Collard-Wrapped Yellow Rice and Black Bean Enchiladas

Collard Wraps on Diet, Dessert and Dogs

As promised yesterday, I’ve got an amazing recipe for you today from Nava Atlas’s Wild About Greens (to read my interview with Nava and learn more about the book, go here).  But seems I got the name of the recipe wrong! The collard-wrapped enchiladas reminded me so much of my mum’s erstwhile cabbage rolls that I mistakenly labeled them “Collard Rolls.” We are obviously so accustomed to spicy foods in this house that I could make that mistake. While the enchiladas definitely aren’t “over-the-top” spicy, they are certainly more zippy than old-fashioned cabbage rolls!

Despite the long ingredient list, this is a recipe that’s easy to make. In fact, it’s one of my favorite kinds: to wit, the kind you dump into a casserole dish and pop in the oven, then forget about until it’s ready to eat.

I was in heaven going through Wild About Greens: I mean, it’s a whole book about GREENS!! From the useful info on basic preparation tips and health benefits of greens to the simple braises and sautés with an assortment of pick-as-you choose sauces (Sesame Ginger–mmm!), to greens with grains or pasta, to greens in soups and stews or greens in juices and smoothies–well, I love them all.  If you love greens–or are just looking for more ways to incorporate them into your diet–you’ll love them, too.  So don’t forget to check below the recipe and enter the giveaway, too!

Thanks again to Nava for the interview and for sharing this delectable recipe.

I’m linking this recipe to Amy’s Slightly Indulgent Tuesday.

Collard Wraps on Diet, Dessert and Dogs

Collard Enchiladas on Diet, Dessert and Dogs

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  1. Youpee! My favourite green vegetable would be spinach. Sorry kale.

  2. I LOVE swiss chard and collards!

  3. would be a great help to me newly becoming a vegetarian to help fight cancer 🙂 I love greens, pretty much all greens…havent found one yet I didnt like 🙂

  4. Jessica Dennis says

    This is such a creative enchilada idea! I pinned this and I’m hoping to make this weekend 🙂 such a good gluten free/dairy free meal!

  5. My favorite green vegetable is probably broccoli…in terms of leafy greens, spinach is pretty high up there 🙂

  6. It’s spinach for me. I love anything with a Mexican twist! Excited to try this recipe!

  7. This recipe looks delicious! I love using collards as wraps.

  8. This looks super dooper yummy!

  9. My favorite green vegetable is kale. There are just so many ways to dress it, wrap it, cook it, bake it…

  10. My favorite is swiss chard!

  11. This looks delicious. I have been vegan for 13 years and have not had too many things. I have a sweet Iguana here who has collard greens as one of his staple greens so I often use them to wrap other things. And am I supposed to name a favorite green? I can’t. If it is leafy and green, I am good.Thanks for always sharing such wonderful recipes :)Happy Spring everyone!

  12. I love kale, it’s so versatile!

  13. This looks like just the right recipe for me to give collards another chance! I’ve only tried them raw so far, and their bitterness was a bit intense…
    My favorite green vegetable? They’re all great, so I tend to go on seasonal kicks, although chard and kale are always a good bet.

  14. My favourite green vegetable has to be broccoli, but if we’re talking leafy greens…I know kale, the rest are a bit of a mystery. They weren’t really available in the shops around where (and when) I grew up. So I could definitely use the book!

  15. I love all greens, but I think I would have to say kale, only because it is so versatile–you can put it in a smoothie, have it in a salad, “massage” it for a totally different salad, make kale chips, and cook it. All are delicious!


  16. Oh I will totally be trying this dish Ricki! Thanks for sharing. I just bought some collard wraps yesterday.

  17. This is hard because I love pretty much all of them… but I must say that I do have a thing for softened kale! Thanks!

  18. Right now, swiss chard is my favorite green–but I love them all!

  19. I love kale!!!!!!!!!

  20. Hi Ricki,

    Collard greens and kale are two of my favorite leafy greens. The recipe and book sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  21. is it possible to have only ONE favourite green vegetable?

    lately, mine’s been a combination of baby greens; baby spinach, baby kale, and baby swiss chard!

  22. My favorite green veggie is baby spinach!

  23. So great to see a cookbook focused on greens – I think greens are one of the toughest vegetables for many people, but prepared the right way (like your beautiful collard wraps) I think more people would try them.

  24. This sounds fantastic. Ever since I discovered how much easier it was to use collards instead of cabbage for “cabbage rolls,” I’ve been sold on the collard versions of old favorites.

  25. As much as I know I should eat more greens, I still have a hard time finding ways to eat them. I could really use this cookbook.

  26. I love Nava’s books. We always ate lots of greens when I was growing up. My Mother had a huge vegetable garden. We’d have chard, beet greens and even turnip greens. My favourite cooked green is spinach and my favourite raw is arugula. Instead of cabbage rolls I’ve made chard rolls before, very tasty.

  27. kale and spinach

  28. I love greens, but can always use new and creative methods to make them!

  29. I love spinach salad (with fresh fruit and nuts)!

  30. Kale all the way!! Would love to win this cookbook

  31. I don’t think I have ever met a green veggie I didn’t like, but last obsession is Russian Red Kale – I discovered it at my farmer’s market a couple of months ago and I’ve been buying three bags a week ever since!

  32. Collard wraps sound great! I just discovered how tasty other wraps such as romaine are. Looking forward to trying this meal.

  33. That’s a really tough question! I think my favorite green veggie is the one in season.

  34. Cooked: turnip greens! Smoothie: Kale! Salad: baby greens mix

  35. i was curious about yellow rice
    i had not heard of it
    nice recipe!

  36. Spinach! 🙂

  37. This sounds wholesome and so good! My favorite green veg is kale, lately.

  38. Aimee Douglass says

    I will have to go with kale. Love the stuff!

  39. KALE!!!!

  40. I can’t get enough spinach! I love it!

  41. My favorite green veggie is romanesco broccoli/cauliflower. Love this stuff!

  42. rapini

  43. Maggie Boxey says

    I love Kale!

  44. I LOVE collards and the recipe above is delicious, I made it not long ago after checking this book from our local library. And I would love to win Nava’s book!

  45. Bonnie K. says

    Initially, my favorite greens was the spinach; but now, the taste and use of kale is growing on me.

  46. Right now, it’s a toss-up between kale, edamame, and brussels sprouts!

  47. I’ve been a kale girl until now. But recipe with the collards could make me switch.

  48. I love all greens (which is why I would love to win this book), but I’ve been really into frisée and kale lately.

  49. I like roasted broccoli and I love palak paneer (but made with tofu) – the indian creamy and spicy spinach dish. I’m in serious need of this book that will teach me how to prepare other greens like swiss chard and kale!

  50. Broccoli right now but trying more greens so may change

  51. Kale sauteed with canellini and garlic!

  52. broccoli or spinach – can’t decide!

  53. I like a lot of green vegetables, but I love Kale and Spinach. I eat them dried, in salads, and in smoothies.

  54. kale greens-love it!!

  55. Marion Boulstridge says

    Looks devine!! Love my dark leafy veggies!

  56. I like asparagus!

  57. I followed you on pinterest!

  58. It has to be kale but I’m such a big vegetable fan. I love buying a bunch of beets with the beautiful greens attached and cooking those.

  59. This may sound odd to some people, but…brussels sprouts are my favourite green veggie!

  60. I love lots of green vegetables .. to get a way (slightly) from the leafy greans, I’ll say Brussels Sprouts!

  61. Ahhh! I love greens! I’ve had this book on my amazon wish list since it was released! I hope I win!

  62. kale and spinach, love, love!

  63. Brenda Harriman says

    I love most of them, but kale is pretty much an everyday indulgence, so … kale! 🙂

  64. Wendy Carson says

    I’ve been learning to appreciate all veggies, but my current favorites are kale and spinach. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  65. Rebecca Hunt says

    Spinach and romaine lettuce salads. Yummy!

  66. I absolutely love bok choy and collard greens 🙂 Though chard and kale can grace my plate any day! Would LOVE to win this book! Thanks

  67. My favorite is spinach! 🙂

  68. brussels sprouts!

  69. I’ve heard so many great things about this cookbook from friends. Now that I’m salivating, I can see why.

  70. Also, broccoli!

  71. Drew Proctor says

    I think it must be chard although I like almost all of them.

  72. Angela Rhodes says

    Not sure I can pick a favorite! I love cucumbers, lettuce, kale, spinach, broccoli, etc! 🙂

  73. This recipe looks amazing. Would love to win the book!

  74. Although I love to tell folks to #eatmorekale, I have to say that I have a special fondness for rainbow chard!

  75. Kale is also amazing as chips!

  76. KALE!

  77. Definitely kale! Though I love all greens, kale is my go-to girl!

  78. Oh, and is L-O-V-E to win this book! Stay calm and eat Your Greens!

  79. Yvette tIllema says

    Arugula with my heart and soul. It grows great in out mountains and garlic and arugula are our bumper crops. I swear that arugula has made us defeat common colds. I think it’s a miracle food.

  80. I love them all! Kale, chard, cabbage, bok choy, etc. They are all great. I guess my favorite is the one I’m having today, LOL

  81. Concetta says

    Eat a ton of romaine. Anything green is fine with me.

  82. I’m not sure I can choose just one. ;o) I love my green smoothies and am partial to broccoli.

  83. I am WILD about this book! I keep renewing it and renewing it from the library because I don’t want to return it! I’ve made those exact collard wraps a couple times at my boyfriend’s request. 🙂 My favorite recipe (thus far) is the chickpea and greens pasta. AMAZING. I make it with spinach, which is my favorite leafy green.

  84. Kale! I’ll even eat it for dessert!

  85. kale I grow it every year:)

  86. I love collard greens! Thanks for the fun giveaway Ricki!

  87. Artichoke!

  88. Asparagus

  89. Terri Cole says

    For green smoothies, I like kale best. My favorite green veg is swiss chard, or maybe brussel sprouts.

  90. Asparagus!!!

  91. Judy Donovan says

    I love this book. I have a running request at my library and take it out in rotation with someone else!

  92. I love artichokes but so many green vegetables are amazing it’s hard to choose!

  93. Love kale! I would also love to add Nava’s book to my collection.

  94. I think the book sounds great and am really excited about this recipe – will definitely bookmark it to try and put the book on the wishlist. I guess I could use kale or silverbeet (chard) given that I never see collard greens here

    • Johanna, that is such a shame about the collards–they are so perfect for this dish. But I bet chard (silverbeet) would work, or if you have the non-curly kale. And, of course, cabbage leaves would work, too! 🙂

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