Virtual Vegan Holiday Dinner: Carrot Pate (Appetizer Course)

No, you’re not imagining:  here I am again, a mere day after my previous post–and proffering yet another holiday-themed recipe! I know: totally out of character.  But it’s the holidays!

I mean, doesn’t this happen to you, too? You’re invited to a plethora of holiday parties and events; and, since you really want to see all your friends and family, you accept every invitation with the best of intentions. Then, the weekend arrives and–ack!!–not only do you have seventeen shindigs to attend on the same day, you’ve also got your own holiday cooking and baking to take care of as well!  You frantically attempt to juggle all your commitments, guzzling a bit of eggnog here and a bite of a cheese ball there before racing off to the next soirée.

(No? You mean it’s just me?).

This carrot pâté is a longtime favorite of mine, and one I’ve been serving at special occasions since my twenties.  When I first started serving this at dinner parties, the recipe contained something like 4 eggs and mayonnaise; I revamped it to a vegan version over a decade ago and have been refining it ever since.  It’s a fabulous offering for a cocktail party, potluck dinner, or buffet table.  Just place your unmolded pâté on a serving platter and allow people to shave off their own slices (be sure to tell them it’s not cheddar cheese–something my guests seem to assume in alarming numbers!). Leftovers are great on toast the next day (in fact, I’ve been known to slather some on an Oatmeal Poppyseed Scone for breakfast–sort of like a carrot jam), in a sandwich for lunch, or as an afternoon snack with crackers.

Because the carrots are first boiled, then baked, they release their natural sweetness and become meltingly soft, almost custard-like, when blended with the other ingredients. I enjoy the hint of thyme in this pâté, but if you’re not a fan, just leave it out or substitute with another favorite herb (I think tarragon would be superb in this, or a pinch of nutmeg).

I actually posted an earlier iteration of the recipe, waaaay back when this blog was still a young’un, but since there were only, like, eight of you reading at that time (okay, I just went back and checked: it was 12 of you), I thought it prudent to post it again, updated for the ACD; I also added a kick of spice in this version, courtesy of either sriracha or chili flakes. Besides, I felt obliged to shoot a new photo so that you wouldn’t assume the pâté was truly the same shade of neon orange that appears in the first picture. . . oh, wait a sec.  Scratch that last comment.

Okay, so maybe it does have an electric orange hue. But I promise you, you will love this pâté.  Just think of the color as lively, energetic, festive. . . inviting.  Sort of makes you want to party, doesn’t it?


“Mum, we like to party, too, you know! And by ‘party,” we mean ‘eat some of that pâté,’ of course! Thanks for making recipe, too, Mum–we were getting nervous with all of that chocolate around the past few days.”

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  1. Too many good recipes, too little time!…:-)

    Do you think it would be possible to add to DDD, a “save to my recipe box” (or something like that) feature? It would be so much useful – to me, at least! I have so many of the DDD recipes bookmarked that I had to open a new folder just for them on my virtual cooking shelf.

    Thanks for all the work you do for us, readers, creating, preparing and sharing all this healthy delicacies!

    Greetings from Germany 🙂

    • Hi Weisserose,
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment! So appreciated. 😀

      Believe it or not, I only just heard about the recipe box feature in the past week. I am looking into it and think it may be something I add when I do my blog revamp in the new year. I agree–it makes life much easier!

      Thanks again for reading and for your support! xo Ricki

  2. Ah I remember that pate – a bit creamy for me but lots of lovely flavour (maybe firm tofu would work better for me to give more texture) – it is nice to see you re-posting recipes I remember because it makes me feel like we are long time friends – yes I was one of the 12 readers back then!!! And your photography has improved but even back then it had style. Enjoy all your parties – virtual and otherwise!

    • Ah, thanks, Johanna! And I do declare that you were one of the very first readers to comment on my site, if I remember correctly! Yes, it has been a while, hasn’t it? But we still haven’t met in person, which makes me sad. (One day!). Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season–I have absolutely no doubt that I’d much prefer the weather at your Christmas than ours over here, white or otherwise. 😉 Hugs! xo

  3. I checked out the other one, and I like this round shape better. Both are neon orange and really cool. I may make this for get togethers with my non-vegan family members.

    • I know, I was hoping this one wouldn’t be as neon, but it is 😉 . This one has also been made anti-candida friendly (no malt) and has added spice–just so you know!

  4. I always struggle with appetizers, because I am drawn to main dishes on a day-to-day basis. This looks great, Ricki! Yours looks so gorgeous with that orange! 🙂

  5. That looks amazing, Ricki! I would love to take that to my real holiday party, but I probably wouldn’t want to share with anyone. Maybe I’ll make two – one for me and one for everyone else. Happy Virtual Vegan Holiday Dinner day!

  6. Ricki! This is FANTASTIC! I’m a little anxious now, I have all of those ingredients but I’m without a high speed blender!
    This is truly an inspiring recipe, thank you for sharing! 🙂


    • Hi Tara,
      Thank you so much! You can use a food processor as well (see instructions), but it might be just a tad less creamy/custardy. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if you read Johanna’s comment (she thought it was too smooth!). 🙂

  7. I can very much relate to your second paragraph, Ricki! It’s not just you. <3

    So glad you made the time to attend our little get together. Everything on the menu looks incredible–and wouldn't you know I have been on a pate kick lately? Yours is gorgeous.

  8. this looks so good! do you think it would work with raw carrot? are those bigger crackers gluten-free? if so which brand? thanks!

    • Thanks, bitt! You could certainly make it raw, but I’m pretty sure the texture would be very, very different (not to mention the flavor). This is one of those dishes that I keep as-is. . . though I’m sure there are many other great raw carrot pates out there. 🙂 The crackers are Nairns oatmeal crackers. I don’t think they’re certified GF, though. 🙁

  9. yummmm.. i love this pate.. i think i have all the stuff! i just need to make some more crackers and i am good to go for a weekend snack! yes there are definitely so many recipes.. i bookmarked and pinned and stuff but they get lost in all the huge numbers of collections.. someone needs to come up with an easier way to organize favorite recipes!

  10. What a fabulous starter – and without a lot of fuss too, my kind of recipe! I love the colour too:)

  11. Not only does this look amazing, but I will feel like such a fancy pants when I serve it to my friends! Right now my appetizers consist of whatever I pick up in the frozen foods section at Trader Joe’s. It’s pathetic, I know. But now I can give them something delicious, gorgeous and vegan! Thank you!

  12. This looks great! What an elegant appetizer.

  13. My kind of recipe! I may have to make this for Christmas at my Mom’s — that’ll mean a bad blender, but I’ll do my best!

  14. Squeee! This reminds me of a carrot dip that my mum sometimes makes to accompany her famous antipasto platter, but far fancier and more festive. I wonder if I could add this to our Christmas table…

  15. Beautiful! Appetizers have always been my favorite course (even over dessert!) and this one looks delicious. Happy Holidays!

    • Can’t say I’d choose this over dessert, but I do love it! (maybe more for breakfast than an appetizer, even. . .). 🙂 Hope your holiday is a good one, too!

  16. When I ate meat, pate never appealed to me. I don’t think I ever tried it. Love the sound of this carrot one though!

  17. Aren’t Carrots not OK for anti Candida??

  18. i hate to ask…but i really like this recipe (except one ingredient)

    Can tofu be substituted? If so…with what? 🙂


    • You shouldn’t hate to ask! I do hate to give this answer, though, but I don’t think there’s a suitable substitute. Anything else I can think of (eg, nut butter, coconut butter, chickpea flour) probably wouldn’t work and the texture would be way off. Sometimes, it just has to be tofu. . . ! Sorry. 🙁

  19. Sorry if I missed it – but none of the comments I read are from people who actually made the appetizer except for the author. Anyway, I made it for Christmas and followed it to a T, and …. well, I just can’t get used to the flavor 🙁 I have been vegan almost 5 years now so it’s not a matter of the no dairy thing, but, this overall flavor and I didn’t get along. I can’t put my finger on why, because I have most of the ingredients on hand at all times, so I like them all, but maybe not together. Too bad because it was supposed to be my main appetizer.

    • Sorry it wasn’t your taste, Linda. I often eat this for breakfast on bread or crackers. I’ve served it at countless dinner parties and events. . .I guess not every flavor is for every palate. 🙂


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