Sweet Potato-Lentil Pot Pie with a Corn Biscuit Crumble Crust

sugarfree, glutenfree, vegan lentil pot pie

Every winter, once the holidays are over and everyone’s had their fill of parties for a while, I welcome the return of comfort foods.

To me, this Sweet Potato-Lentil Pot Pie with a Biscuit Crumble Crust is the perfect incarnation of the best kind of comfort food: it’s warming, filling, it appeals to all palates—and it’s vegan and gluten-free, to boot. Cooked up in a single casserole dish, with a no-roll crumble crust made from Erewhon organic corn flakes—what could be easier? I love that this pot pie is made from whole foods ingredients with loads of veggies under that simple gluten-free crust, too.

Even though I consume a whole foods diet all year round, I’m not immune to a few cookie or chocolate excesses through the holidays. Once January arrives, I crave simple, clean options a lot more, shifting focus away from desserts and added sweeteners (even if they are natural and unrefined). I found this pot pie to be one savory dish that’s every bit as comforting as, say, a couple chocolate chip cookies or a piece of apple pie (and that’s saying a lot coming from this dessert-a-holic!).

I do have a confession to make, though: I actually had never made a pot pie before I started cooking gluten-free a few years ago. Having to roll out a crust, transfer it without cracking, and fit it on top of the filling just felt too intimidating.

Curiously, once I made the switch to a gluten-free diet filled with real, natural ingredients, I became a more adventurous cook. I’m still not keen on rolled pie crust, but this one, made from crumbled corn biscuits atop the pie–well, even I could handle that! And the flavor is divine.

So in honor of the season, today I offer you a hearty vegan and gluten-free sweet potato and lentil pot pie that is not only delicious and filled with body-balancing nutrition–perfect for this time of year–but also super easy to throw together. Each serving provides enough protein to please even an avowed meat-eater, yet everything in the recipe is plant based.

My hubby, a full-fledged carnivore, scooped up a huge plateful of the pie, then mopped up any extra with remnants of biscuit topping. I had to smile at the sight of him enjoying the pot pie so much; it felt like a whole different kind of comfort.


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