Watermelon Gazpacho & The Blender Girl Cookbook Review!

[Watermelon Gazpacho from The Blender Girl cookbook is vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, egg free, soy-free, nut-free, yeast-free and suitable for Stage 3 and beyond on an anti-candida diet.]

The Blender Girl's vegan, sugar-free watermelon gazpacho on rickiheller.com

There’s a new cookbook out that’s been causing all kinds of buzz. If you listen closely, you might hear it. . . it sounds like a blender buzzing!

One of the most anticipated book launches of the season was for my friend Tess Masters‘ new cookbook, The Blender Girl: 100 Gluten-Free, Vegan Recipes. It’s s a visually stunning, jam-packed resource, guide and cookbook featuring “super-easy, super-healthy meals, snacks, desserts & drinks.” The book is also clearly a work of art that’s made to last,  with a sturdy, thick cover and pages substantial enough to hold up to long-term use.

The Blender Girl Book Coversm

Flip through this gorgeous tome and you’ll find breathtaking photos of all kinds of dishes from drinks to appetizers to main courses to dessert. As Tess quips in her introduction, these recipes don’t require that we “check our teeth at the door.” Instead, the delectable array of comestibles makes use of a blender in some way, whether for smoothies, sauces, dressings, pates, desserts or more. The dazzling photos by Australia’s Anson Smart are interspersed with equally appealing shots of Tess herself prepping, sipping, or just hanging out, a friendly invitation to cook and nibble with the book’s author.

Okay, I’m friends with the author, so I already loved this book before it was published. 😉 But if you’ve ever met Tess or seen her interviewed, you already know that this woman is a force of nature. Given her ebullient energy, whip-smart wellness advice and hilarious wit, you’ll not only learn something from The Blender Girl; you’ll have fun at the same time.

Vegan, gluten free, sugar-free watermelon gazpacho on rickiheller.com

Tess’s same warmth and playfulness infuse the book’s text, even when it covers essential information about how to choose and use your blender, which ingredients combine for best effect or confer maximum health benefits, why raw foods are so healthful, the acid/alkaline balance in foods, proper food combining, and more. Tess’ wealth of knowledge about healthy eating is evident on every page, both through the detailed information and through photos of the author, demonstrating that she truly does live the lifestyle she advocates.

The second section of the book features the recipes. And oh, what recipes! I adore the Tastes-Like-Ice-Cream-Kale Smoothie (one of Tess’s signature recipes) and was thrilled to help test out the the Fluffy GF Pancakes. Other dishes I can’t wait to sink my teeth into are the Artichoke and White Bean Dip; Fresh Spring Rolls with Orange Almond Sauce; Asian Arugula Salad; Spicy Chickpea Burgers; I-Love-Veggies! Bake; Savory, Sweet and Spicy Crepes; Chocolate Truffles; and Sugar-Free No-Pumpkin Pie. But really, they all sound divine to me. And because the recipes are made with whole, often raw and naturally unprocessed foods, I was able to find many candida-diet friendly recipes in the book, too.

If you’re looking for a great resource about mostly-raw–and entirely healthful–eating, how to use your blender to best advantage, plus a collection of fresh, irresistible recipes that are also incredibly good for you, go on out and get yourself a copy of The Blender Girl, pronto!

I’ll be sharing more about the book next month, but in the meantime, Tess has graciously allowed me to share this recipe for Watermelon Gazpacho. It’s the perfect soup for summer months when all you crave is something refreshing and slurpy. Gazpacho is one of the HH’s favorite soups, and I must admit he was a little skeptical when I told him what was in this sweet-and-spicy version. But the recipe didn’t let me down! He raved about it, and we both couldn’t stop guzzling it (even going as far as doing this). Made entirely with fresh, raw ingredients, the soup is a naturally enzyme-rich and nourishing bowlful. With its brilliant red hue, the soup would also make a perfect first course for any July 4th celebration.

Kudos to Tess on this incredible achievement. And here’s to even more buzz–especially in all our kitchens!

The Blender Girl's watermelon gazpacho on rickiheller.com

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  1. That looks incredibly delicious, Ricki! Wonderful review! Tess IS a force of nature. I’ve not met her in person yet, but I look forward to meeting her one day! I need to review her book, too. It’s as vibrant and “alive” as she is. Now I want that Tastes Like Ice Cream Kale Smoothie. Adding kale to my grocery list. 😉


  2. This looks so so delicious! Gazpacho is one of my favourite summer meals and I would love to try this less conventional recipe.
    I’ve only discovered Tess in recent months but am loving her recipes.
    Added this book to my wishlist!

  3. wow that soup looks amazing – can’t wait for summer to try it – and I now am regretting not stopping to browse the book when I saw it in a bookstore on the weekend but in my defence I had sylvia with me who is very practiced in the art of distraction. Hopefully it will be there next I am visit the store.

  4. what a great idea! i never would have though to make a gazpacho out of watermelon.. definitely perfect for summer, love it!


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