Simply Gluten-Free Magazine Subscription Giveaway!

Happy Friday, all! πŸ˜€

As many of you know, I’ve recently started working with the new Simply Gluten-Free magazine, which will make its debut in November (I’m one of the associate editors who’ll be contributing material on vegan cuisine).Β  The magazine is the brainchild of the incredible Carol Kicinski, who also authors Simply Gluten-Free (the blog), and has produced two stellar cookbooks, Simply Gluten-Free Desserts and Simply Gluten-Free Quick Meals. If you have one of her books or have ever visited Carol’s blog, you know her recipes are creative, varied, and visually stunning. With her at the helm, it’s sure to be a beautiful, high quality publication.

Carol is an expert on all things gluten-free, and she’s brought together a posse of experts to make the magazine (as stated on the website) “a beautiful lifestyle magazine for people with food sensitivities by people with food sensitivities.Β  These are the people who are not just writing about food sensitivities, they are people who are successfully living allergen free lifestyles every day.” Useful information from people in the know!

In addition to loads of fabulous recipes for every kind of allergy-friendly diet, the magazine will also tackle other topics, such as:

  • Beauty
  • Medical and Nutrition
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) and Crafts
  • Fitness
  • Homekeeping
  • Entertaining
  • Travel
  • Eating Out
  • Special Needs and Special Diets

A “Beyond Gluten Free” section will also provide “mouthwatering, innovative and simple recipes for diets such as Paleo, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, Sugar Free and Vegan”–which is where I come in! πŸ˜‰

These are just some of the expert contributors you’ll see in the magazine:

Afton Jones

Cheryl Harris

Erin Pickering

Hallie Klecker

Heidi Kelly

Jeanne Sauvage

Jen Penas

Kim Maes

Melissa McLean Jory

Stephanie O’Dea

AndreAnna McLean

Alta Mantsch

Carol Kicinski

. . . and moi!

I hope you’re as excited as I am for this publication to finally arrive! In the meantime, Carol is generously donating one full year’s subscription as a giveaway prize to one lucky DDD reader!Β  I’d love for you to share in this visually stunning and information-packed magazine for the next year (and hopefully, beyond!).

How to enter the giveaway:

Using the Rafflecopter form below, just leave a comment telling me what you’d most like to see featured in an allergy-friendly magazine. Are you looking for a certain type of recipe? Ideas on eating in restaurants? Meal planning? Shopping? Gluten-free makeup? Or something else? Your ideas could help to make the magazine even more practical and useful for readers!

Other Details:

Giveaway will run until next Friday, September 21, at midnight. I’ll choose a winner at random and announce the winner the next day. If I don’t hear back from the winner in 3 days, you forfeit the prize and I’ll choose another winner.

Contest is open to anyone in North America (so sorry to overseas readers. . . hopefully that will change once the magazine gets up and running!).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Simply Gluten-Free is not a vegan magazine.Β  It’s intended for people on all gluten-free diets.Β  I am involved with their vegan section, but that section is only one of many! πŸ™‚

Good Luck, everyone! πŸ˜€

PS If you can’t wait or want to send a subscription as a gift (just in time for the holidays!), there’s an introductory offer on now to get the magazine at 70% off the cover price.Β  Just click here for details.


“I can modify recipes for eggless, but would prefer dairy free, simple recipes. I purchased a few cookbooks but they called for so many ingredients, I would not use them. Simple is best!”

a Rafflecopter giveaway

[Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links. If you buy using these links, at no cost to you, I will earn a small commission from the sale.]

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  1. Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.< Gluten free and VEGAN recipes that are made with whole foods and don't use added starches (tapioca, potato, etc.) are so hard to find! I would love to see a lot of recipes like that!

  2. I am So happy to hear about your magazine!! I am so looking forward to the recipes! What I would like to see in the magazine are places to buy gluten free products and baking ingredients, both in stores and online.

  3. Awesome idea!!! I second the above comment, tho vegetarian recipes with vegan option would be a wider audience. Un processed whole foods, and no expensive crazy hard to find ingredients please! I also always love those “recipes” that are something like “make a big batch of rice and create these three totally different meals from it….”

  4. At the risk of requesting something boring, I still love to find a new recipe that is easy, quick and that I can make from my pantry. One recipe that can be made like this really helps me get through busy days and stay on track!

  5. I’d like to see recipes made with whole foods. I know a lot of people that struggle with gluten also have other food intolerances so I’d like to see recipes which have an allergy friendly option. Looks like a great magazine. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. My quest is to create excellent meals for my family every day without using packaged “gluten-free” foods, and that includes baked goods. This magazine sounds great!

  7. Quick and easy recipes are always fantastic

  8. I’d love to see some quick and easy weeknight recipes. Looks like a great magazine πŸ™‚

  9. I would love to see something on eating out! What questions should I ask? What kinds of restaurants and meals are “safest”?

  10. I’d like to see recipes for easy meals that are not only gluten-free but could easily be adapted to suit other dietary plans such as the paleo diet.

  11. So excited always looking for new gluten free recipes and info

  12. Glutan free meat substitute recipes.

  13. I’m with others who’d like to see gluten free meals made with whole foods (not just, “here’s how to make normally glutenous foods without gluten”). Yay!

  14. Looking forward to the recipes and also would like reviews of gluten free products – best tasting or most recommended.

  15. I would like to see quick, easy, whole food vegetarian meals that children would like.

  16. Always on the look for new/fresh ideas for cooking and baking gluten- (and many other allergy-)free! Thanks for the opportunity.

  17. I’d most like to see low calorie and/or low carb options.

  18. some vegan kid friendly recipies!

  19. Potluck/Entertaining guests gluten-free.

  20. I would like to see vegan family friendly recipes!

  21. On blogs and in magazines, when a recipe is gluten free, it usually isn’t “top 8 free” as well, and typically contains a lot of gums and “extras” like guar gum and xanthan gum. I’d love to see recipes that are free of gluten, but also free of eggs, corn, binders, gums and sugar! I’d love to see some super clean gluten free eating. πŸ™‚

  22. I would love to win the subscription! I am so looking for new Breakfast recipes, without using dairy, or fats, and entertaining recipes for my non vegan friends.

  23. Super intrigued! I’m new to the GF scene but I am currently steering toward that lifestyle for my family. Here’s a list of things I gravitate toward in other publications (I will try to skip any already mentioned):
    *Product comparison-ex. Top three GF pastas, why they were chosen, where you can buy them, how much they cost…
    *GF on a budget -meals you can make for a family under a certain amount of money
    *Kid friendly-either easy to make with your kids or awesome stuff your kids will love eat
    *classic recipes turned GF-also include nutritional comparison. I like to find recipes that are healthier alternatives to what we would normally like. I want my family to ask me to make it again instead of feeling like they are being punished with healthy version.
    *Readers recipe submissions
    *A balanced menu in each issue-ex. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack, Dessert
    *Most of the time I want a “real recipe” meaning a normal person without a cooking or baking background can make, has the utensils and ingredients for. Sometimes I’d like a challenge, a recipe with an interesting ingredient or two that I may not have or even heard of. My family always loves when they hear I’m going to try something new!
    *I love to read about WHY this ingredient/product/item is a good choice. Why is it healthier? Why is it better for the environment?….I will betcha a dollar my inquisitive nature was annoying when I was a kid!
    *I’d like to read about cooking/baking utensils and gadgets like maybe compare food processors or dehydrators.
    *I’m always looking for new workout ideas which goes along with healthy eating/digestion.
    *LOVE to find ideas for making homemade gifts
    *What about gardening tips for growing/harvesting/drying/canning/freezing items that are GF?
    Well…can you tell I am EXCITED??? I’ll probably think of a bazillion more things after I post this but I will try to be polite and not hog up the whole thread area! Best wishes for much success!

  24. Mary Ciulla says:

    I am a new vegan after being a vegetarian for 18 years. I may be having gluten issues (it’s in my family), and a magazine that has gluten-free recipes and a vegan section would be very helpful to me. The magazine looks very interesting, and the cover is beautifully done. I am also trying to reduce the amount of processed foods I consume, and I hope to see that in this magazine, whether I win it or buy it.

  25. I would be really interested in GF nutrition tips for athletes, as well as GF health products. Sections on GF dining in different cities would be fantastic, too.

  26. I would LOVE to see ideas for allergy-friendly anti-candida living!

  27. Sounds like a great magazine! I like egg free and dairy free recipes the most…quick and easy meals for the busy mom.

  28. I would love to see gf product comparisons, as well as, lots of recipes, eating out tips, etc.

  29. I would like to see modern-day, simple to make, quick and easy dishes for one, OR family; (low-cost) for Today’s economy; recipes from around the world

  30. I’d love more suggestions with breakfast menus, daily or weekly menu planning, good meals for working out, and simple, whole food cooking. Very exciting!!!!

  31. I would love to find products that are healthy and easy.

  32. I would like to see substitutes offered for recipe ingredients that actually *work* and are tested and true. Like if a recipe calls for animal products, I’d like to see non-animal ingredient sub equivalent recommendations that were actually 100% tested for the recipes posted and are guaranteed to work successfully.

    I would also like to see this done for flour substitutions in all GF recipes in your magazines. I am sooooo, soooo, sooooo incredibly tired of being told to just “try out different flours that I can use and hope for the best”.

    It would be nice for a change to see flour subs for white and brown rice flours that actually work and were tested to work successfully, so we, the dear readers, don’t have to cry in frustration anymore when stuff tastes pitiful, and we waste food yet again, trying to figure it all out. Thanks so much!!!
    Would luv 2 win!!!

  33. Eating out and healthy have always been a struggle for me. I feel like once I eliminate the forbidden foods, there’s either nothing left, or I’m left with something I can make much better at home. Eating out strategies would be great.

  34. Hi Rickie! I love your blog and am excited about the new magazine! I would like to see information about the nutritional differences between gluten free flours and when certain flours are better for use in different types of baked goods. Thank you!

  35. How to make cinnamon buns GF and DF and yeast free? i have had no real luck in this area.


  36. I’d love to see more gluten free recipes made from whole food ingredients and not a ton of starches!

  37. For sure more whole food gf recipes.

  38. πŸ™‚ Well, I couldn’t think of anything, so I just asked my husband what he would like to see in the vegan section of a gluten free magazine. His answer is actually a good one! He wants to see a recipe for a vegan gluten free red velvet cake (and frosting!).

  39. Thx 4 the giveaway! I’d love to have meal planning suggestions with recipes that are not made with grains, dairy, corn, or refined sugar. Thanks!

  40. I have been pre-diabetic for years and control it with diet and exercise. I would LOVE to check this out because it is so necessary to eliminate the refined carbs/sugars. I sometimes try to use substitutes in recipes but struggle with getting the right consistency. Very excited to see what this is about!

  41. I would love to read about vegan/gluten free recipes as well as gluten free ideas for kids. I eat a vegan and gluten free diet but it seems so much more difficult to feed my kids gluten free.

  42. I would love to see recipes! Recipes, recipes, and more recipes πŸ™‚ Congrats!

  43. I’m so happy to hear about this magazine πŸ™‚ I would love to see recipes that are GF/CF, but also free of corn and potato!

  44. Kim Geisler-Baker says:

    This sounds so great more wonderful recipes.Thanks

  45. Carmela DeMorest says:

    I’d love to see remakes of “bad” foods without a lot of ingredients you would not normally use.

  46. I would love to see a bread recipe that doesn’t contain xanthan gum or more than 20% starch.

  47. I always like seeing new grain-free recipes

  48. I’m looking forward to this magazine! Grain-free, absolutely 100% grain-free recipes especailly for kids who are used to eating the SAD way.

  49. I would love to see vegan, gluten-free, soy-free recipes, made from whole foods. Meal planning would be amazingly helpful. And I’m always on the look-out for gluten-free, vegan friendly makeup. I can’t wait for this magazine!

  50. My family, which includes children, has to like it and it has to be easy. I am all for vegan gluten free. I think the idea of a whole gluten free lifestyle is appealing to me – Craft ideas, recipes, meal planning, products and where to buy, etc. Sounds like a good magazine!

  51. What a GREAT giveaway! How exciting, I’d love to enter myself, but want to give the chances to your other readers. I just wanted to comment to congratulate you on this opportunity – both as a contributor and editor. Very exciting, Ricki! Gosh, the cover alone of that magazine is so appetizing. (That’s the idea!) Really happy for you, will share the news of the giveaway. πŸ™‚

  52. I just like looking at recipes.

  53. yogicrystal says:

    I struggle finding new meal ideas that are gluten free, so i often end up eating a lot of the same thing. So, recipes and meal planning ideas would be great to see!

  54. I would love to see recipes for healthy foods that don’t contain processed or artificial ingredients (e.g. NO sweetened condensed milk or Splenda). I like to keep the fat and sugar content low. I prefer using fruit, honey or maple syrup to sweeten my recipes. I’d love recipes for side dishes with nutritious green vegetables and new ideas for eating more grains (e.g. quinoa) at breakfast time. I’d also NOT like to see all the science and medical articles about celiac disease. I just want more ideas of what to cook. I will let the health professionals and support groups take care of the rest. Thank you.

  55. Gerri Carpenter says:

    I need so much help in the goin out to eat department. I do great at home, but struggle when I am away from home!

  56. Coming from a family where my Mom, Uncle, and sister all experience having Celiac Sprue, I would love to see in your magazine how to prepare quick, “affordable”, Gluten-Free recipes. These would be targeted to those who work and would like to make something that wouldn’t take much of their evening time. Even something impressive that you could make when the “Gluten-Free” family members stop on over! Thank you!

  57. our family has just been diagnosed with both Type 1 Diabetes and celiac disease within the last month. We need all of the information that we can get a hold of to help our three family members live long, healthy lives with gluten-free diet.

  58. I can modify recipes for eggless, but would prefer dairy free, simple recipes. I purchased a few cookbooks but they called for so many ingredients, I would not use them. Simple is best!

  59. I would love to see GF and CF recipes from scratch that are kid friendly

  60. Ideas/tips for eating out safely, meal planning, budget-friendly and simple recipes are what I’d like.

  61. I can’t wait to check out this magazine! Sounds wonderful with lots of great contributors.
    I would love to see meal planning ideas for sure and gluten free vegan ideas.
    Keeping my fingers and toes crossed,


  62. Yes, please. Would love your magazine !!!
    Thank you.

  63. I would love to see healthier recipes focused on family friendly easy meals. Gluten free recipes that I see are loaded with fat or labor intensive. Can’t wait to see the first issue!

  64. I would love to see recipes finding a substitution for all the gluten filled condensed soups that we such a stand by for non gluten people

  65. I would love easy recipes for one or two servings! This would be a great help!

  66. vegan and sugar-free recipes!

  67. I would love to have more info on meals and treats that are fixed for someone that is GF DF and Diabetic. The GF and diabetic part is hard enough and also often I must to anti-candida type diet as well!

  68. Shelly Jones says:

    Quick and easy meals & Freezer meals! Sometimes its hard to figure out gluten free meals when you are always busy!

  69. Can’t wait to tell all my GF friends about this!

  70. I would like to see low carb/sugar free recipes that are child friendly so I can make healthy food that my little sister with diabetes will eat

  71. Would love to see:
    -Tips for converting “old” favorite recipes
    -Gluten free and sugar free recipes because many of us are, like me, also diabetic
    Thank you!

  72. I would love to see lots of gluten free, soy free, low glycemic VEGAN recipes made with whole foods that are not full of simple starches. It seems so many gluten free recipes contain egg, soy, potato starch, tapioca starch, etc. I have learned how to substitute the egg, but substituting the simple starches is a little more difficult. Quick and easy recipes would be great for busy days and fast lunches. A list of food chains that cater to gluten sensitive people would be helpful, including the substituions that can be made. I would love to see natural personal products such as skin & hair care, makeup and perfumes that are good for you to use. Natural ideas for the home would also be nice. It would be great to know where you can purchase everything. Natural medicine advice would be a great bonus! It sounds like it is going to be a great magazine! I am really looking forward to reading it!!! When you have food sensitivities and/or allergies, it can make you feel very separated from friends and family when it comes to eating, especially at social events. I am a vegan by choice but am very allergic to gluten and soy. Therefore, my food choices can seem limited, especially when eating out!
    Thank you for publishing a much needed magazine! Even if someone does not have food sensitivities, eating gluten free makes for a healthier lifestyle!

  73. Quick and easy recipes!

  74. I want to see flat breads – no yeast – with whatever flour works

  75. I would like to see recipes that do not rely on a pre-made mix of GF flours.

  76. Pamela Gray says:

    I live in Helsinki, Finland. There are NO gluten free magazines available here at all. Not even when I go to London to visit my mother-in-law can I find gluten free magazines… Seems like there are none available in Europe. GF cookbooks are €30 each so consider yourselves lucky being able to buy an affordable magazine with great new recipes and ideas every now and then. I cook with naturally GF whole-foods, we only have a few GF flour mixes here and specialty flours are extremely expensive. I have never even seen tapioca flour in the shops here. I shouldn’t complain as we do have a wide variety of GF foods but boy would I love to be able to buy a GF magazine to browse through and satisfy my foodie cravings…

  77. I am sad I can’t enter but I will put in my two cents anyway – I am interested in recipes with psyllium husks as a binder as I am curious about how these can help GF texture in baking

  78. I’d love to see more shopping/grocery reviews. More and more gluten free items are showing up in stores. Some are amazing, and some really not worth the money. Thanks

  79. I would love to see simple GF breads for breadmakers

  80. Love recipes that are grain free with whole food ingedients!

  81. Recipes with ingredients that are not hard to find and/or expensive. Also, featuring GF make-up and other products that you often don’t think of that contain gluten.

  82. Kelly Schaefer says:

    I would so love to win a subscription! Many thanks for all that you share with us! Kelly

  83. yummy gluten free vegan things to eat that my picky kid and husband will eat.

  84. I’d love to see the magazine full of recipes that relate to what people see as “everyday” or “normal” food. Going GF later in life can be frustrating, especially for parents, and I often hear people begging for more kid friendly, family friendly recipes.

  85. Leslie Wallace says:

    Easy recipes that use readily available products – “short cuts” if you will, to make prep time easier and faster. Working Mom Gluten Free No Time To Cook Recipes πŸ™‚ And if they were Vegan No Oil, that would be even better! Love your stuff, excited to see the new magazine!

  86. I would love to see more gluten-free, refined sugar-free and rice-free recipes. Fitness ideas and articles are always good, too!!

  87. I am please to hear about another magazine offering information related to a gluten free diet. As I travel often I usually get my information of where to obtain information to eat gluten free by oral communication, I think updated articles of where to eat gluten free abroad would be appreciated. Articles touching on issues such as avoiding gluten contamination,gluten free ingredients guide and substitutes. Thanks for the offer!

  88. Cristina Favreau says:

    I would like to have more quick, easy to prepare, kid-friendly lunch ideas (especially for the lunch box)!

  89. Would love to see vegan recipes in the magazine.

    • And you will!! I am actually the Associate Editor for the vegan section. . . you’ll see two smashing holiday desserts (by me!) in the very first issue! πŸ™‚

  90. GF meat substutions! And as someone else mentioned- I love the idea of more GF recipes that aren’t recreating non-GF recipes.

  91. I’d like to see recipes that don’t require a lot of ingredients that are expensive or hard to find

  92. Gf/cf, grain free, refined sugar free healthy stuff the whole family will love for sure!
    Entertaining tips, traveling tips as well. Looking forward to it!

  93. As a new grad student I am interested in all things budget-related! I am also exploring a grain-free diet and would be interested to read about that.

  94. Recipes with 5 or less ingredients!

  95. I would love to see a recipe for powdered coffee creamer that is dairy-free, soy-free, carragennan-free, etc.

  96. I would most like to see healthy gluten free recipes that do not contain high glycemic starches (with you on board, Ricki, I know that I won’t be disappointed) and suggestions for getting kids on board with not eating regular sandwiches and pizza.

  97. Stacy Miller says:

    Gluten free recipe/meal ideas
    Gluten free friendly restaurants
    Gluten free product reviews
    Gluten free product coupons

  98. Gluten free and VEGAN recipes and bodycare product highlights.

  99. Hi
    I’d like to see menu/meal planning ideas.

  100. I’m a lifetime Weight Watchers member and I’d love to see some lower calorie recipes included. The calorie count in most gluten free meals tends to run pretty high.

  101. Jennifer B. says:

    I have so many food sensitivities. DDD is such a helpful site. The magazine sounds wonderful. I could definitely use some tips on restaurants.

  102. Ann Bimberg says:

    Ideas on gluten free lunches for kids to bring to school!

  103. I would love to see a travel section and exotic foods section! I love travelling and trying new foods, but sometimes it is to do so while following a gluten-free/allergen-reduced diet (try being gluten-free in Italy – just try it). It would be great to get advice on which local specialties to try (or to try at home).

  104. My brother-in-law has a severe nut allergy and I am always searching for a crunchy replacement for nut toppings on side dishes and desserts. Can’t wait to follow you in your new endeavor! Congrats!

  105. I’d love to see creative breakfast ideas especially ones that include veggies..I have been in a rut lately

  106. Tips on GF traveling… it can be so overwhelming!

  107. I would like to see more wholesome recipes – I find that a lot of gf magazines just feature processed this-or-that, and I like to use regular old ingredients that I know how to pronounce.

  108. My girlfriend loves cooking. It would be surprise for her ;]

  109. recipes that don’t require “gluten-free flour mix”. seeing that annoys me more than anything!

  110. I would like to see articles about how a gluten free diet can work for those of us who also want to loose a few pounds.

  111. Minnie Trujillo says:

    Great buy! I loved your recipes in the magazine!

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