Podcast with Kelly of The Spunky Coconut

[Kelly with her youngest cutie-patootie, Ginger. Image from Kelly’s Facebook page. ]

Many of you already follow Kelly, the powerhouse behind The Spunky Coconut blog, mom of three, grain-free baker and cook extraordinaire.  When Kelly asked me if I’d like to join her for one of her popular podcast chats, it took me all of a tenth of a second to say “YES!”

We had a blast!  Head over to Kelly’s blog to listen in to our chat about the ACD, kombucha, homemade coconut milk-based yogurt, stevia, Sweet Victory and Nourished, favorite Toronto restaurants, cooking with beans and what Kelly called my “Canadian accent” (I don’t hear it–do you?).  😉 

With shout-outs to Amy, Lexie, Shirley, Andrea, Meghan, Lisa, Gillian and more!

Links of products/places mentioned in the podcast:

Thanks again, Kelly!  It was so much fun and I can’t wait to speak with you again. 😀

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  1. I listened last night and loved it! And yes, you do have an accent. I heard it more in the podcast than I did in your video for Ellen. 😉 Thanks for the mention here, dear. Having done a podcast with Kelly a few weeks ago, I have to say that it’s amazing how the time flies and hom much ground can be covered! I love how different each podcast turns out being, but each is so much fun and so informative! 🙂


  2. Aww, thanks Ricki! You rock girl!!! Big hugs and kisses!

  3. Fabulous podcast ladies, very informative info on ACD! So nice to put a voice to a blog 🙂

  4. Great podcast – your accent is very light and since the girls refer to you as ‘Mum’ I never thought anything about it. We’ve always had evolving terms of affection for various family members. Two new (to me) eBooks are loaded on my Kindle and I have skimmed for recipes to try. The font size is tiny but Kindle allows you to change that.

    • Thanks, Gretchen! The font size is tiny?? I set it at 11 or 12 point, which I thought was the same as all my other books. . . will have to go check again!

  5. Your holidays (once the grading was finished!) sound beautiful. I love the way you and the HH compliment and support each other in all the important ways, and live so harmoniously.

    The podcast was interesting and informative, and I’ll have to listen again so as to follow up on some of the references I found intriguing.

  6. Can’t wait to find some time to listen to this! I’m excited 🙂

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