Fluffy Sweet Potato and Pear Pancakes

Candida Diet, Gluten Free Sweet Potato and Pear Pancakes on RickiHeller.com

It’s no secret that my favorite meal of the day is breakfast. Breakfast early, breakfast late, breakfast for brunch, breakfast on the road, breakfast for dinner–I don’t care; I love them all. And of all the beloved breakfast foods, my favorite is pancakes.

Pancakes early, pancakes late, pancakes for brunch–well, you get the idea.  In fact, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have gotten the idea that I eat nothing but pancakes (with a side of cute canines, of course). Here are just a few of the pancake creations I posted in recent days (and this doesn’t even include all the savory pancakes):

Anti Candida, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Vegan pancake collage on RickiHeller.com

[Clockwise from top photo: high protein buckwheat pancake with almond butter and apricot jam; teff pancake with almond-carob butter; cooking experimental pancakes; high protein pancakes with quinoa flour and two types of walnut butter; unidentified grain-free pancakes; and teff-based high protein pancakes with chocolate bean butter topping.]

Well, considering it’s October already, I thought it was high time I created a pumpkin pancake. I mean, fall = pumpkin, right?

So, over the weekend, I pulled out all my ingredients, reached for my trusty can of pumpkin purée, and–EGADS!!–discovered I was all out of pumpkin!

Anti CAndida, Gluten Free, Sugar Free Sweet Potato and Pear Pancakes on RickiHeller.com

[Pancakes topped with extra, uncooked, Butter Tart filling (from recipe in Naturally Sweet & Gluten-Free). Makes a great syrup substitute!]

What’s a pancake-loving gal to do? Well, I went for the next best thing: sweet potato.  After all, I already love sweet potato and use it in a host of recipes (including this early recipe for sweet potato-cranberry scones* plus these more recent sweet potato buns), so why not pancakes? And why not kick ’em up just a notch, and throw in some diced pear and Chinese 5-spice for a slightly exotic flair, too?

(“And don’t forget that we eat sweet potatoes every day, too, Mum, ground up and mixed with our food! So I guess that means we should really taste-test some of these pancakes, too, right?“)**

Elsie and Chaser on RickiHeller.com

I decided to adapt the recipe for Fluffy Fruited Pancakes from Naturally Sweet and Gluten-Free, which are my gluten-free version of this pancake.  They could not have come out any better! Thick and truly cakelike, they are slightly sweet, aromatic with a little burst of caramelized pear scattered here and there throughout. And then, just for fun, I topped them with some extra filling from the Butter Tarts (recipe also in my book), since I thought it would make a perfect stand-in for maple syrup.  (I was wrong; it wasn’t a perfect stand-in. It was BETTER than maple syrup!).

I don’t mind being thought of as the pancake queen if it means I get to eat cakes like these every day. Now that I’ve finally bought some sugar pumpkins for the season, I’ll be able to try these with actual pumpkin next weekend.  Or maybe I’ll have to switch to waffles. . . or biscuits. . . or French toast. . . you know, I don’t really care what it is, as long as it’s a breakfast food.

* Yes, I know that spelt is NOT gluten-free. I posted that recipe before I started eating this way.

** And yes, I did share some with The Girls. (“Thanks, Mum.“)

Recipe for Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Anti-Candida sweet Potato and Pear pancakes on RickiHeller.com

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  1. These look delicious Ricki 🙂

  2. Wow, these sound amazing!!

  3. I think you already now how much of a pancake queen I am too! Favourite breakfast for sure. This recipe is definitely another one to add to my list…and that caramel topping!
    I love pears but haven’t had any good ones yet this season.

  4. I ran out of pumpkin in the pantry once – NEVER AGAIN! Pantry now looks like the pumpkin apocalypse – husband is not pleased 🙂 Thee pancakes are coming up soon, whether sweet potato or pumpkin.

  5. “you may have gotten the idea that I eat nothing but pancakes (with a side of cute canines, of course). ” – oh no – you eat dogs???!!!! poor girls, do they know what they’re in for??????????

    Seriously, it’s good to hear someone else who loves to make and eat pancake, or drop scones, as we call them over here:) I love them savoury mostly, but sweet sometimes for a change, for breakfast, lunch, snack suppers – any excuse, they’re so quick and easy to rustle up and enjoy. thanks for the recipe:)

    • Ha ha ha!! The English teacher–CAUGHT in the grammar trap! Well, does excessive kissing constitute “eating”?? 😉

      I had no idea that what we call pancakes are called drop scones in the UK–we have “drop scones” here, too, which are basically scones that have a thinner “dough,” so they are dropped from a spoon onto the baking sheet rather than rolled and cut. So interesting! And yes, I love all the savory ones, too. 🙂

  6. These sound amazing!! Love me some pancakes ;]

  7. Hi Ricki, I love your site, and a sufferer of candida and trying to get of gluten love your recipes.I was a diabetic but giving up sugar has changed that around. I have ordered your new book and am waiting for it to arrive. I live in Tasmania, I also have 2 dogs who I know love to share

    • Thank you so much, Elisabeth–and thanks for your comment! I’m thrilled that you’ve found the recipes to be useful for you. And yes, dogs are always willing to share, aren’t they? 😉 What kinds do you have? Send photos! 😀

  8. Finally a use for my Chinese 5 Spice Powder! That has been sitting in my spice rack for quite a while. 🙂 These look delicious!

    • Ha ha–glad to be of service! I do love it and use it quite a lot in my baked goods–I know there are a few recipes on the blog (just can’t think of which ones right now). 😉 Hope you enjoy!

  9. I am totally craving these right now. I sure hope they have sweet potato puree at the store on the corner! 🙂

  10. RIcki…you are the QUEEN of pancakes! You make it look so easy. I might have to experiment with these pancakes, as I have some sweet potato puree …because….I just made your chocolate buttercream frosting!! I can’t wait to share my review soon. 🙂


  11. These pancakes look amazing! I love how thick and big they are. Plus who doesnt’ love pear!

    • Ha ha! It actually took ME a while to warm up to pear–though I love it cooked now (still not a *huge* fan of it raw for some reason!). And yes, they were very thick–you just have to be sure that your batter is also VERY thick before you cook them (if you can pour it, it’s too thin). 🙂

  12. I love pancakes too and these look wonderful! Can’t wait to try them!

  13. These look great!

    Thanks for the post 🙂


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