Review & Recipe: Triumph Wellness Holiday Ebook

For those of us in North America, October is the kickoff to the holiday season, what with Halloween and Canadian Thanksgiving (next Monday! Thanksgiving recipe roundup coming tomorrow!). In our house, the celebrations continue through mid-November and include my birthday, the HH’s birthday and Elsie’s birthday (in that order). Par-tay!

Well, last week many of my friends celebrated Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. I noticed a flurry of tweets from  Emily about her new ebook, The Triumph Wellness Vegan Jewish Holiday Ebook and commented on how interesting the recipes sounded to me–and  Emily generously offered to send me a copy of the ebook for review! (Thanks, Emily).

I was immediately keen to try out her version of vegan chopped liver, since I’d fallen in love with a different recipe earlier in the year.  I had fully intended to try, and post about, several of the recipes in the book so that anyone celebrating the Jewish New Year could possibly include them in their own celebrations, but sadly wasn’t able to get to them in time (where DO the days go these days??).  But here’s the good news:  as Emily notes on the ebook page, the recipes are suitable for other holidays besides Rosh Hashanah, so it’s not too late! And personally, I wouldn’t wait for a holiday to enjoy most of the recipes in this ebook.

I was surprised at how many of the recipes were actually ACD-friendly (or very easily adaptable). Apart from two dishes and one dessert, all the recipes are all gluten free and mostly sugar free (with lots that include stevia in the ingredient list). The ebook contains twelve recipes, including appetizer (this “chopped liver”), soup, main course and sides, salads, plus two desserts–all vegan.  An entire holiday meal at the ready!

I couldn’t wait to try the chopped liver right off the bat. The cooking method (roasting the vegetables before puréeing them, rather than using steamed or canned beans, as I did with the last version) intrigued me, as did the addition of lentils in this recipe.  The pâté came together very easily and looked eerily like real chopped liver. With the HH out running errands, I set up my photo and decided to wait for his return to have lunch together.  Of course, I couldn’t resist trying just a wee nibble. . . it was rich, savory and slightly smoky, with a subtle sweetness from the roasted veggies and caramelized onions.  I absolutely adored it, and literally had to restrain myself from finishing it before the HH returned home.

[Doesn’t this look delicious? No wonder the HH stole half my sandwich.]

I assembled a sandwich on quinoa sourdough, with a slather of dijon, some romaine and a drizzle of sriracha over top, assuming that the HH would rustle up his own meal (normally something like ham and cheese or salami on rye). As I munched away ( smacking my lips all the while), the HH asked if he could try a bite.  Needless to say, he was smitten, too, and before I knew it, that bite turned into half my sandwich!  “That was really good,” he mused.  “You know, you could make this again.” (that’s HH code for, “I love the taste of this.  Please do make this again.”).

Whether you celebrate the Jewish holidays or not, there’s a wealth of great recipes for you to try in this collection.  Next up on my list are the rice-stuffed globe zucchini, black-eyed peas and pumpkin in tomato-curry sauce, spicy carrots with sweet silan (date syrup) glaze, marinated beets, and marzipan apple pie.  In fact, I’m sure I’ll sneak in at least a few of these dishes at our own Thanksgiving feast this year–or, who knows?–maybe for Elsie’s birthday.

“Mum, I think this mock chopped liver looks good and all, but if you’re going to sneak something in for my birthday, can’t it be the real stuff this year?”

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  1. ahhh! I neeed to bring this to the next passover. My bubbi will have a fit!

  2. I’ve tried lots of different “chopped liver” recipes each containing some of the ingredients from this version — but not one with ALL of them in the same recipe! This sounds delicious. I like the idea of using roasted vegetables for added flavor, and I like your idea of subbing veggie broth for the bouillon.

    • I think the roasting is what really makes the recipe–you get the caramelized veggies plus the deep browning that gives it the perfect smoky, umami flavor. I could eat this almost every day!

  3. That really does look and sound good, Ricki! 🙂


  4. All of the ingredients are wonderful on their own so this has to be a really yummy treat!

  5. Ooh, that does look amazing! I hadn’t heard of that ebook. Very cool.

  6. sounds great – I have a similar recipe but it has tofu so it isn’t so dark but it is very very tasty!

  7. Is the quinoa sourdough bread homemade? If so, where can I find the recipe? If it’s purchased, where did you find it? (I’m in Ontario, so I might be able to find it).

    • Hi Becca,
      No, I didn’t make it myself. It’s Little Stream Bakery quinoa loaf, and yes, they’re in Ontario! They have a whole array of amazing gluten free loaves. Check here. 😀

  8. Whipped up a batch this evening. Chilling overnight. It already taste yummy! Was really easy to make! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  9. i make a version from just vegetables and nuts that we love. This is an interesting variation with more protein. I’m pinning this for later.. thanks


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