Flash in the Pan: Pink Breakfast Bowl

[Sometimes, you just want a dish that’s quick and easy–no fuss.  I’ve decided to offer a mini-post every once in a while, for a dish that comes together incredibly quickly or else is so simple to make that no recipe is required. Here’s today’s “Flash in the Pan.” (For other FitP recipes, see “Categories” at right).]

[Could that be–beets in your breakfast, Ricki?!]

I know I just posted a Flash in the Pan recipe last week, but I had to pop in again with this one because I enjoyed it so much!

As a rule, I usually eat more raw fruits and vegetables during the summer, and this year was no exception.  But over the past few months, I’ve also begun to realize that I also prefer the taste and texture of most produce when raw.  Nowadays, I’d say that the HH and I eat our leafy greens (kale, collard, chard, etc) raw 95 times out of 100; and while the HH insists that cooked beets “taste like dirt,” he actually likes the raw ones!

I’ve often used beets in cooked dishes and salads, even in sweets (such as Red Velvet Cake, based on this recipe) or breakfast dishes (such as one of my all-time favorite smoothies). I wanted to find more ways to incorporate raw beets in the morning.  A while back, I tried out Meghan’s Grain Free Raw Granola (which reminded me of my own Earth Bowl).  When I found myself with leftover quinoa this morning, I decided to combine the raw beet idea with the cooked-grains-as-cereal idea, keeping the whole dish cold (since cooking would render the beets more “dirt-like”).

[Behold how gorgeous that is!]

The final result was one of the heartiest, tastiest breakfasts I’ve ever had!  It still felt like a summery dish, as it wasn’t heated; the milk was icy cold. The raw beets melded perfectly with the toasty seeds and added a fresh sweetness to the mix (as well as that stunning hot pink hue).   And what a fantastic way to start the day–a flavorful, sweet, filling, protein-packed breakfast cereal that cleanses the blood and tones the liver (courtesy of the beets)–and also provides a use for that lone cup of leftover cooked grains–all at once!

[Here’s the (breakfast) dirt: you must try this.  No dirt on the beets. ]

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This is my contribution this week to Wellness Weekend and Cybele’s Allergy-Friendly Fridays. I’m also submitting it to August’s Go Ahead, Honey, It’s Gluten Free Event, hosted by Shirley. The theme this month is “Dishes So Simple, No Recipe Required.”

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  1. Wow! That is beautiful!

  2. I love pink!! I am learning to love beets… this sounds delicious!

  3. this is gorgeous ricki!

  4. Hey Ricki, What a wonderful breakfast! I had a surplus of quinoa this week, too, and since I love my oatmeal on the savoury side, I have been subbing in quinoa instead. I will definitely try it with some beets next. 🙂

  5. It’s very beautiful, Ricki, I can’t deny it. But … it’s beets. While I’m trying to enjoy beets, I really am, I’m afraid I’m not quite up to beets for breakfast. 🙂 I do love them raw in salads, though.

  6. Carrot, zucchini, now beets I’m feeling so hippieesque adding these veggies to brekkie but I love it! The colour is gorgeous 🙂

  7. Brilliant, Ricki! I adore beet(root)s but we rarely ate them at home growing up. I’ll never forget the time, just after moving out, where I cooked and ate an entire huge bunch of beetroot in one weekend. And by I’ll never forget, I mean I’ll never forget the 3am trip to the bathroom where for a minute, I thought I was dying. 😛

  8. That loosk so pretty!

  9. wow, i need to try this, asap. i wish i had gotten some beets in my csa this week! soon i hope 🙂

    • It does sound like the kind of thing you’d like, Shannon! 🙂 I love it–had it again this morning, without the grains–just chopped apple, and still tatsed amazing. Let me know what you think if you do give it a try!

  10. I had no idea you could eat beets raw! You learn something new every day 🙂 Thanks!

  11. Okay, this is pretty amazing! Not sure I could do it, but I would definitely try a spoonful of yours if you were sharing 🙂

  12. Gorgeous is right! This would be the type of breakfast that I would eat all day long.

  13. I never saw that one coming when I saw the title of the post – looks gorgeous though I think I prefer my raw beets in a savoury salad than with a milky cereal – though I think the beets and seeds combo sounds v good

    • You’d be surprised at how yummy this is, Johanna! And I first learned to eat raw beets from Aussies–they seem to be so prevalent down there!

  14. That is visually stunning! I confess, I’ve never (yet) eaten a raw beet. A must add to my bucket list.

  15. Delicious…just had it for breakfast. Grated the beet on my micro-plane, fun! Been loving eating carrot beet slaw with dressing made from tahini and cider vinegar lately, so this was right up my alley. Thanks!

  16. Ooo what a great idea!! I’ve never thought to add beets to my breakfast like this.

  17. Now, THIS, is the kind of “pink” marketing they should be using in all those breast cancer campaigns! Something that is truly healing! I’ll have to be feeling brave to try out beets in the morning!

    • Ha ha–hadn’t thought of that, but what a good idea! 🙂 For me, there’s no “beety” taste in the raw beets (much less than cooked ones, actually)–but maybe that’s just me! 😀

  18. Wow, I can’t wait to make this recipe for breakfast on Thursday for everyone at the shop. Thank you Ricki for sharing this amazing recipe. The photos look great and I’m going to share this on Pinterest. Keep up the great blogging.

  19. What a gorgeous bowl of healthy food! I’ll take mine for lunch rather than dinner, but still, it’s quite a colorful and tasty way to put an entire meal into a single bowl.

    • Good point, Laura! I tend to have my grains (if I have them) in the morning, so this says, “breakfast” to me, but there’s no reason you couldn’t enjoy it any time of day! 😀


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