Raw S’Mores (Grain Free, Vegan, Candida-Diet Friendly)

Grain Free, Raw, Candida Diet, Two Bite S'mores on rickiheller.com

From what I can tell, S’mores are the quintessential “camp” food. What child hasn’t eaten a gooey S’mores bar? Well, dear readers, it’s True Confession time: I am that child who has never eaten a S’mores bar. (Does that make me S’less?)

When I was a kid, summers were a fairly solitary affair. Early on, I grew accustomed to waving goodbye to my friends as they headed off to summer camp, while my sisters and I stayed home to read, draw, play with the dog and acquire a city tan before we returned to school in September. Sure, the staycaytion was due in part to my parents’ limited income, but looking back, it seems to me I wasn’t the most likely camp candidate in any case.

Grain-Free, two-bite s'mores on rickiheller.com

Unlike my most of my cohorts, I never got to experience that first heady kiss of the first summer romance, sneaking out of the cabins at night to meet with the target of my infatuation (Are you kidding? Me, walk alone at night–in the woods? What about the wolves, the foxes, the snakes, the crazed hermit with the axe hiding behind a tree?); kayaking across the rapids (Um, not a good swimmer, and say, are there sharks in that lake?); hiking through the woods on day trips with my cabin mates (What are you, crazy? Mosquitoes love me, no way am I risking West Nile–or whatever the heck was around back then); diving off the rocks into the lake (Hey, you know, you could get a concussion hitting your head on one of those rocks!); or recounting stories around the campfire at night while munching on . . . S’mores (Sure, the S’mores part sounds good, but who wants Stephen King-worthy nightmares after listening to all those ghost stories?).

Yeah, I was a real laugh-riot as a kid.

Well, this summer (while I was avoiding mosquitoes, not swimming, staying away from the woods and refusing to set foot near a water craft of any sort), I decided to create my own version of the classic summer treat.

Grain-Free, Vegan Two-Bite S'mores on Diet, Dessert and Dogs

These babies are raw, bite-sized and contain ingredients that are actually good for you. It took several tries, but I finally created a raw marshmallow cream that is truly marshmallowy–fluffy, slightly gooey, with a rich, intense vanilla flavor (I couldn’t do anything about the grayish pallor, sadly–the one drawback of chia seeds).  Each S’more is only about two bites, so despite their over-the-top lusciousness, you won’t feel guilty about eating one (or three).

And while I haven’t consumed true graham crackers in a long while, I think the base for these really does come close.  In fact, when I posted a pic of it being prepared in my food processor, one of the first guesses was “graham crumbs.” Yay! In fact, if you’re short on time, you could skip the marshmallow topping entirely (though really, why would you want to?) and just drizzle some chocolate over the base for a wonderful blondie-type bar.

Whether or not you attended summer camp as a kid, I hope you enjoy the nostalgia–and melted chocolate on your fingertips–of these tiny confections.  But please, no ghost stories around the campfire.

“Mum, sorry you weren’t a fan, but this camp business sounds pretty good to us! Unlimited hiking and swimming? Count us in! And say, what are these S’mores thingies, anyway?”

Elsie dog on Ricki Heller's blog

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Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Grain Free S'mores on rickiheller.com

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  1. You’re a genius!

  2. Oh Ricki… these look amazing!! I need to get some lucuma powder though. What brand do you buy? Very excited to try these soon! Thanks for making them entirely sugar free and for sharing the recipe with all of us!
    🙂 Megan

    • I’ve used both Essential Living Foods and Navitas Naturals; both are good. And I’ve been feeling as if I need to get closer to the early stages of the ACD myself, lately. . . glad you can have these! 😀

    • NinaBean says

      The So Delicious Coconut Beverage in original has organic dried cane syrup in it.

      • NinaBean, that’s right. That’s why my link goes to the UNsweetened version, and that’s the only one I recommend. 🙂

        • NinaBean says

          Ok great, thank you for clarifying that. My husband recently picked up the original and I was totally bummed out when I read the label. Also I didn’t follow your link before I replied, sorry about that.

          • Thanks, NinaBean! I try to make my own milks whenever I can (then you know exactly what’s in it), but timing isn’t always possible, so I opt for the unsweetened varieties if I’m pressed for time. I think coconut beverage, almond milk and soy milk are the only kinds that do offer unsweetened (and almond milk even has a CHOCOLATE unsweetened–whoo hoo!). There may also be some hemp milks around, but I’m not a huge fan of the flavor of packaged hemp milk, so I always make my own (it’s really easy, too). 😀

  3. These sound amazing Ricki!

  4. S’mores and summer camp are foreign to me – they seem like something out of a book. The only camps we went on were with the school during term. We did roast marshmallows on sticks which were amazing and I often think S’mores must be a fancier version of this (is the marshmallow meant to be gooey?) I love how you have recreated them and would love to try this version

    • Not sure if your school camp is comparable to the sleepaway camps we have here, but as for the marshmallows, yes, I think they’re the same! And they do become all melty and gooey once they’re roasted (didn’t yours?). 🙂

      • oops – just re-read your recipe about your marshmallows being gooey – Yes our marshmallows got wonderfully gooey – in fact if we didn’t watch them they would just melt off the stick into the fire – I don’t quite understand s’mores – do they get melted and then stuck in between biscuits

        • Johanna, I’m not sure I understand them, either, having never had one, but yes, I think they get soft and melty, then are sandwiched (with melted chocolate) between two graham crackers. Have you been able to find graham crackers yet?? 🙂

  5. Wow, Ricki!! These look absolutely stellar! Love your musings on camping (or, more accurately not camping), too. 😉


  6. Oh my Ricki! These sound amazing – and truly classic Diet, Dessert and Dogs ingredients 🙂 I love it. I was a big camp girl, loved every second of it! Now, I’m more of a cottage girl! I’ve got to get lucuma powder!

  7. Wow Ricki, you’ve really outdone yourself with these! I never camped as a kid as my parents are not “that type” but I do love it now 🙂

    • Thanks, Emma! I have to admit the ONE time I tried camping as an adult was a total disaster. . . fodder for another blog post. 😉 Glad you like it, though!

  8. These look delicious! Is there a substitute for lucuma powder? Also, is the “coconut beverage” in the fluff coconut milk? Thank you!

    • Thanks, Debbie, and thanks for your comment! You could use carob instead of the lucuma, but of course the flavor would be different (good, but different). 🙂 The coconut beverage is the kind you get in a carton, meant for drinking, and not as thick as canned coconut milk (if you follow the link in the recipe, you’ll see a description). If you can’t get the coconut beverage, you could use canned coconut milk that’s been thinned out with an equal amount of water. 🙂

  9. This is a BRILLIANT recipe! I actually never liked smores as a kid ( I KNOW! I must have been alien or something!) The marshmallow just never appealed to me, however I always loved the graham crust. This recipe is amazing! I LOVE how you designed this and it is 100% Candida friendly, which I like. I pinned this to my Pinterest page and will be sure to share your blog with my readers using this recipe. I do a special feature where I feature certain bloggers’ recipes that I like and this definitely fits the bill! THANK YOU!! I’m making these ASAP- no burnt marshmallows needed!:)

    • I’m pretty sure I would have liked them as a kid, since I basically loved anything (a) with chocolate or (b) sweet, but they don’t really sound all that appealing to me now. And I’m SO glad you like the recipe that much! Please do ping me (or send a trackback–whatever it’s called) if you do post the recipe, so I can share on Facebook, twitter, etc. And thanks so much for pinning, too! 🙂

  10. Ricki, you had me in stitches with this post! So funny! These treats look amazing, with all those delicious ingredient. White chia seeds??? I am Googling these. I’ve never seen them. Something new everyday! India 🙂

    • Thanks, India (I can laugh at it now. . ha ha!!) 😀 For some reason, I knew about the white ones before the gray chia seeds–I think those must have come first to Toronto! Great for puddings–and marshmallow. 🙂

  11. OMG! You are my hero for creating a vegan and RAW smore. I used to eat marshmallows roasted over the campfire by the bag, so I can’t wait to try the marshmallow fluff!

  12. Love this recipe, Ricki. These little morsels look amazing. The filling looks so creamy. I have everything but the white chia seeds! On my list. My family would go crazy for these.

  13. Another great recipe Ricki. Looking and sounding yummy.

  14. this looks absolutely incredible!! i’d love one right about now 🙂

  15. s’mores are one of my favorite things. I hope I can find all the ingredients for this one to try it this weekend!,,I’ve never heard of lucuma powder….

  16. These look & sound absolutely delicious Ricki!

    • Thanks so much, Sharon! They were indeed yummy (though I couldn’t compare to the “real” ones, as I’ve never tried those). 🙂

  17. oooh, I love the sound of this recipe – from the lucuma to the fluff! 🙂

  18. Could I use Sweet Leaf liquid stevia to replace the powder?

    • Hi Mardell,
      Thanks for your comment! Yes, you could use liquid stevia instead–I’d go with about twice as much in each case, or to taste. 🙂

  19. Oh my goodness! I simply cannot wait to try these. Genius!!

  20. These look absolutely divine…and grain free?! Wow. I’ve been cutting back on gluten for the last 6 months so this will be perfect for me!

    • Thanks so much, Jules, and thanks for your comment! They’re good for people who can eat gluten, too–my hubby really enjoyed his. 🙂

  21. WOW these look AMAZING!!! I LOVED summer camp and sometimes I miss it so much. I also love S’mores so I’m really really excited to make these!!!! I have been indulging in gelato way too much this summer so it will be go to have some sugar free treats in the house.

  22. I have been eating more and more raw foods lately, so I love this recipe. I don’t eat marshmallows so I’m always happy to see a s’more recipe I can actually eat! 😀

  23. SO glad I saw this recipe, Ricki! Need a Candida friendly dessert to bring to a friend’s house this weekend for a gathering. It looks awesome and SO delish! 🙂

  24. Thanks, Ricki! I just ordered your Desserts Without Compromise ebook too. 🙂 I need to work on my baking skills…made some grain-free muffins at Shirley Braden’s house this weekend and they went over well so that was a big relief! 🙂 I’m motivated now to bake more.

    • I thought that was you but wasn’t sure, so didn’t say anything! Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy the recipes. The Anti-Candida Feast is suitable for (mostly) Stage 1, the Desserts for a little further on, and Breakfasts for all three stages. Let me know if you have any questions at all! 🙂

  25. Thanks so much, Ricki! 🙂 I am attempting to make the S’mores today, wish me luck! 🙂

  26. Do you soak the cashews first? If so how long? Can’t wait to try!

    • Mo, no, I didn’t soak them first. The mixture will be very thick, but I found that dry cashews produced a more fluffy and “marshmallowy” result in the end. 🙂

  27. Wow, these look incredible. So delicious and healthy!


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