Rustic Glazed Peach and Mascarpone Tart with Oatcake Crust

Every summer during my childhood, my sisters and I would wait impatiently for the appearance of certain foods that weren’t available the rest of the year: cherries (still a love affair there); watermelon (nobody could cut it like my Dad–one sharp thwack! on top, and the thing practically fell open in slices); corn on the cob (worth getting corn skin stuck in your teeth); or peaches.  Perfect, downy, never-fail-to-squirt-juice-all-over-your-mouth-and-chin peaches.  I adored the soft, slightly gelatinous texture, the not-too-sweet tartness of a perfectly ripe peach, the astonishing color of the fleshy insides. Peaches were a treat, and one well worth waiting for.

When I finally moved into my first apartment on my own, one of the first things I bought when summer arrived was a bag of peaches.  Of course, the local supermarket in Windsor couldn’t compare to the farmer’s market back in Montreal; as a result, I wasn’t prepared for the trauma of biting into a powdery, insipid and colorless peach with insides like a raw potato.  The peaches from conventional grocery stores turned me off that stone fruit for decades.

Well, if I’m honest, it wasn’t just the poor quality store-bought produce; my classmate, RB, played a role in my peach aversion as well. You see, RB is the one who first introduced me to Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita. RB was fascinated by the man’s linguistic dexterity (he grew up in a multi-lingual household and spoke several languages) and his ability to play with language much the way toddlers play with Lego. In fact, RB spent an inordinate amount of time relating to me, in minute detail, how Nabokov described Lolita’s posterior, plump and soft and rounded with a dimple down the middle like a . . . peach.  From then on, I couldn’t help but associate peaches with rear ends (not the most appetizing image, as you can imagine).

Luckily, my attitude changed once again after the HH and I discovered organic delivery boxes (CSAs) and began receiving a bounty of fresh, organic produce every week.  In summertime, the box contained peaches.  After seeing the HH slurp his way through more than one firm, juicy globe, I had to give them another try.  Lucky for me, organic never disappoints!

Although I still don’t cook with peaches all that often, I’ve regained that childhood love of them.  I’d been playing with this tart recipe for a while when I read about the Gastropost “mission” to create a recipe with peaches, and things just fell into place. My idea was to create something rustic, easy to prepare, and utterly delicious. The oatmeal base contributes a breakfast vibe (and that’s how I’ve enjoyed this several times–especially now that dessert-for-breakfast is actually sanctioned by weight loss researchers!), but topped with the silky mascarpone and glazed peaches, the tart would be equally comfortable on a dessert table.

[The oatcake crust base baked on its own, then later topped with Gena’s Strawberry Vanilla Pudding and served chilled.]

You could also bake the base on its own and then top with your choice of chilled topping (or just a pile of unadorned sliced peaches, without the mascarpone).  I made a batch of Gena’s Strawberry Vanilla Pudding (upped the strawberries just a bit) and spread it over the base for another amazing treat.

Like the peaches of my childhood, this one is worth waiting for.

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  1. Ah! This is the one I was awaiting from the Gastropost-post! Such a beaut, Ricki! A genius you are!

  2. This looks so beautiful!

  3. This looks so fantastic! I love the mascarpone recipe and can see that coming in handy quite often over here! The whole cake in the first pic is so gorgeous- I’m drooling! 🙂

    • Thanks, Kristy! I should note that the first posted version mistakenly omitted the stevia in the mascarpone–please be sure to add it if you make the tart!!


    totally know what i am using my peaches for this weekend..muahaha

    however, is it okay to substitute the gluten free flour with WW pastry or WW/Wht “regular” all purpose?


    • Natalie, you should definitely be able to sub regular AP flour for the GF. I find that in some instances, the regular AP is a bit heavier, so you probably want to measure out the 1-1/2 cups flour as described, then remove about 2 Tbsp (30 ml) from the total if you use regular wheat-based flour. Let me know how it works out! 🙂

  5. RICKI!! that is GORGEOUS!! it seriously could go on the cover of gourmet magazine!

  6. Ricki,

    This looks lovely!

    Where do you get your NuNaturals stevia? Do you order it online, or buy it when you are in the U.S.?

    • Erica, you can order it via iHerb, but I find it easier to just buy when over there–say at Whole Foods. Actually, I was told by my local Whole Foods in Toronto that they’d be willing to ord in any US product I wanted if the store didn’t have it! Why not try that first? 🙂

      • Thanks Ricki! I’ve avoided buying online because I don’t want to pay crazy duty/delivery fees, so I picked some up last time I was in the U.S., but couldn’t find the vanilla. I’ll talk to the folks at Whole Foods!

  7. I love how thick the crust is! The filling looks so thick and creamy, too. And I couldn’t agree more with Caralyn–these pictures are phenomenal!

    • The crust is really like having a biscuit or a muffin under your cheese and peaches! That’s why I ate this for breakfast a few times. . .very breakfasty. 😉 And thanks so much re: the photos!

  8. What a funny story, and what a gorgeous picture!

  9. Wow Ricki, this is beautiful! I would almost be afraid to eat it, it’s so pretty. Then again, I’d probably get over that real quick because it looks so delicious- it would be a crime to not eat it! I’m definitely bookmarking this!

  10. Oh my Ricki, I want to make this right NOW! It’s right up my alley 🙂 I’ll save it for a special treat!

    • I think I’d even make it for just me and the HH, to be honest–it’s almost like a breakfast muffin with cream cheese and jam. . . almost. 😉

  11. Beautiful!! I love your take on dairy-free mascarpone.

  12. Oooh this looks delish Ricki! Perfect for summer – dinner party written all over it!

  13. Weisserose says

    Thank you so much for the recipe, Ricki! Right on time for my weekend baking! It looks divine!
    Viele Gruesse aus Deutschland 🙂

  14. I’ve loved peaches consistently – though some earwigs put me off nectarines for years – glad you are back on the peach wagon – they are glorious when in season – though sometimes I love a crunchy unripe one too! Your tart also looks glorious – so full of colours and textures. And I was just bemoaning how little I like marscapone on the weekend but I think your version would be far far preferable to me

  15. I loved the Lolita story…I can totally relate. I had a friend who would often gross us out with intimate details of his ‘adventures’, and he never got the hint that we were grossed out. Ugh!

    I love your presentation…..that can belong to a magazine. Beautiful!

    • Thanks so much, Minnie! Yes, I think RB didn’t quite realize that her exaggerated praise of Nabokov was actually turning me right off of the book (and peaches)! 😉

  16. How do you have so many stories? My life is so boring in comparison – or maybe just unmemorable, lol.

    You know how I love cashew creme, but an oatcake crust – yum!

    • Thanks, Alisa! I think with our mutual love of breakfasty foods, you’d adore this, too! And re: the stories, well, have you noticed that most of them took place in the past? These days, not much going on except dog walking and sitting at the computer–ha ha! 😉

  17. I bought some steel-cut oats recently (seems I’m tolerating oats a bit more now lately…?) and was wondering whether I could bake something using precooked ones! You are obviously ahead of me slightly, but on the same wavelength. As for peaches, well, I’m sure you’re already aware of my peach love. They are one of my favorite summer fruits as well. This looks divine.

    • Thanks, Alta! I (now) love peaches, too. And sometimes I just use the crust batter, scoop with an ice-cream scoop onto a cookie sheet, and bake “biscuits”! 🙂

  18. Yeah! Another dessert-for-breakfast! You know how to be healthy and still have fun 🙂

    • Thanks, Gretchen! And while I didn’t at all feel guilty eating it for breakfast, it *is* the kind of thing one doesn’t want to have too many days in a row. 😉

  19. I will never ever view a peach the same again (peach = booty). LOL!

    Thank you so much, Ricki, for sharing your recipe at the first ever Whole Food Fridays! I appreciate your support… and would love a slice of your tart!


  20. I am in love with this! It looks unbelievable. And these photos are just gorgeous.
    I have to agree with Alisa, how on earth do you have so many fun stories in your life??
    I LOVE it!!

    • Thanks, Kim! Glad you like the look of it. 🙂 Re: the story, well, it was only about 5 minutes of my life, but I guess it just stuck with me! If you all all the 5-minute events together, that’s a lot of stories!! 😉

  21. Just wanted to let you know I’m featuring this recipe on Healthy Vegan Fridays this week! Thanks for submitting it

  22. This is gorgeous 🙂 I can’t wait to make it.

    I have a question about the oats…Could I sub quinoa flakes or cream of buckwheat? (I cannot have oats)

    Thanks so much for all you do here on this blog 🙂 Love it!

    • Zosia,
      Thanks so much! If you were going to substitute anything, I’d suggest another cookied whole grain (I’m using steel cut oats here, not flakes, so there are nubby bits of oat–very much liked cooked rice or quinoa). My first choice would be cooked millet. If you don’t like millet, I’d go with quinoa. What you want is a mild flavor with a thick, porridge-like texture. 🙂


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