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It doesn’t happen often, but still, there are some days when I think, “Man, getting older sucks.” (And then I quickly remember, “but it beats the alternative.”).

Still, I find it’s a common occurrence lately to wake up the morning after a workout and feel my muscles aching as I climb the stairs (I keep forgetting that I can’t lift as much weight as I used to on those quad machines!); or experience an upset stomach if I eat four two one too many (albeit homemade, candida diet-friendly) cookies; or endure unreasonable levels of frustration when I can’t figure out a new gadget (like my very first smart phone, purchased a few short weeks ago–holy smokes, there are a lot of little buttons on that thing!); or discover I’m late to a social media party that’s already old hat to everyone else (have I told you that I’m now finally on Instagram, courtesy of that phone?).

And the weird thing is (take heed, twenty-somethings!) I don’t feel any older at all inside. . .  unfortunately, my physical body has other ideas.

The HH sometimes tells a story about the first time he realized he was starting to get older. He was in his 40s and helping a friend who was buying a house to check out the condition of the roof. The two guys climbed up, looked around, and then the HH decided to jump off the roof onto the lawn. When he touched ground, he thought, “Whoah! Gee, I guess my legs just don’t absorb as much of the shock as they used to . . . “.   Okay, let’s set aside for a moment the fact that he was talking about a twenty year gap between those two jumps; but who decides to jump off a roof onto the lawn–at any age?!!. Gah.

Last weekend, for the first time in a while, I actually felt younger than I normally do. Yes, DDD readers, I finally joined the 21st Century (and not just because I bought a smart phone!). You see, for the first time in my entire life, I was able to enjoy a common pleasure associated with today’s youth: the 3-D movie.

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Because of my weird eyeglass prescription (don’t ask), those wacky red and green spectacles never did work for me. I once sat through an entire 2 hours of Jaws 3D, seeing everything double (one in red, one in green), because I was too embarrassed to tell my friends that the glasses were a failure. I left with a headache, an earache and slight dizziness. . . though in retrospect, I think the earache was due more to all that shrieking from the audience every time the shark approached.

And then, last weekend, my life changed when I joined the HH (and the rest of world) to take in the latest Star Trek film. . . in 3D! (As if Chris Pine wasn’t dreamy enough in only two dimensions. Seriously). I’m elated to say that I was able to enjoy the entire move with those oversized plastic glasses perched on my nose. Hooray for modern technology!

In fact, all those cosmic thoughts about the SS Enterprise, wormholes, Captain Kirk’s dreamy wry grin. . . well, they probably led to this very recipe. You see, I was kind of playing with the previous Cosmic Cookie recipe already on this blog, and was so pleased with the result that I popped an Instagram photo of it up on my Facebook page (wow–not only did I manage to watch a 3D movie, I also learned how to share on multiple platforms at once. Things are moving at warp speed over here!).  Much like my raw cookie dough recipe, this one wasn’t originally intended for the blog. But it got such a a great response on Facebook that I decided I really should share here, too.

While the original Cosmic Cookie used chocolate chips, raisins and Sucanat, these combine coconut sugar and stevia for a lower glycemic index; and to add a superfood boost, I tossed in goji berries (which have a lower GI than raisins) and unsweetened carob chips to replace the chocolate.

I think of these Super Cookies as an adult version of the original. And if the cookies are any indication, well, I guess getting older may not suck so much after all.

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  1. Well, I jumped off the roof of my childhood house once, at about age 14. Yeah, OUCH. No real injuries, but I wouldn’t do it again without a very compelling reason. These cookies sound like a perfect snack!

    • Thanks, Eileen! I must say, I’ve never jumped off anything higher than. . . a stool. But the HH has remarkable resilience! He did love these cookies, though. 😉

    • I was about 5 when I jumped off the roof with an umbrella…thinking I was gonna float like Mary Poppins. The umbrella did create a minute drag, but not enough to prevent me from knocking the wind out of myself upon landing…LOL. Nice recipe. I might give a try…

      • Yikes, Mimi! Hope you didn’t break anything–? Well, the HH didn’t even have age as an excuse. . .!! 😉 He does still love these cookies, though. 🙂

  2. Climbing on a roof was the extent of my dare devil activities as a young person and it is not something I would repeat now. The HH sounds crazy but in a fun way. Just like these cookies. (So now you can say I like my cookies like I like my men – ha ha)

    • Ha ha ha!! I think it’s hilarious that the HH sounds crazy, even in a fun way–totally not the case these days, anyway!! But he was a bit of a wild man in his youth, I guess. . . ! And I’d say you were quite the daredevil, too! I’ll just stick with crazy cookies (gojis instead of raisins–whoo hoo!!) 😉

  3. I agree.. Growing older can suck, but it doesn’t have to! Especially with these cookies!
    They look great Ricki, making them soon!

    • I really should reiterate that I don’t feel that way often. . . just when the ol’ knees refuse to work properly. 😉 And yes, the cookies helped. A lot. 🙂

  4. Modern technology is pretty cool 🙂 I had to laugh imagining you suffering in silence through the original 3D film I’m afraid!
    I still haven’t got around to buying psyllium so I might try a combination of your “cosmic” these “super” cookies. They look scrumptious.

    • I’m pretty sure any combination would work, Emma. . . the recipe is very forgiving! And I know–what was I thinking?! Darned overly polite Canadian! 😉

  5. These look yummy! I try to focus on the benefits of getting older. I find I have a more mature view of things and a greater degree of confidence and self-acceptance. I could do without some of the physical changes though!

    • Oh, thank you for mentioning that. . . I totally forgot to include the fact that, as I get older, the best part seems to be not worrying about what others think of you any more (which is tied to that increased confidence and self-acceptance). The physical part, though.. . .bah! humbug!! 🙂

  6. oh wow, these cookies look so good! I can hardly wait until I can eat grains again… I have a serious craving for cookies now!

    Getting older… I am nearing 40 (a couple years to go yet) but there are so many changes happening, it’s hard to think that I’m not 20 anymore! I think I’m still in denial 😉

    Um, Chris Pine is definitely dreamy… although Henry Cavill might be giving Chris a run for his money! *swoon*

    • Yes, grains are great when you can have them, though I still have to watch quantities I find! I think the toughest part of getting older is that you don’t feel any different inside, so when people start calling you “Ma’am” (well, they call ME Ma’am!), it just feels SO weird. And yes, Henry Cavill certainly embodies the word, “dreamy. . . ” –I think Superman may just be my next 3-D movie–LOL!! 😀

  7. Ah, those husbands, you never know what they’re going to do! 🙂

  8. I wouldn’t climb onto a roof OR jump off, but what do I know? I’ve done other things I wouldn’t do now. (I certainly wouldn’t ride the subway in Philadelphia at midnight, for example, which might actually be more dangerous than jumping off a roof.)

    What I want is a grown-up to make me a batch of these cookies. 🙂

    • Andrea, you are so right on that one! When I was about 18, I went to Fort Lauderdale with 2 friends for March break, and our mode of transportation for the week was. . . hitch hiking!! Would never, EVER do that again. And I’d be happy to make you a batch. . . but how to get them to you?!!

  9. I’m always looking for truly healthy breakfast cookies. So many are loaded with sugars and are just glorified oatmeal cookies. These look like a much more nutritious keeper Ricki!

  10. You should have called these star trek cookies Ricki. They do look wonderful.

  11. Who can ever try to understand what guys will do?

    The cookies look great! Thanks for the recipe!

  12. Girl, I just followed YOU on Instagram, so come and follow me! Shockinglydlish

    We shall play!

  13. Well, now I must go find you on Instagram. But in the meantime, these cookies look delightful, for anyone at any age! Starting with this 31-year-old lady…

  14. *sigh* in high school I repelled off the back of the football stadium – ah, the fearlessness of my youth!

    these cookies are PACKED with goodness, Ricki! LOVE them!

  15. I’m always on the lookout for new cookie recipes. These look great, Ricki!

  16. Seriously I have been dying to try these since I saw them on Facebook this week and now that I can finally bake this weekend I am totally making these.
    Beautiful, Ricki.
    Love you and miss you tons.


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