Divine Mango Pie from Tess Challis

Today please welcome Tess Challis!

Tess Challis

photo credit: Melissa Schwartz

I’m so excited to have Tess Challis here on the blog today! Tess is a four-time cookbook author, wellness coach, vegan caterer and healthy eating educator. Many of you are already familiar with Tess’s site, Radiant Health, Inner Wealth, where she shares tips about  a healthy vegan diet, cooking techniques, yummy recipes and more. In fact, over a year ago, Janet (whom you’ll meet in a future guest post!) asked me to interview Tess for my “Six Degrees” series. That post is currently in the works, but today, you can you can get a sense of the woman herself and this fabulous recipe!

Tess and I have never actually met, but I look forward to the day that we do (but let’s make it your home town, Tess, rather than this winter wasteland that is Toronto right now!). Despite how busy she is, she always manages to exude an air of calm, happiness and warmth. All the qualities you’d want in a wellness coach! Plus yummy, whole-foods recipes like this mango pie. Thanks so much, Tess!

Divine Mango Pie from Tess Challis | RickiHeller.com

photo credit: Janet Malowany

This pie is the embodiment of love. With mango season coming up soon, you’ll be in heaven when you try this nourishing, flavorful creation! Can you believe that it’s sweetened only with whole fruits? You’ll have to try it for yourself to believe something this delicious is also so healthy!

Divine Mango Pie from Tess Challis | RickiHeller.com

photo credit: Janet Malowany

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Tess Challis is an author, vegan chef, and wellness coach. Tess began her holistic health journey in her late teens. After a lifetime of numerous health ailments (severe acne, obesity, strep throat, constant illnesses, anxiety, and depression), she found that a healthy plant-based diet along with an inner wellness regime of meditation, affirmations, and visualization made a world of difference. In 1994, she began sharing this knowledge through cooking instruction, meditation classes, workshops, and coaching.

Tess’s books include Radiant Health, Inner Wealth, The Two-Week Wellness Solution, and Radiance 4 Life. Her newest book, Get Waisted: 100 Addictively Delicious Plant-Based Entrées, was co-authored by Dr. Mary Clifton.

Tess runs her business Radiant Health, Inner Wealth and is also the co-founder of Get Waisted, a program that helps others lose weight and gain health joyfully.

Tess lives in Bradenton, Florida with her husband Carl (head chef at ionie) and daughter Alethea (Alethea, Vegan Kid Chef). So, what you’re basically dealing with here is a vegan gang—except they only threaten to kill you with kindness and delicious flavors.

You can find Tess on her RHIW website, the Get Waisted website, and also on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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  1. oh boy does this look good????????? and mangoes are amongst my favourite fruits – will make for my breakfast – i’m worth it:)

  2. Yum! I adore mango and dried mango is such a treat.
    Lovely to see Tess over here too 🙂

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, Ricki, but you have the wrong link!

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