Flash in the Pan: Cranberry Ice Cream

[Sometimes, you just want a dish that’s quick and easy–no fuss.  I’ve decided to offer a mini-post every once in a while, for a dish that comes together incredibly quickly or else is so simple to make that no recipe is required. Here’s today’s “Flash in the Pan.” (For other FitP recipes, see “Categories” at right).

Sugar-free, dairy-free, candida friendly cranberry ice cream on rickiheller.com

One of the HH’s favorite ways to tease me is to cock his head, smile a crooked smile, and proclaim, “You’re such a girl.” It’s our little in-joke, since he knows very well that I consider myself a proud feminist; I guard my autonomy like Elsie guards her nylabones; and while I do love femininity, these days, I’m no longer the kind of woman who dons ruffles and bows (what my friend Phil refers to as “frilly-do”).

Mostly, the HH casts the “girl” label at times when I’m struggling to open a jar, or when I can’t reach the ceiling fixture to change the light bulb, or when I need to ask him, again, which thingmabob I have to press in order to get the hood on my car to pop open (and, subsequently, which doohickey I have to pull in order to fill the windshield washer fluid).

Just like a proper girlie-girl, I grew up wearing pink and reveling in all things rosy-hued.  I did have one brief rebellious period when I hit adolescence, though: when I was thirteen, my parents decided to renovate the house so my sisters and I could each have our own bedroom. Compounding the excitement, they even allowed us choose the individual décor and color scheme entirely on our own. After hours of poring through books of wallpaper samples, I chose a riotous floral with huge, cartoon-like daisies, tulips, blossoming vines and leaves on a sky blue background. For the three other, solid walls, I selected a bright, grassy green paint.

The morning the painters arrived, the worker in charge of my room pulled me over to the cans of paint lined along the floor and pointed to the dollop of emerald on one lid.

“Are you sure you want this color on all the walls?” he asked, wincing like a six year-old bracing for a vaccination. I took another look at my beautiful, vibrant, almost-living green, and smiled.  “Yes, of course! On those three walls.”

Shoulders back, chin in the air, I strode out of the house and practically danced my way to school. I could barely concentrate on schoolwork that morning, daydreaming about my beautiful new bedroom.  When the lunch bell rang, I raced home, leaving my friends to meander home without me.

Vegan, sugar-free, candida diet cranberry ice cream recipe on rickiheller.com

And then. . . I saw it. As soon as I pushed open the bedroom door, I knew I’d made the biggest mistake in my life. The walls were, indeed, a pure, intense green that appeared to be shimmering, reminding me of leafy-green caterpillars I’d observed wriggling around our lawn in the summer.  As I continued to stare, it almost jiggled, thick and glossy, engulfing a full three-quarters of the bedroom’s walls.  My stomach lurched a little, then sank as I contemplated growing up in this Martian landscape, battling the slight nausea I’d feel every time I glanced up from my bed. . . for the next ten years.

Luckily, the painter had sensed my despair and took it upon himself to dilute the color with white, repainting the walls before I got home from school later that afternoon.  Mitigated by the opaqueness and chalkiness of the white, the color was rendered tolerable, though I never did come to like it very much. After that, I stuck with the old reliables: pink, blue, brown, and–throughout my twenties and thirties–black.

These days, I tend to prefer muted colors where home décor is concerned.  You won’t find purple mirror frames, bright orange curtains or mustard floor tiles in our house (and, come to think of it, my wardrobe is still pretty much black). Still, I do appreciate a good pink accessory, lipstick, or confection.

This Cranberry Ice Cream provides the perfect shade of pink, with its cheery, rosy, upbeat hue.  True, it might not do on my bedroom walls, but no matter: you likely won’t have much time to admire its color too much before it’s spooned up by appreciative diners.

The HH loved the ice cream, too, practically lapping up every tangy, sweet spoonful.

“Hey, have you got any more of this?” he asked, proffering the empty bowl, waiting for me to scoop out a refill.

He can be such a boy sometimes.

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Vegan, Candida Friendly, sugar-free Cranberry Ice Cream recipe on RickiHeller.com

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  1. Finally an ice cream recipe that doesn’t use bananas!

  2. brilliant recipe ricki – I have been wondering about what to do with my cranberry sauce and this looks great – especially in summer

    I can’t say that I have ever loved pink – even today it makes me squirm but I make allowances for Sylvia – some of my most horrid dresses as a child were pink – but I am really jealous of your flowers and green bedroom – how I would love that – though the intensity might get me down eventually – I love some colour in my decor but have learnt that muted works best

    and here’s to lots of ice cream and a hope you have a happy new year in 2014

    • Thanks, Johanna! In retrospect, I see that the wallpaper was WAY too much (plus those walls!!), but the flowers were lovely individually. 😉 I’m not that much into pink these days except as accent pieces (or ice cream). Hope this cools you off this summer! And have a wonderful new year as well! xoxo

  3. We had our share of colorful walls growing up. My mom joked that she never lived in a house where there was a white wall, except in the garage. 🙂 From purple to lime green to leather (yes, we had a leather wall), there was never a dull moment! At one point we even had curtain rods made out of copper tubing, a purple ceiling, and a red kitchen (as in bright lipstick red). That said, she always pulled it together tastefully and it never looked over the top.

    This ice cream looks amazing! Such a creative way to use up cranberry sauce. Happy New Year! 🙂

    • Wow, Hallie, that *does* sound very colorful!! LOL! I think it can be done and work well if the decorator has the right eye for what goes together, and if it’s not excessive. My three green walls were definitely excessive! 😉

      Hope your New Year is a great one, too–here’s to lots of fun, health, success and happiness in 2014! xoxo

  4. I love the idea if using silicone cups to store, great idea and love the colors too!

    • Brenda, I’ve found it’s by far the easiest way to freeze things. . . and since I’m still afraid to actually bake with them, this way I use them! LOL!

  5. Oh what a delightful post, Ricki! I treasured every word and loved the ending! Great recipe, too. I believe that the very best recipes are often simple one like this one made with a “leftover” ingredient that needs repurposing. I can’t imagine a prettier color … for ice cream. 😉 Brilliant recipe, dear!

    Growing up, I had a pink room and then when our basement was finished, I got to have my room downstairs (which I LOVED for sneaking out to the family room–also in the basement–and secretly staying up late and watching tv, particularly basketball). One wall was paneled and the others were orange, a pale orange, but still orange. I chose the color, but it, too, did not live up to my color chip expectations. LOL As far as your wallpaper, I had a dress like that back in 8th grade. No kidding! For added flair, it had a big bow in the front, which went all the way to the hem! I loved it when mom got it for me though!


    • Your room sounds great, Shirley, and lots in common with mine! Maybe it’s the teenaged thing? 😉 And I’d love to see a pic of that dress some time–LOL!! I do agree that the color of the ice cream is lovely, though. 🙂

  6. Haha, I don’t wear pink (or rarely) but do love it so it’s nice to have pink food! I do still have a girly bedroom- white wallpaper with a blue floral print 🙂
    How much stevia do you tend to use for this?

  7. I came across this on Pinterest, it looks so scrumptious. Even though it’s winter I want to whip up a batch of this tomorrow. The colour is gorgeous. Lovely photos you have!

    • Thank you so much, Preeti–and thanks for your comment! I loved the color, too–and actually, it’s the middle of winter here and we’ve been enjoying this all week! It somehow brightens the day in the midst of all the snow and ice. 🙂

  8. The ice cream is gorgeous!

    I once painted my bedroom a vibrant pink and the walk in closet purple. There was one wall papered with some pink and purple flowers in a sort of combination Japanese and hippie 70’s look (if you can imagine that!) I am not even a pink girl! It was a mistake I lived with for a few years so I totally understand. I wish I could say I was a young girl when I did that but no, I was already married and had two children. My husband winced at the color choices but he wanted to make me happy. He too had to love with my mistake for several years.

  9. I love this ice cream making tip! I’m totally trying it. I made candy cane ice cream on Boxing Day and it didn’t solidify in my ice cream maker – the kitchen was too darn hot 🙁 It made for a yummy smoothie for everyone though! There’s always a bright side.
    When I was a teenager I got to redo my room. I chose a different primary colour for each wall. I’m so grateful my parents let me do that! I’m sure it influenced me, to this day I still pick and love bright colours!
    Happy New Year Ricki! xo

    • Nice to hear that worked out for you, Maggie! And nice when parents let us make our own choices (and mistakes). 🙂 Hope the ice cream is a winner for you! Have a happy New Year as well–looking forward to 2014! xo

  10. Simplicity! I love it. Delightful recipe Ricki. I’m putting it on my list next year for fabulous ways to use up leftovers!

  11. I am wondering why the cranberry sauce (and ice cream) are listed as okay in stage one when, from everything I have found so far on here, the only fruits allowed are lemons, limes and avocado. While I have never been a big fruit person, my cravings have kicked in and having something like this would be wonderful! I just would like to know why they are okay.

    There is so much information out there it is hard to determine what to follow… especially with the ridiculous brain fog and exhaustion I have. I swear I change my mind every day on how I am going to approach this. I am in a very slow phase of weaning out foods. I have removed caffeine (over two weeks now), sugar (6 days now, although I have had a couple of minor and truly accidental slips), and am just starting to remove dairy except for my organic yogurt (I plan to switch to homemade goat’s milk yogurt when I finish with the cow’s milk yogurt I have now). Anyway! All of that to say I really appreciate the time you have taken to share your experiences and the information you have learned along the way. 🙂

    • TJ, cranberries are usually in the same category as lemon, lime and avocado; they are almost always allowed in the early stages of every candida diet. Do you see somewhere on this site where I say not to have cranberries in stage one? I ate them from the very beginning. They are so low in sugar that no one I know of prohibits them. So, from my perspective, this ice cream is a perfect stage one dessert if made with stevia only, especially since it contains coconut milk, a great source of caprylic acid (anti-fungal). Of course, you should confirm with your own healthcare provider before you eat this or any of the recipes on my blog!

      And thanks so much for your kind comment about the information and posts. My goal is to help people go through the diet more easily and quickly than I did! 🙂

      • I did not see anywhere that specifically mentioned that cranberries are a no-no in stage one, but when you listed stage one fruits, cranberries were not included. The only place on your site I can recall at the moment is in your Candida FAQ, in the “Which sweeteners can I have?” section; you mention lemons, limes and avocados as the only fresh fruits allowed. I can’t think of the other place(s) I may have noticed, and quite frankly they may even have been on another site, my brain fog is honestly that bad! 🙂

        Thank you so much for the quick reply! My cranberry ice cream mix was already cooling in my fridge (waiting to put in my ice cream maker) when I sent the initial comment while I crossed my fingers and hoped. 🙂

  12. Do you have to use full fat coconut milk or is low fat ok?

  13. I love cranberry sauce! I made this ice cream and it taste great and soooo easy to make!!! bonus points for that! The subtle taste of lime is just perfect! I tried the stevia , but just can’t get past the aftertaste, so I opted for a wee bit of coconut sugar. So good ! and with the heat we are having, it’s perfect timing to have this recipe show up in my inbin.

  14. I am cooking for my child who in addition to this also has allergies to coconut, every nut except almonds and hazlenuts, garlic, and mint. She is 14 and has sugar cravings through the roof and now with the holidays coming it is more difficult. I thought this ice cream would work for her until I saw the coconut…do you know of ANY other substitute so this child can have something that she is craving, please? I feel so sorry for her and can’t imagine how difficult this is for her and want to make something enjoyable for her. Thank you.

    • Loretta, you could try a mix of hazelnut nut butter and almond milk. For each cup of coconut milk, use 1/2 to 2/3 cup almond milk and 1/3 to 1/2 cup hazelnut butter (or almond butter, actually, but hazelnut is a bit creamier). When you mix the nut butter with the milk, it will create a VERY thick and rich “milk.” That should work instead of coconut milk (though I’ve never tried this–can’t guarantee 100%, but my gut says it will work). In fact, I would try this ice cream first before the cranberry (omit the apple topping), as I think it would be more appealing (and it’s great with chopped chocolate or chocolate chips if she can have those). Try it out and let me know how it goes! I have lots of sweet recipes on the blog without coconut or those other ingredients, so take a look around at the baked goods and sweets category, and you might find something you like!

  15. Can’t wait to try this ice cream. I am sick of feeding my sugar addicted son honey!


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