Dog Day: Mum, This is Your Day

“Chaser, today is the day we tell Mum what she means to us.”

“But Elsie, Mum is never mean to us!”

“Really, Chaser, you are too, too outré.  I said WHAT she means to us, not THAT she is mean to us! Kids these days, just don’t know their grammar. . . .”

“Well, at least I know that if I wait here patiently, just outside the kitchen tiles like a good girl, Mum will give me a treat.  Maybe she won’t notice that my front paw is actually over the border and therefore sneaking into the kitchen. . . but even if she does notice, she’ll probably forgive me, because Mum is like that, right, Elsie? She lets us get away with quite a bit. But don’t tell her I said that, of course.  I mean, it’s her day today, so we have to pretend that we’re actually not focused too much on the treats instead of–“

“Zip it, Chaser.  You should have quit at ‘Mum is never mean to us.’ Though after that little display, who knows? *Sigh*.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. . . from your loved ones (treat or no treat). 🙂

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  1. So cute, Ricki!

  2. Andrea S says

    Oh, so precious! And those white whiskers making an appearance, so sweet. Spent yesterday at a dog obedience show, awesome.

    • I have a hard time accepting those white whiskers, actually. . . it means my “baby” is growing up too fast!! I’d rather not think about that. 😉

  3. Aw, what a sweet Mother’s Day post! Happy Mother’s Day from a fellow fur momma!

  4. Thanks for the sweet post Ricki. And from one animal mommy (cat) to another, I hope you had a nice Mother’s Day.

  5. love that little paw creeping over the border – hope you had a nice mother’s day yesterday

  6. Pure amusement and sweetness! I always see my Sonny in Elsie and Chaser. 🙂

    Belated, but Happy Mum’s Day, Ricki! 😉


  7. Too cute.

  8. What a hoot!! What **IS** it with dogs, and the two front paws over the border thing? Our dogs are not allowed in the bedroom, and they do a very good “stay” right at the doorway in the hall when I go in there for something, but our more assertive dog (who is also the smarter of the two!) ALWAYS has his two front paws over that threshold!!

    • Ha ha! Sounds like our two. Since they are both part border collie (supposedly the smartest breed), I think they figured out the “maybe Mum won’t notice” cheat pretty quickly. 😉

  9. Dogs are the best kids…you are blessed!

  10. Gorgeous post, Ricki. What a wonderful mother your babies have 🙂

  11. I’ve just started the Body Ecology Diet and your website and recipes have been a lifesaver! Thank you!!! Love your blog!

  12. Too cute, Ricki! Happy (belated) Mothers Day to us doggy mammas 🙂

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