Chocolate Cinnamon Heart Sandwich Cookies for Valentine’s Day

Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Vegan chocolate cinnamon heart cookies

I couldn’t let Valentine’s Day arrive without popping back on the blog to say hello and wish you all a very sweet day with your loved ones this week! (Plus, I’ve missed you all!). 

I decided to bake these Chocolate Cinnamon Heart Sandwich Cookies for my honey even if I won’t be indulging myself. Besides, this is the perfect reminder to the HH that V-Day is almost here and he’d better order those long-stemmed roses asap, since florists are going to sell out really quickly! (Okay, I jest. If you’ve been reading this blog for any time at all, you may remember that the HH has bought me flowers a total of two times in our entire 17 years together).

Okay, HH, you don’t have to get me long-stemmed roses. Tulips will do just fine.

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On another note, I just wrapped up the first-ever Candida Kick-Start program and was blown away by the incredibly motivated, determined, inspiring group of women in the group. It was great for me, as well, to re-visit Stage One of the anti-candida diet as we made our way through it together. If you’re about to start the diet or are thinking about it, I’ll be running another group in March or April. Get your name on the waiting list by emailing me at And if you’re already on the diet and want to enjoy some “ACD-approved” treats for Valentine’s Day, take a peek at Desserts without Compromise, my ebook of ACD-friendly desserts.

And if you (like me) are baking for your sweetie this holiday, here’s the easy and impressive sandwich cookie I promised you that you can bake up with plenty of time for your romantic dinner on  Friday. If you prefer, the cookies are lovely on their own, too, with a crisp, buttery texture almost like shortbreads.  With the chocolate buttercream sandwiched between, they’re over-the-top delicious.  For a bit of color-contrast, you can use this orange buttercream instead. And feel free to cut it into rose (or tulip) shapes, too.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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“Mum, we miss the blog, too! It’s tough not being in the limelight any more. . . I think we’re going to need some extra treats this Valentine’s Day to make up for it.”

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  1. Those are beautiful, Ricki. And I do hear you–if I want flowers, I buy them myself. I bought myself sunflowers for my birthday last year and was stunned when E got me some. Granted, he’s done a little better than twice is the past 15 years, but just edges the HH by a nose…

    • Thanks, Cheryl! We should get our guys together and teach them both a lesson one day–LOL!! I do buy flowers for myself when I want to have them around, too. And tulips really are my fave. 🙂 Hope you and E have a happy V-Day, flowers or not! xoxo

  2. wonderful 😉 the sweet treat every woman’d like to eat at s valentine’s day 😉 and it’s even healthy *_*

  3. Nice to hear from you online – delighted to get a dose of your humour and delicious recipes for V Day. I keep wondering if I should turn to my valentines day cookie cutters but am waiting for the energy (and after all E is enjoying your brownie with yoghurt so he is not short of treats)

    • Thanks, Johanna! 🙂 And glad E liked the brownies–can’t wait to read the official response! 😉 Hope you all have a happy Valentine’s Day in some sunshine over there. 🙂 xo

  4. These look wonderful Ricki! There’s just something about sandwich cookies that scream a little something special 🙂 And I already love your frosting recipe so I know I would love these!

  5. Wow, these look delicious! I love cinnamon and chocolate alone, and together!! Have a happy Valentine’s Day Ricki.

  6. What is “stevia”? I’ve seen it in a few recipes, but never heard of it before and don’t know what it does. Is it an ingredient that, if not found in local stores, can be substituted with something else or omitted altogether with no problem to the desired results?

  7. Oh my, these look delicious! I won’t be indulging either, but I need to do something for my sweetie too 🙂
    So grateful to have been a part of the Candida Kickstart with you Ricki, thank you for all of your hard work, knowledge and support these last two weeks! I have learned so much, and am happy to be on the road to better health xo

    • Thanks so much, Christa! It was an honor to be there with all of you! And I know you’ll continue on that healthy road, for sure. Here’s to reaching your destination soon! xo

  8. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever made sandwich cookies?! These look wonderful. I love the sound of both frostings.
    P.S. I prefer tulips to roses anyway 😀

  9. These look super tasty, Ricki! I have a funny rose story. When we moved to NYC and I saw that you can get a dozen roses for $9.99 at almost every corner store, I told the Husband that I had a new rule. He must buy me a dozen roses once a month. He can choose the day, so it will be a surprise, but the month can not go by without roses. He agreed! The first month, he came home, and I realized that I gave away all of my vases when we moved! Ha! So we now have a new pretty vase and monthly flowers. I found the one and only thing that’s cheaper in the city and am benefiting greatly from it! 🙂

    Have Valentine’s Day!

    • Great idea, Heather! And that’s so funny about the vase. We had a similar deal for a while, where the HH could bring home any kind of flowers he wanted (also choosing whatever day as a surprise). That lasted. . . about one month!! LOL! So these days, I just buy my own flowers. 😉


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