Smooth Operator Smoothie from Living Candida-Free

A rich, creamy, sweet smoothie without fruit! Smooth Operator Smoothie is dairy-free, egg-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free, soy-free, yeast-free and low glycemic. So drink up!

Fruit-free, candida diet, vegan smoothie recipe

[Low sugar Mojito Smoothie and Smooth Operator Smoothies from Living Candida-Free. Photo: Nicole Axworthy.]

I’m back with another video! (This could become habit-forming). Today’s video, however, was filmed by my good friend and fellow Holistic Nutritionist Heather Nicholds.  Heather is currently in the midst of a month-long “Smoothiefest” and she invited me on-air to chat about smoothies, candida, and more while she whipped up the smoothie LIVE on screen!

If you follow (or have ever followed) an anti-candida or sugar-free diet, you know that it can be tough to create a smoothie without banana, mango, or other creamy fruits. In the early stages of the ACD, I wasn’t allowed any fruit at all except lemon, lime, unsweetened cranberries and avocado. Well, you’d better bet that I made full use of those four in those days!

Smooth Operator Smoothie from Living Candida-Free

[Heather’s completed smoothie. Photo: Heather Nicholds.]

I created this smoothie for anyone missing the creamy, rich, sweet and fruity taste of conventional smoothies, whether or not you’re on the ACD.  Learn more about the diet, and get the recipe, in the video below; for the recipe only, see this post, or find it in Living Candida-Free.

Do you drink fruit-less smoothies? If so, what’s your favorite ingredient mix? (And if not–would you be willing to try this one??). 😉


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  1. i love the videos! Please do more of them! : ) I have been on the ACD for ten weeks now, and I credit the guidelines and recipes in your book for making it possible. I do miss some of my old favorites (of course) but the recipes in your book are so delicious that I’m really happy with what I am able to eat. I watched this video while eating a breakfast of the single-serving pancakes from your book (yum.) Haven’t tried the smoothies yet because I’ve been leery of smoothies without my old, beloved banana- but this one looks so delicious that I will definitely give it a try. THANK YOU!!!

    • Yayyyy, Jenny, so great to hear that! And congrats on sticking with it! I do love doing videos, so will try to accommodate your request. And those pancakes are pretty much one of my top 5 recipes in the book–have them at least once a week. 🙂

  2. Where’s the recipe for this smoothie? 🙂

    • Hi E, the recipe is mentioned in the video itself, and also printed out on Heather’s site (see the link above the video, where it says, “Learn more about the diet, and get the recipe, in the video below; for the recipe only, see this post. . . “. Click on the orange link in “this post.” 🙂

  3. Thank you! I’m excited to try it 🙂


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