting me know how you like the recipes! I love hearing from you. 😀



While shopping at my favorite health food store today, I came across a sale on my favorite chocolate bars.  My immediate thought was, “Yay–chocolate!” (because that’s what I always think every time I see chocolate), immediately followed by, “Oh, wait, I can’t eat these particular bars” (as they contain evaporated cane juice).  But before I could shed a tear, it occurred to me: that doesn’t mean that some of YOU can’t enjoy these bars!  So I scooped up four of them, and want to send one each to four of you! *

You can win a Cocoa Camino large-sized (100 g or 3.5 oz) bar in one of the following new flavors: Dark with Coconut, Espresso (dark with coffee beans), Dark with Almonds, or Dark with Raspberries.  All are vegan and gluten free. NOTE: THESE ARE NOT ACD-FRIENDLY CHOCOLATE (they contain sugar).  [THE GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED.  THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED!]

To enter, simply leave a comment here telling me which bar you’d like the most.  On Sunday evening after midnight my time, I’ll choose four random winners. Please come back Monday to check if you’ve won! I’m sorry, but I cannot contact the winners. If I don’t hear from any of you by the following Friday, I’ll choose someone else.

* Disclaimer: I purchased the bars with my own money and will also cover mailing costs.  Cocoa Camino did not ask me to provide this giveaway, nor did they ask me to say anything about their bars.  I just happen to love them and want to share!

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I’m also entering this recipe in Amy’s weekly Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays event.  Skip over to Amy’s blog to check out the other healthy entries!

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  1. Dark with coconut sounds amazing!! I love coconut, but you might have figured that out by now. Love Cocoa Camino! You are so thoughtful 🙂

  2. Yum! All the great flavours of carrot cake in a healthy smoothie… What else can a girl ask for? I put pineapple on my grocery list to give this creation a try in the coming week.

    As for your chocolate give away, I would absolutely love to give the coconut version a try!

  3. The raspberry sounds divine! How have I never noticed this brand before?

  4. You’re so generous! I would want to try the dark with coconut.

  5. Tiffany Miller says

    The coconut hands down! I’m drooling just thinking about it. I love coconut.

    I love your recipes, in particular I love your Banana Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies, they are too die for!

    I’m very excited because Sunday I have plans to make the Crunchy Sunbutter Chocolate Cups. I have been waiting for this recipe for like 10 years. In my twenties I developed a nut allergy. Peanut butter cups used to me my all time favourite chocolate treat. The idea of being able to make a sunbutter cup is so exciting! Is it Sunday yet?

  6. Squee! Chocolate chocolate chocolate! I’ve been remiss with the frequency of my chocolate review posts on my blog, so the Dark Chocolate with Espresso would come in very handy 🙂

    I’m also thrilled by your smoothie, as I have just rediscovered how much I love pineapple (after not having eaten it for years). I recently froze two (cut into chunks) and have been using them in smoothies with, I kid you now, carrot! I love your spices and walnuts additions though :0

  7. mmm…salivating over that dark chocolate with raspberry!

  8. I would love to try the raspberry one…because I’ve already tried the other flavours ;P

  9. I would love to try the raspberry one…because I’ve already had the other flavours ;P

  10. thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe! carrot cake is one of my favs. also the chocolate i’d like to try the most is dark chocolate with raspberry. there’s just something about that combo that makes me want to just close my eyes and sigh

  11. It’s a tie between raspberry or espresso! Raspberry has a slight edge.

    Have you tried to Camino bars with almond butter inside? So good!

  12. egads! coconut coconut coconut !!! i love cocoa camino!! Their cocoa powder is apparently divine!!

  13. I share your love of pineapple – it is one of those fruits I eat a lot but don’t blog a lot because it tastes too good when fresh. I’m off to buy one this afternoon. But I did have a great success blending some pineapple and berries and oj to make icy poles this summer – now I have to see if there are any left in my freezer.

    Love your round up of readers making your recipes – reminds me of recipes I need to try! And the smoothie looks great – I have been back into smoothies just this week and hope to try and make them a bit more again so will put this on my list of things to try.

    And please send me raspberry chocolate if your random generator and post office will be so kind – so lovely of you to share though I am sad you can’t have it

  14. Your smoothies looks good! I love pineapple too, and rarely do anything but eat it plain. I really, really want the coconut chocolate bar. Yum!

  15. Hey, I think I may have been that reader! I’m glad you get to eat more pineapple, and I happen to have cooked carrots to use up now, so I will be making this tomorrow 😀

  16. I also love carrot cake with pineapple! Oh, how I miss carrot cake. Putting the flavours into a smoothie sounds like a good idea for me…that way I can have it first thing in the morning without the sugar crash and stomach ache 🙂

    And everything is better with coconut, so I’m going to go with the dark chocolate and coconut bar.

  17. Hurrah for you being able to enjoy pinapple again!
    I love carrot cake — never tried it with pinapple though. I smell culinary adventures…

  18. Why have I never seen Camino chocolate here in Arizona? I never met a chocolate I didn’t like, but I’d especially love to try the Dark Chocolate with Coconut.

  19. Seems like choosing the espresso chocolate could increase my chances of winning? Sounds good to me! thanks

  20. They all sound delicious! If I had to choose one, I’d learn towards the coconut because it sounds so delicious and the tropical flavour would cheer me up after last night’s snow storm.

  21. That smoothie sounds wonderful. I have never tried Camino chocolate, all the flavors sound wonderful I would love to try anyone of them. Since I have to choose it would be the Dark chocolate with raspberry. thanks for the giveaway.

  22. espresso for sure!

  23. Chocolate w/ Raspberry for me!

    can’t wait to make that smoothie!!!!

  24. i love pineapple on its own as well – but i have a feeling i’m gonna super love your carrot cake smoothie, Ricki! i think dan would love it the most, too (and he actually sits and listens to music as well). sweet awesomeness on being able to enjoy papaya and pineapple! i had heard that pineapple was one of those fruits you could enjoy after a meal and it was cool to “mis-combine” because it was similar to avocado in that it doesn’t ferment. glad to know that’s true and it’s proven to be okay for my tummy as well. nothing like a little pineapple for dessert and nothing like a carrot cake smoothie for breakfast. mmmmmmmm!

  25. I never saw Camino chocolate in NYC. I guess we don’t get it here. I would love to try it. The one I am most interested in is the coconut. I love that combo.

    Keep up the great work. Your blog is fantastic.

  26. Ooh I’ve never heard of Camino chocolate! I would love the coconut one! Yum! And that smoothie looks really satisfying!

  27. Dark with raspberry sounds amazing!

  28. This is so kind of you to do this giveaway! I never can resist a good chocolate bar. The coconut sounds fantastic 🙂

  29. That carrot cake smoothie sounds delicious. All the elements I like in my carrot cake are there (including pineapple :))
    I don’t know if this giveaway is open to UK residents but if it is the one I’d most like to try is probably…hmmm…the almond one. I love nuts in chocolate.

  30. I would LOVE the espresso!

  31. Look at that gorgeous smoothie–heavenly on its own merit, but then when you call it Carrot Cake Smoothie, who can resist it? 😉 I love how you savored that pineapple, Ricki. Being present with one’s food can be such a gift.

    Very cool on the giveaway, too. I’d have to go with the coconut bar as my top choice, although the one with almonds would also be lovely. 🙂 Thanks for letting us indulge what you cannot yet … very generous of you, dear!


  32. I’d like the coconut bar, because honestly there’s very little “joy” other than with “almonds” on the ACD diet..

  33. That smoothie looks delicious. Thanks for the heads up on these bars; I’ll have to watch for them at my local stores. I’d love to try the coconut one; it looks like a popular choice.

  34. I’m eating a variation on this (I left out coconut and walnuts and increased the veggies and ginger) right now, and it is excellent! But I love anything that includes pineapple and ginger.

    I would love to win the chocolate bar with the raspberries 🙂

  35. Yum, the almond one sounds delish!!

  36. I’ve never seen these chocolate bars either, I’ll have to check out some of our local health food stores to see if they carry them. I think the chocolate and almonds sounds wonderful!

  37. Mmm I could go for a carrot cake smoothie right about now. I love a good chocolate bar, too, and would be oh-so-happy to try the Espresso version. 😀

  38. RachelBethany says

    Espresso! I can’t get enough of the combination of chocolate and espresso/coffee

  39. The chocolate coconut sounds great, but I think I’d choose the chocolate almond. Your smoothie sounds great. I am trying to eat smoothies for breakfast every day and will be adding this into my rotation!

  40. Brenda Alreck says

    How sweet are you that you would give away a fave that you can’t even eat?! I’m gonna have to go with espresso, then I can have chocolate for breakfast!!
    Thank you for lovin’ on us!

  41. I would love to try the dark with raspberries. Yum!

  42. It’s interesting (Godincidence?- probably not) that you should post this recipe. My GYN wants to get more greens in my diet for the iron & put me on pills to take right now (& I detest taking a lot of pills!).

    Also, I love chocolate :). I love the saying too much of a good thing isn’t all bad, esp. if it’s chocolate lol. I had a hard time deciding between the dark w/almonds or dark w/raspberries & finally decided on dark w/almonds :).

  43. Your smoothie sounds yummy. I’d prefer the Dark with Coconut but with Almonds is a close second.

  44. My god, I can’t choose between the coconut and the raspberry version. Well, I’ll go with the tropical taste from the coconut flavor.

  45. I’d love to try the dark with raspberries (and the smoothie sounds good, too!).

  46. Hi Ricki – love your tweets – I’d love to try to chocolate with espresso – yum!

  47. Coffee and chocolate are a perfect combo-I’d love to try the espresso flavor!

  48. I would love the espresso! That smoothie looks delicious right now. Even though I am freezing. 🙂

  49. I don’t even like coffee, yet for some reason the espresso bar intrigues me.

  50. I am the same way about persimmons! I wouldn’t use them in anything…they are too good to just eat as is! Now you have me craving persimmons… 🙂

    PS I think the espresso chocolate combo sounds divine!

  51. I think the Dark Chocolate with Almonds would be so good!

  52. Wow, this post is full of all kinds of goodness! Thanks for the links … love your ebook 🙂

    Um, the coconut one please. But all sound good!

  53. Dark with almonds sounds divine, Ricki…

    I completely agree with you about savouring certain ingredients… Mangoes come to mind first, but I am still learning that they can become even better in recipes. 🙂

    But for your pineapple needs, stay tuned.. maybe at the end of the month.. I have such a blog back-up but recently.. but I recently bought 2 pineapples and made them into 4 savoury dishes! Your smoothie looks great too.. nothing better than fresh pineapple. 🙂

  54. This smoothie looks fabulous! I love the addition of shredded coconut – cool idea. I think quick and easy recipes are just as important to share!

  55. Terri Kendall says

    I would love to try the espresso. Thanks for your kindness!

  56. Coconut sounds great! Never had them;)

  57. That smoothie looks great!

    The dark chocolate espresso bar would be amazing! Though truly they all sound fantastic.

  58. Coconut and chocolate is my favourite combination!

    I am definitely planning to make this smoothie, but sans pineapple since I am allergic. 😀

  59. I just tried the smoothie and it’s yummy!
    I only found this site while looking for interesting smoothie recipes, but I think I’m going to have to go through your archives for more things to try.

  60. I’ll take a look at those recipes. 🙂 The chocolate raspberry bar looks delish!

  61. I would love to try the espresso dark choc…thanks for the opportunity to win!

  62. I was about to buy a pineapple this morning. Now I really wish I had done it. The smoothie looks incredible!

    Coconut chocolate? That sounds absolutely fantastic!

  63. ooh, this sounds awesome. and i just bought a pineapple!! yum 🙂

  64. What a brilliant idea! I love pineapple in my carrot cake too and would never think of omitting the coconut from anything!

  65. This sounds exactly like my favorite carrot cake. I can’t wait to try it.

  66. This is a recipe after my own heart. 🙂 My mom loved carrot cake, and now that she has passed, it is a definite comfort food for me. In fact, just last night, my sister’s family and my family got together for supper and our first vegan carrot cake. 🙂 I’ve got the carrots steaming now, so I can make this for my husband and I. Oddly enough, when we went to get groceries yesterday, I asked which frozen fruit I should get for our smoothies, and we chose pineapple. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had the exact ingredients for this one! Oh, the fates! ;o) I can’t wait to try it out.


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