Raw Pink Breakfast Bowl

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My old friend Phil had a saying in high school. Whenever she spied an ultra-feminine style (such as an all-pink ensemble, or multi-ruffled blouse, or a pink hairband lined with decorative bows, or one of the (at the time) trendy sweaters bedecked with appliqués, studs or a glittery weave in contrasting colors), she’d wince, wrinkle her nose, and proclaim: “Ech! Too much frilly-do.” You see, Phil is a no-nonsense kinda gal, and her personality was relfected in her choice of suit-cut pants, down-to-business attire and sleek, straight hair–left unadorned.

Me, I was the opposite. I embraced my inner frilly-do quite enthusiastically. And as I got older, it morphed into my outer frilly-do. In fact, except for a brief period just before kindergarten, I basically adored all things frilly-do. (According to my dad, I was the quintessential tomboy back then: I captured caterpillars in a jar, collected worms after a rainfall, ran around the neighborhood with one shoe on, cheeks blushed with mud. Who was that kid?!). Later on, I wore my frilly-do with pride.  Lay that frilly-do on me, I’d say.  All hail the frilly-do!

[A blast from my past: how do you do, frilly-do?]

While I’ve pared down the florals and the three-dimensional clothing somewhat these days, I’m still unabashedly fond of all things feminine.  Yep, I’m a pink girl (and I see absolutely no contradiction between that and the fact that I’m also an avowed feminist). I was one of those young women in my 20s who’d don ruffles, lace and camisoles entirely for myself (okay, so I would have been more than happy to wear them for “that special someone” else, too, if there had ever been a “someone” around to appreciate them).  I’m not talking about overtly sexy or “come-hither,” either; I just mean softer fabrics, paler colors, flowery prints, maybe some pearls–you know: frilly-do.

When it comes to clothing, pink may not be a color I wear that often any more, but I do still love its verve and cheekiness. Pink is the color of blushing cheeks, of toddler’s smiles, of lover’s fingertips, of summer berries about to burst.

Pink makes me smile.

A couple of weeks ago, when I was still suffering daily toothaches, I searched for ways to soften up some of the typical fare I consume (and believe it or not, the natural treatments I’ve been using, such as rinsing with goldenseal or applying poultices of cotton saturated with oil of oregano, have worked! No pain for over a week! Whoo hoo!).  I love me a good, crunchy apple, but two weeks back, anything too hard or crunchy was clearly a “no-go.”  I decided to take the concept of the Pink Breakfast Bowl (one of my all-time favorite morning meals) and convert it into a raw version using apples in a way that I could then enjoy them.  The method was inspired by Doug McNish’s raw apple-chia bowl in Eat Raw, Eat Well, where he grinds up apples to create a base for his recipe as well.

This is a terrific quick-fix, juicy and filling, flavorful and healthy breakfast.  The ground apples and walnuts create a thick, smooth base that’s much like porridge, while the grated apple and beet add texture and sweetness. Hemp or sunflower seeds top it off with crunch and extra protein.  Just for fun, I calculated the nutritional stats on this one and was pleased to learn that for a mere 302 calories, this bowl offers up 12 grams of protein (25% of the daily requirement); 11 grams of fat (20% of the daily recommendation); 17 grams of fiber (a whopping 50%–or more–of your daily requirement!); as well as 30% of daily calcium needs and 10% of your iron for the day.

Not bad for a little bowl of pink. Yes, this will certainly frilly do.

I’m sharing this recipe at Heather’s Raw Food Thursdays and Slightly Indulgent Tuesday.


[“Sorry, Mum, but I just can’t get behind this ‘frilly-do’ thing.  I’d be happy to eat one of those pink breakfast bowls, though. . . “]

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  1. This breakfast bowl is right up my alley. I love the pink hue common in beet foods. I’m not a pink fanatic, but eating a bowl of “pink” always cheers me up. I guess it’s because it’s a less common color in my daily eats. I eat a lot of red-tinted foods, but pink seldom makes an appearance. Thanks for this “frilly-do” recipe. It’s going to put a smile on my face!

  2. The bowl sounds lovely – even though, as far as I can remember, I’ve always been a pink-hating girl. I wonder what I would’ve thought of pink 100 years ago, though – is it the colour or the connotations that I dislike: http://www.guardian.co.uk/theguardian/2009/dec/12/pinkstinks-the-power-of-pink

    • Tuuli, thanks so much for that link! What a fascinating article. I’ve always maintained that those kinds of choices are really influenced by media, culture, previous generations, etc. –clearly the case here! That’s part of why I asserted that one can be a feminist and still adore pink. It’s the connotation, not the color, with which I take issue. 🙂

  3. I love pink too… and I’m pretty much an all out girly girl. 😉

    I have a collection of tiaras – Basil never wears them though!

    I can imagine how great this pink bowl tastes – I love everything in it!

    • Thanks so much, Kristina! And clearly you’re another example of how a girly girl can still be a strong and independent woman. 😀 I love the bowl, too–I think maybe more than the grain-based one!

  4. Very interesting! I wonder if I could add an acidic dimension like cider vinegar, omit the stevia, and make it a lunch/dinner side dish?

    I can’t say I was ever really in to pink, but both my girls definitely are (obsessed). I’m glad to know there is still a chance they will end up as feminists 😉

    • Erica, with the soft, porridge-like base, I’m not sure I’d enjoy this with the acidic tang. . . but I’d love to hear how it turns out if you give it a try! I might just grate the entire apple and sprinkle with the nuts and chia if I were going to do it that way. Interesting idea! 🙂

  5. Aww, poor puppy with the pink tiara! I was always a tomboy – really didn’t wear dresses until I was in high school, and then, only my choir dress for performances and a dress for things such as homecoming dance and prom. Now I embrace my frilly-do-ness much more! I do love the look of this bowl. Beets make everything pretty!

    • I agree–I LOVE beets! I LURVE them! And they don’t taste earthy to me at all when raw, this way. Weird, huh? (And don’t worry, Elsie got her just reward after the photo shoot!) 😉

  6. I LOVE pink lady apples… and also your photo 🙂 how awesome were you?!?!!? and still are 🙂 love the term frilly-do, and basically everything you wrote here… I’m not a frilly-do kinda girl, but I’m also not a tomboy. I just like my frilly-do in black, and without any frills 😉

  7. Hey there hot mama. What a great picture, Ricki.

    You know, I think it’s really important to have some variety with vibrant colors in foods, textures as well, but we all know we eat with the eyes first and how fun to take some of the mundane out of our food. This color is great! You are always so very clever when it comes to breakfasts. I have every single ingredient listed(even the Pink Lady apple), although my beets have been roasted (with a little salt). I am going to make this tomorrow morning. 🙂

    Be Well,

    • Thanks, Amber! I think that photo is more than 20 years old at this point. . . so more like “hot daughter”!! LOL. And I agree–we eat first with our eyes. I can’t wait to hear how this tastes with cooked beets, as I definitely prefer the raw! 🙂

  8. I love pink and I am obsessed with apples–I can’t wait to try this recipe! I look forward to fall and apples and apple picking every year!


  9. haha elsie in the tiara is great! dying. you aren’t bad either with those red lips.

    wish i could recipe test. or just taste-test. 😉

    • Ah, thanks so much, Bitt (yeh, those were the old days, when I wore eye makeup. . . the lips, well sometimes still). 😉 Unfortunately, Elsie wasn’t quite a fan of the tiara. . . but she loved the after-treat. 😀 And I do wish I could send you all the tester leftovers!!

  10. Elizabeth Handler says

    If the recipe is vegan, I’d love to test it. I’m Liz Handler, and I live in Syracuse, NY, USA. My husband and I are long time vegans. I love to cook and bake, and eat about a 25% raw diet.

  11. Oh, Ricki, I love it all! I love frilly-do, I love PINK, I love that adorable picture of Elsie, and I love your recipe! Please, please come link it up to Raw Foods Thursdays! I can’t wait for your new cookbook to come out, and I’d be happy to test any recipe that you can dream up. It would be an honor!

    • Thank you so much, Heather! And you know that I LOVE Raw Foods Thursdays, so you will of course see this there tomorrow! 😀 As I said to Elizabeth, above, could you also send me an email re: testing? I have all the messages in a folder together, and I’m afraid I’d lose your offer if I don’t file it with all the other ones!

  12. Yum! What a great idea, and a nice alternative to my standard banana or berry combos.

  13. Elsie made me laugh remembering the Christmas cards my sister used to stage using her two Golden Retrievers. Elsie does seem a better sport about ‘fashion week’ than the Goldens did about Christmas 😉

  14. I’m totally hooked on my shredded apple bowls for breakfast again. I’ve not tried it with beets, though. I should hit the farmer’s market this weekend and get some beets!

  15. Ricki, I love pink as well – makes me feel lifted and happy when I wear it, and absolutely you can be a strong woman and wear pink! This bowl looks spectacular, fresh and colorful and satisfying. Not sure which pic I love best… princess pup or frilly-do! 😉 It’s a draw!

  16. This sounds wonderful! Love the idea of a chia pudding made with an apple base. And hemp seeds on top too 🙂

    • Cara, I didn’t find this to be like chia pudding at all–the base has ground up nuts and apple, which makes it more porridge-like. I sometimes grind the chia seeds, sometimes not. And these days, I’m sprinkling hemp on just about anything! 🙂

  17. Hi Ricki,

    I made this today (twice)! I shared on my FB page:

    Such an amazing dish. As I mentioned, the stand-out for me was the beet/cinnamon combo. Really delicious. My son loved his bowl and gobbled it up.

    Thanks for another great recipe, Ricki!


    • Yay! Thanks so much, Amber! And I’m really glad to hear that your son loved it–I’m always chuffed when I learn that kids like the recipes, too! 😀

  18. Oh my heavens! This is the kind of breakfast that I crave!! I LOVE this recipe! And you be a frilly-do all you want! I was the same, while my sister was the total tomboy! LOL

  19. I will definitely be trying this Ricki! And not just because it’s pink 🙂 I love the idea of it and it’s super healthy. Have you ever tried food combining? I try to only eat fruits on an empty stomach (for 5 years now), but it’s so limiting when you want to sweeten breakfast foods with fruit!

    • Thanks, Maggie! Yes, I’ve done food combining (when I was in nutrition school), but I found the same thing. We had many lively debates in class about it. In the end, our teachers basically said that it’s only necessary if you are having digestive issues or poor digestion. . . then again, I suppose candida qualifies for poor digestion! I try not to eat too many fruits in combination with other things these days. But just look at this bowl–couldn’t resist! 😉

  20. I never was really a pink girl – more a purple girl – maybe that is why i often like to think of beetroot as purple – but I do love a bit of beet pink in my bowl – I quite fancy this without the pureeing (partly because I don’t have a powerful blender and partly because I love apples and walnuts)

  21. Love the photo of your dog. My own little Bailey has to endure photo shoots as well. We can’t ever let them get together, or they may demand a doggie model union.

  22. Ricki! This looks beautiful; love that pic of you. This is such a pretty pink breakfast.
    Miss you and sending you hugs!!!


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