Green Power Burgers from Coconut and Berries

Today please welcome Emma from Coconut and Berries.

Emma from Coconut and Berries

I first remember “meeting” Emma via my weekly Wellness Weekend events. She wowed me right from the start with the incredible submissions from her blog! Emma’s recipes are not only creative and healthy, they are incredibly beautiful, too. Along with studying languages at university, she’s also an incredibly talented photographer. You may have seen some of her work on my friend Dreena’s blog, where Emma’s photos feature prominently.  And I’m so pleased to say that she’s also one of the testers for my upcoming book, The Candida-Free Kitchen (tentative title)! See some of her cookbook creations here.

Today, she bring a fantastic main dish to the blog. I’ll let Emma take it from here! Thanks so much for today’s recipe, Emma. 🙂

 Green Power Burgers with Aioli

Hello Ricki’s readers! I’m a long-time reader of Ricki’s blog myself and have made countless numbers of her delicious recipes over the years. Offering my “services” by guest-posting while she’s busy working away on her next cookbook is the least I can do to repay her.

Today, I bring you one of my own recipes – Green Power Burgers!

A veggie burger is one of those recipes everyone needs to have up their sleeve. They seem to appeal to everyone, vegetarians and omnivores alike, and what I especially like about them, is that they can be frozen so I always have a quick meal on hand for those evenings when I’m too tired to cook.
Of course not all veggie burgers are created equal. I don’t know if this is the case all over the world but at least in England store-bought burgers are….somewhat lacking. To me a veggie burger should actually contain vegetables (!) but still be dense and hearty, and definitely not fall apart when baking like many of the recipes I’ve tried.

Green Power Burger Ingredients

My “Green Power Burgers” hit the jackpot. Made from a base of edamame and buckwheat they’re grain-free and high in protein. Plenty of fresh herbs amp up the flavour, and along with the kale, lime and pumpkin seeds, make them worthy of their name.

Green Power Burgers

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  1. Yum! Lots of my favourite ingredients- i’ve never seen burgers made with green beans (instead of black) like it! Good to see you over here Emma 🙂

  2. Yum, yum. These look fantastic. I love all things green. This is on my kitchen planner for next week’s suppers. Thank you so much for the fab recipes.

  3. Thanks so much for having me Ricki! It’s lovely to be able to share a recipe over here. Hope your readers enjoy my “Green Power Burgers” 😉

  4. Wow those burgers sound great – my beef (no pun intended) with many of the easy to buy vegie burgers is that they either are just mashed potato and a few other veg or they are too meaty for me. I will always love a green burgers esp if it is hearty and doesn’t fall apart.

  5. Those burgers looks so yummy and tempting… Thank you for this.

  6. How are these considered grain free if they have buckwheat????

  7. What a great idea..never thought of using edamame. I bet they taste great. You are so inventive, Emma!

  8. Dear ricki
    So I have your latest cookbook and I have only made one recipe yet the One with bananas and oats and coconut and we loved it!!! Anyway can you tell me if garfava flour is the same thing as Bob’s red mills garbanzo fava flour mix?? Thanks in advance!

  9. I totally agree about everything you’ve said about Emma, a very talented chef and beautiful photographer – yet another winning recipe Emma!

  10. Yum, these look fabulous! I am a big fan of Emma’s and continue to be impressed by her food and photography. I love that these are made with buckwheat as I recently fell in love with them. Edamame are also a favorite of mine. I will definitely have to try this burger soon!

  11. These look so incredible! I just love that green color. And fabulous idea to use an edamame/buckwheat base. Oh, I can’t wait!

  12. These burgers look and sound amazing! Emma is indeed a hugely talented recipe developer & photographer. We share similar tastes so I’d happily eat my way through everything on her blog 😉
    Emma’s as lovely in real life as she’s come across on the web. (I’m lucky enough to have her studying in my home town this year!)

  13. Emma,
    Have you ever tried making these with quinoa? Buckwheat doesn’t agree with me. Quinoa is a bit wetter but both have a similar texture when processed so I was wondering if I could just use a slightly lesser amount of quinoa in lieu of the buckwheat. I just wanted to know if you’ve ever tried a similar switch in any of your recipes successfully. Thanks!

    • Hi Liz,
      I’m afraid I haven’t tried them with quinoa. I reckon it could work in place of the buckwheat, though, as you say, quinoa is wetter and softer so they will likely not be as hearty and firm. Sorry I can’t give you any more guidance. If you do give them a go please let me know how you get on!

  14. I am always looking for that next new recipe, and I think I found it here. Thanks so much. I haven’t plunged into edamame yet. This will inspire me. Much appreciated.

  15. These look great! I just found your blog and you have some wonderful recipes!:)

  16. What should I do with the water? It’s in the ingredient list, but not in the recipe itself.

    • Hannah, it’s included in the “pumpkin seeds through chia seeds” section. Everything between those two ingredients should be added at that time. Hope that helps. 🙂

  17. Ooh, I love all of the green in these—my favorite color! And these burgers look so tasty!

  18. I love just about any kind of green food, and these burgers look great!

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