Candida Corner Video: Can You Ever Really Heal from Candida?

Today’s video is the first in my “Candida Corner” series, where I answer your most-asked questions about candida and provide tips and strategies for living well on the anti-candida diet.

Today’s question is, “Can you ever really be cured of candida? Will you ever be able to go back to eating your ‘regular’ diet?” .

In this video, I offer my thoughts and experience with this issue and how a small shift in perspective can make all the difference.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think, or ask a question for a future video!

If you folks enjoy these, I’ll continue to post on a regular basis. πŸ™‚

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  1. Great video- I loved it. Thanks.

  2. Kim Woodward says

    Great information from you as your video chats..looking forward to seeing more in the future. .I have several topics I’m curious about…probiotics(how much and what kind to take )..I seem to be taking a lot of supplements trying to figure this out..I take cinnamon. .probiotics. .candida support (has oregano walnut..and caprylic acid)..fiber pills. .b-12..vitc..seems like I wasting money?…is tea tree oil good for anti fungal rash es??..think I have on my leg and inside my nose..also eliminating my bowels..started taking clear lax at night..which I didn’t want to do cuz a lot of chemical..just always had a feeling that I had to there anything else you recommend? Alot of questions sorry. .is feel you have a wealth of knowledge. .thanks for sharing and help people like me that struggle thru this :). .is have been doing this since September. .is can see light at the end of the tunnel. .

    • Thanks so much, Kim! And thanks for all these great questions–I’m sure there are others out there, too, who can benefit from them. I will add these to my list and work though over time as I post the chats. And so glad there is light at the end of your tunnel–it does come in time!

  3. I loved the video Ricki! Your honesty about accepting that Candida never really goes away and it has to be controlled. I think this goes for people who are gluten-free, allergic to certain foods etc. We all have to know our limits and do what we have to do to prevent any recurring symptomes. Again, great video.


    • Thanks so much, Arlene. I think with any health issue, knowing your individual limits is key. I’ve found a balance that works for me–and I firmly believe the same can be true for anyone else out there. πŸ™‚

  4. The video was great to watch this morning. I was recently put on a candida diet. I am on day 8. It seems like I am never going to get better. I still feel tired, joints are achy and other symptoms. πŸ™
    Your video was inspiring. Thank you. .

    • Hi Mechelle,
      Thank you so much–and yes, Day 8 is VERY early–things DO get better from there!! It does sometimes feel like things will never get better. . . when I feel discouraged sometimes, I just think about where I was 5 years ago, and I realize how far I have come. I also think about my “healthy” friends who eat processed foods, sugar, etc., and realize that some of them have more health problems than I do right now–even with my candida! So hang in there. Glad you found the video helpful. πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for starting this series Ricki. I know it’s going to be helpful. I really appreciate your realistic approach to treating candida…though it is a little depressing knowing that it’s hard to get rid of for good.
    I have a question: How do you get yourself back on the ACD bandwagon when you know you know you need to? I’m so resistant to doing the whole ACD thing as, though I’ve started to get symptoms again, they’re irritating but not completely unbearable!

    • Emma, you CAN get rid of it for good! We are each unique, and I know there are people who’ve gone on from an anti-candida program to never have an inkling of candida again. I think it depends on where you are when you start, how long you’d had it, how serious it is, etc etc. In my case, with 40 years of “bad behavior” (candida-wise) behind me, I think there had just been too much damage already done for me to get back to 100% of where I was when I was, say, 20.

      To answer your question, you just keep trying! It took me three go-rounds before I accepted the fact that I just can’t eat sugar, period. But please don’t get as sick as I was before you go back to it (ie, don’t let it get to the point of “completely unbearable”)! I think resistance is totally natural (though definitely not futile!), because who wants to give up the food and drink we’re used to? But think of it as just moving to a different kind of yummy. πŸ˜‰ And don’t forget that the candida itself is very powerful and pushes you toward ITS food–sugars and carbs. Don’t be fooled by that evil little fungus–you do NOT need to eat those things to be happy in life. πŸ˜‰

  6. Seriously, you just make me smile!!

    You know, I see people all the time saying that they’ve been trying for 10-20 years and haven’t gotten ANY better. I always wonder what they’re doing. I know we’re all different with our healing times and whatnot, but I think that there’s more going on with those folks? I haven’t figured it out yet.

    Anyway, great video – definitely going to share everywhere!

    Also, IDK if you saw on Facebook, but I did win the Hippocrates 2015 Acts of Education Award!!!! I posted about it, along with my ramblings about the law of attraction –
    Thanks, Ricki!!! xo

    • I’d agree with you on that one, Rachael. I do think that many times, there are other issues going on for people who don’t heal over time. Sometimes the problem is figuring out what those issues are, though! Often with candida, there are many different threads that intersect and affect a person at the same time. . . a good practitioner can help to tease those out so that healing can happen.

  7. This was a great video, can’t wait to here the next ones.

  8. Really enjoyed your video, Ricki. You are such a natural in front of the camera. Sugar itself has never been too big of a problem for me. I know I’m very blessed. However, carbs seem to be my issue and over the winter I packed on an extra 10 lbs., which I’m not at all pleased with myself. Are carbs an issue because they turn into sugar? How does one fight the urge to feel full without carbs. Should they be eliminated all together? Also, what about red wine. I read that it is good for you, but is it really? My rosacea flares when I have just one small glass. I may not “feel” any candida symptoms, but if my rosacea flares after a small glass of wine, I think my body’s trying to tell me something. Looking forward to your next video.

    • Hi Linda, I couldn’t say whether candida is a problem for you or not, obviously, but I do know that many folks with candida crave carbs of all kinds (because yes, they do convert to sugar in the body). I find that lots of high-fiber veggies help me feel full when I’m craving sweets or carbs. Beans and legumes are also good–they fill you up with lots of healthy fiber and protein (plus a few complex carbs)–a great way to feel satisfied for a long time. And don’t forget that healthy fats take longer to digest than carbs, so they will also help you feel satiated. Rosacea is a more complex issue and I think would be a great topic for another video, along with “healthy” foods like red wine (which can, indeed, be very healthy for some folks!). And I come from the school of thought that says, “if you think your body is trying to tell you something. . .it probably is.” πŸ˜‰

  9. Linda Bucher says

    Your videos are very informative, I hope you keep making them. I have a hard time with eating out, all I can have is salad, I eat out with friends once in awhile. One recently asked me if I was ever going to be able to eat normal, like having a piece of pie. Apparently not, as I added a few to many normal foods and I am back with the candida again, it is very discouraging.

    • I know it can be frustrating, Linda. I do think there’s a balance. . . but you have to be patient to get there. And things like “regular” pie, etc. are just off the table for me. I do have all kinds of sweet treats, but mostly make them myself (or buy the ones sweetened with coconut sugar/stevia/agave). You will get there! πŸ™‚

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