Grain-Free Pizza Crust

Some of you may recall that a while back, I was working on perfecting a grain-free, bean-based pizza crust.  When I finally got the recipe just right, I was thrilled and posted a photo on Facebook. 

Today, I’m delighted to present the recipe in a guest post for Susan, blogger over at The Well-Seasoned Cook. Susan originated the incredibly popular monthly blog event, My Legume Love Affair, in which food bloggers submit their best recipes using legumes (just to show you how popular the event really is, Susan’s got guest hosts already lined up through the end of 2012!).  This summer, the event turned four!

To help Susan celebrate the event’s toddler status, hop on over to her blog to catch all the celebratory posts–and learn how to create a high-protein, grain-free, perfectly delicious pizza crust!

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  1. This looks wonderful – and you started with whole beans! I would not have spent time on creating a grain-free crust if I had known you would come up with one. Rita and I will definitely have to try this!!:-)

  2. This is brilliant, Ricki. Who woulda thunk you could make such a great grain-free crust. I meant to ask you what you’ve topped it with. Do I see pesto under the tomatoes, olives, and (tofu?)?

    Thanks so much for guest blogging for MLLA. Your recipe is a real treat, a healthy, too boot. : )

    • Thanks so much, Susan! It is, indeed, topped with a greens pesto (basically from this recipe, sans edamame) , tomato, red pepper, kalamata olives, and cashew “goat cheese” (what I think you meant when you said tofu?). It was fabulous. Between the crust and the “cheese,” it was almost a protein overload!! 😉
      And thanks again for giving me the opportunity to post for the event. Honored!

  3. that looks so good!

  4. Ah wow a grain free pizza, looks great! Reminds me a little of farinata… Would love to try this, perhaps with some roasted tomatoes and pesto. So colourful and gorgeous!
    By the way, that cashew ‘goats cheese’, do you have a recipe for it? Looks so tasty…

    Teenie Foodie

  5. Okay, the pressure’s off me now–whewwww, thanks, Ricki! 🙂 Off to check it out …


  6. Ricki — This looks delightful, of course! Btw, I had a very strange dream that you posted a ginger-chocolate cookie that had chopped up celery in it!!! As strange as it sounds, coming from you, I’m sure it was fab as always!

  7. Heartbreak! I can’t access her blog. I guess it is a security risk or considered “social media”. :o( Could you send me this recipe please? I really wanted to check out My Legume Love Affair too. I will have to find a way in.

    • Hi Heather,
      That’s so weird! Did you try going to the main page, It might have been an issue with Blogger (they seem to happen a lot). If you still can’t get in today, let me know and I’ll email the recipe to you (just send me your email address to dietdessertdogsATgmailDOTcom). Thanks.

  8. Yay, another excuse to make pizza!

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