Is There One “Right” Anti-Candida Diet?

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[Can you eat this delicious Pumpkin Fudge on an anti-candida diet? (Why, yes. Yes you can.).]

Are you thinking of starting an anti-candida diet, or wonder if it’s right for you? Do you feel lost about where to start? Look at the different anti-candida diets out there, and you’ll find almost as many diets as there are people ON the diet! How do you know which one works, or which foods are okay?

Well, in this Google+ Hangout on Air that Andrea (co-author of Living Candida-Free) and I did, we discuss this very topic: is there one “ideal” anti-candida diet? And if so–what the heck is it?

We had fun chatting about how we came to work together on the book, other anti-candida diets out there and how our approach is different, how to know which foods to eat or avoid, and more. I really enjoyed answering viewers’ questions, too, about grains/legumes/nuts, ketosis, and SIBO. (If you have your own questions, be sure to join us next time, or leave questions right here in the comments on this page. Subscribe to my weekly newsletter to receive notice of upcoming hangouts).

I also mentioned the special bonus offer for anyone who preorders the book (see below the video for details!). (NOTE: This offer is no longer available. HOWEVER, the sampler digital cookbook with 10 exclusive recipes you can’t get anywhere else, is available here).

And if you have any questions you’d like us to address in future hangouts, please leave a comment below and we’ll take it up then!

I hope you found this video useful. Stay tuned for more coming up! And if you have any questions about candida or the anti-candida diet that you’d like me and Andrea to answer, please comment below and let us know!



  1. I only listened for a bit, Ricki, but I am curious about your pronunciation of candida. It is different than how most of the medical community pronounces it and I wonder why. This is how we say it:

    • Hi Janet,
      Yes, I know that the word is pronounced in two ways. I first encountered this difference about 10 years ago when I taught my very first “anti-candida” cooking class! One of the participants was an MD and she told me, “You’re pronouncing it wrong.” 😉 Actually, for some reason, the alternative/holistic community all pronounce it “can DEE da” while the allopathic community pronounce if “CAN di daahh.” Personally, I think that’s a good thing, since the definition of what “candida/candida” actually IS differs, too. From what I understand (please correct me if I’m wrong), allopathic medicine still defines “candidiasis” as a systemic blood infection (or serious infection of mucus membranes, such as the eyes) that is immediately life-threatening and usually occurs in those who are severely immuno-compromised (such as AIDS patients, people on chemotherapy, etc). The alternative community is referring to something much more common and chronic: a systemic overgrowth of candida that begins in the gut and then causes symptomatic effects potentially in every system of the body. So someone with recurrent vaginal yeast infections, fungal rashes, toenail fungus, etc. could have holistic/alternative “canDEEda” infection without risking death in the imminent future. How or why the two different pronunciations came about, I have no idea. . . but if you ever listen to any of the online summits with holistic professionals like Mark Hyman, MD or Christa Orecchio, you will hear them all pronounce it “can-DEE-da”. Hope that helps! 🙂

  2. Haha, yeah I figured the pronunciation may have wanted to delineated a difference. Your allopathic definition is spot on. Thanks for replying!

  3. Rebecca D. says

    I will be buying your book this week. So, I haven’t had a chance to read all of your research yet. I was planning on going the vegan route and that is why your book interested me so much. My tummy has deteriorated so much over the years that I am having trouble eating more and more foods. I’ll have to adjust the dietary suggestions in your book to accommodate my needs.

    My question is regarding fermented foods. I have taken high dose probiotic tablets in the past without any gut changes but, I also wasn’t on any dietary protocols either. Do fermented foods work like little pac men and slowly kill the bad yeast and return the gut to a healthier condition?

    Thanks for your help!
    Rebecca D.

    • Hi Rebecca,
      Congratulations on making this move! Unfortunately, what you describe here is all to common for many people. Fermented foods and probiotics don’t directly kill candida. They are essential to a healthy gut, and they will take up residence where the candida dies to repopulate the gut with the appropriate ratio of “good” to “bad” organisms. If you have questions about the diet or how to stick with it, I offer one-on-one coaching that might be more helpful. Good luck with the diet–it is challenging at first, but so worth it in the end! 🙂

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