SOS Adzuki Beans: The Roundup

Here it is again, the start of another month. That means it is also the end of another SOS Kitchen Challenge (and I’m not foolin’!). 😉

 In March, Kim and I featured none other than the delicious and nutritious adzuki bean. Our readers were inspired by both the sweet and savory possibilities, and delivered a multitude of delicious-looking recipes.

From truffles to tarts, soup to salad, and even vegetarian “bacon”, we had it all. And, oddly enough, Kim and I were on the same wavelength and created very similar bean dips, completely separate from each other. I guess great minds do think alike! 


Here are a few highlights from the month…



Be sure to check out all the great recipes in the Linky below, and prepare to get your bean on!

Anxious for the next SOS Kitchen Challenge? We are too! I’m really pleased with the next ingredient selected for the April SOS Kitchen Challenge. This month’s ingredient is fresh, seasonal, and perfectly suited for a wide variety of savory dishes. And if you can figure out how to use it in a sweet way, you deserve a medal of honor.

Any guesses? Check back soon for all the details! 

March SOS Kitchen Challenge: Adzuki Beans 

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  1. What a great assortment of adzuki bean recipes to try. I have to admit I’m partial to the savory dishes, but the sweets are intriguing.

  2. I am intrigued about the next ingredient – and love all the recipes for adzuki beans (which I have remembered from someone’s post were in a friend’s favourite pies called red dragon pies!)

  3. I still haven’t tried Adzuki beans, but when I’m ready (or find them at the store) I know where to go to find a recipe! 😉


  4. Oh man, looking at all of these recipe options, it’s hard to believe I’ve never tried these beans! Once we get settled, I’ll buy some 🙂

  5. Wow, I am so impressed by the sweet recipes using adzuki. I might have to try one or two! Thanks for featuring my bean burgers! Can’t wait to see what this next ingredient is!

  6. what a great roundup! off to check out a couple of those 😉

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