SOS Stevia: Dairy Free, Sugar Free Coconut Ice Cream (No Ice Cream Maker Required)

I suppose anyone who devotes one third of their blog’s name to “dessert” must really love the sweet stuff. (Uh, yeah).  A quick glance at my blog’s recipe index will reveal that, ACD be damned, I’m not willing to give up my sweet treats.

You’ll also notice that stevia has been my savior ever since I began the anti candida diet.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s SOS kickoff post, it’s up to 300 times sweeter than sugar and also boasts some pretty impressive health properties.  For someone unwilling to consume sucralose, aspartame or other unnatural chemical alternatives, stevia is a perfect means to add sweetness without calories to food.  Used in conjunction with other natural sweeteners, it can boost a recipe’s sweet quotient while lowering overall calories–and allow you to continue to enjoy perfectly decadent desserts.

Enter this coconut ice cream, the final recipe in my dinner party trifecta (along with the sushi pizza and tempeh bourguignon).  I made it last week for a couple of friends who don’t have any dietary restrictions.  I served it over a big slice of the Ultra Fudgy Brownies from Sweet Freedom.  Both of them (along with the HH) gobbled it up, entirely unaware that they were eating something “healthy.” (Happily, I was able to enjoy a big serving of the ice cream, too, with fresh blueberries, since it’s ACD-friendly).

Because it contains ingredients that are actually good for you, I felt no compunction whatsoever about having some ice cream atop waffles for brunch a few days later.  The HH was very appreciative, too.

As you can see, this recipe contains this month’s SOS ingredient, stevia, as well as last month’s (coconut oil).  That’s because I had actually intended this as another coconut oil recipe, but, as often happens these days, got behind in my blogging.  No matter; like so many other recipes in my life, it coincidentally contains stevia as well–which makes it a perfect anti-candida dessert.

Mum, it’s also a perfect canine dessert, you know.  How about we help clean up those plates once you’re done?”

[Coconut ice cream atop a wholegrain waffle from my upcoming ebook, Top of the Morning: ACD Recipes without Sugar, Gluten, Eggs or Dairy.]

This recipe was submitted to Amy’s Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays event.



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  1. it was meant to be a nice hot day just right for ice cream but is another gloomy grey day and quite muggy – but I think this ice cream would make you feel like you were in the tropics (not our current ones full of floods and cyclones but the balmy evening on the beach surrounded by palm trees that haven’t been denuded by cyclones!)

  2. The icecreams looks tempting.

  3. I’m so overwhelmed with excitement, for the following reasons:
    1. It’s swelteringly hot here in Australia at the moment, so ice-cream is magnificent.
    2. This doesn’t use an ice-cream maker, which I don’t have, but uses a Vita-Mix, which I just bought.
    3. I received coconut oil for Christmas and have barely used it.
    4. It’s dairy-free ice-cream. ‘Nuff said!

    Thank you!

    • Hannah, I actually use my food processor to mix it once it’s frozen, but you can use a VitaMix, too. You may have to add a couple tablespoons of milk to the frozen chunks and use the VitaMix wand. 🙂 If you try it out, let me know what you think! 🙂

  4. Waw!! Your coconut ice cream looks just FABULOUS!!!!


  5. I need to find some sort of guide that explains how to use stevia in baking. I want to participate in the challenge this month. I’ve been craving ice cream a lot lately (even though it’s cold out), so I may need to try this. Since it’s “healthier” I won’t feel guilty about eating too much of it either.

    • Many of the stevia sites have their own charts with equivalents. But I think for someone starting out, it’s best to find a recipe that already has some stevia in it, and just follow the recipe, rather than try to alter an existing recipe (which can prove very tricky). I’ve got lots on this blog–here is another good ice cream recipe that uses stevia. 🙂

  6. Oh yum! I really have to try your no ice cream maker method! I don’t have room in the freezer right now for my ice cream maker.

  7. looks amazing. I love coconut ice cream. Do you have any suggestions of what you could use instead of tofu if trying to make it soy free?


    • Hmmm. . . that’s a tough one. The tofu adds both creaminess and substance, so I’d go with either more pear or maybe use canned (full fat) coconut milk instead of the almond. It will likely be a bit lighter and less dense, but still good! 🙂

  8. Sounds like such a cool way to make ice cream! And I would like to have some right now please. I really need to try stevia for this challenge. It’s staring me in the face 🙂

    • You can stare back, but that won’t create an entry for the Challenge! How about choosing a recipe that already uses stevia from another blog? 🙂

  9. WOW that looks GOOD!

  10. Oh yum! Coconut ice cream sounds so good right now…well, with something warm and chocolatey.

  11. ooh, love coconut milk ice cream, and this sounds like a great variation 🙂

  12. Hey Ricki! You did it again… another recipe that puts you into ‘hero’ status in my book. (I’m going to have to come up with a new status name soon, as hero is becoming a little too ‘normal’ now ;))… I’ve linked this recipe in my Fav Top Ten Recipes of last week post. Thanks!

    ~Aubree Cherie

  13. This looks SO scrumptious 🙂 I wonder if I could just use my ice cream maker to make it.

  14. I love how you don’t have to use an ice cream maker to make this! I’ll have to try it when it’s not below freezing outside. Do you think there is any soy-free tofu substitutes that would still work?

    • Ha ha–I made it despite the below freezing temps–and for some reason, I still feel like eating it! 😉 Re: the tofu, as I said above, you could always try more pear and/or full fat coconut milk. 🙂

  15. Ricki — This looks so, so yummy and creamy. I can’t believe you did it without a machine! beautiful photo, too!

  16. what an easy way to serve ice cream, especially for a party! Looks yummy!

  17. Ooo I know I would love this!! I just bought some vegan coconut milk ice cream and am loving it.

  18. Sorry, but you have totally deceived yourself with your ingredients. Soy is horrible for you as is agave nectar. The negatives of soy are multitude, while agave spikes your blood sugar higher and faster than anything else on the market. With all the sugar you’ve added (pear, coconut sugar, agave) why are you even bothering with stevia? This IS NOT a healthy treat you have created, sorry folks.

    • Scott, thanks for your comment and viewpoint. Sorry this isn’t a recipe to your liking. I know that some people are opposed to agave, just as some are opposed to tofu. I am okay with both of those in moderation. My goal here is to create something that is healthIER than a conventional ice cream. With the additional fiber of the pear (which helps to lower the gylcemic load) and the fat of coconut milk (also lowering the glycemic load), plus the relatively small portion of agave and coconut sugar (about 2 tsp per serving), I am okay with this ice cream for someone on the ACD at Stage 3 (the last stage) or later (maintenance). Compared to what most people who do consume sugar eat, this dessert is, indeed, a healthier option; and all of the ingredients are real food ingredients. However, I certainly understand that not all recipes fit within everyone’s dietary needs or desires. If this one isn’t in line with what you wish to eat, by all means, please don’t make it.


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