Anti-Candida Update and My 10-Day Detox Results

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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these “anti-candida update” posts, and given the changes over the past year, I thought it might be appropriate to share what’s been going on. (If you’re interested in the detox, skip to the video below).

I know that many of you out there are going through similar experiences when it comes to the long trajectory of clearing candida, so I hope this information will be helpful to all of you, too.

After following what I call a “candida maintenance” diet (no refined sweeteners, no gluten, no eggs, no dairy, no highly processed foods, no alcohol, no. . . lots of other things) for about 5 years now, I don’t even really have to think about my diet much any more. I go out with friends, I prepare my favorite foods (including most of my favorite desserts), I go to (select) restaurants with the HH, I travel.

Throughout it all, I’ve remained true to the diet. I have not consumed a single granule of white sugar or even a tiny bite of anything made with refined flours. I stay away from alcohol and super-sweet fruits like banana or mango; consume low glycemic fruits extremely frugally (say, a maximum of 3 times a week). I eat a plethora of raw foods and aim for about 50% raw in most meals.

And yet. . . my candida symptoms persist. I experienced a great improvement after being on the protocol along with prescription and herbal anti-fungals for about 6 months, back in 2009. After that, I continued to maintain a situation of about 90-95% reversal of the symptoms, but a slight rash still lingered and intensified whenever I overdid it on grains or my own candida-friendly treats (and especially testing for Naturally Sweet and Gluten-Free. Note to self: sampling two to five desserts a day–even low glycemic, “healthy” ones, really isn’t in the cards for someone with a history of candida).

And so, last summer, instead of the symptoms decreasing, they intensified. My rash worsened, and for the first time in my anti-candida journey, I developed thrush. Thrush?! (I cringed even writing that word). With lots of antifungals and a stricter dietary protocol, it cleared, but that, too, seems to return unannounced periodically, then requiring even more vigilance to reduce the symptoms.

Clearly, something’s not working here.

It was either Einstein, Tony Robbins, or Homer Simpson (thank you, internet) who said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” I think the same principle applies to the treatment of candida. So, I decided to take an entirely different tactic (no, I’m not going to drink turpentine just yet. You’ll be the first to know if I ever get there, though).

In today’s video, I’m going to talk about the program I followed, why I decided to detox, and the results I saw. 


  • The conventional view of detoxing
  • Why I believe detoxing is super important for almost everyone
  • Why candida might not clear up, even if you’re “doing everything right”
  • My favorite spider story
  • The protocol I followed for 10 days
  • What did I eat on the diet? I tracked my meals starting here.
  • Herxheimer reaction: what is it, and what to expect
  • How I avoided a sinus infection
  • My experience–good and bad–over the 10 days


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  1. Thank you for creating this video about your current detox. I found it really helpful as I am on a similar healing journey. People like you who care and share make a world of difference.

    I appreciate the links and resources you list as well. Would love to see your ten day menu plan!

    For my detoxing protocol, daily I include health bouncing on my Rebounder, dry skin brushing, and acupressure foot massage. The dry skin brushing I actually find to be invigorating. The health bouncing helps move (and maybe drain?) lung, sinus and post nasal drip congestion, plus it moves the intestinal gas to help unblock it from my belly and intestines (and head, neck and chest!). The foot acupressure massage immediately helps with post nasal drip and digestion. Amazing! But lately it leaves me feeling weakened and nauseous and I’m not sure why. Too much toxins releasing maybe?

    Enjoy your trip with your HH 🙂 🙂

    • My pleasure, Trish. 🙂 For the menus, I sort of went with what I had on hand, and mixed it up from there. But that’s a great idea–I will work on creating a menu that works with this kind of detox!

      I also use a rebounder daily (or just about). Jumping helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and move the lymph, which could be why it helps with sinus issues (it works that way for me, too). Or maybe we’re just disturbing all that mucus so it can flow more freely? 😉 I think the nausea is a more serious issue that you should discuss with your practitioner. Any time we detox, nausea is a possibility–but still, you want to be safe.

      And thanks for the getaway wishes! 🙂

      • Thanks for all the great info! (and the reminder to pick up my dry body brush before I shower tonight!) You totally made me laugh when you stopped to take a deep breath – I don’t usually realize I need to do that until after the fact!

        For the trampoline, is there a particular one you like? I googled “rebounder” and tons of stuff came up. I can totally identify with the frustration of cleaning up and sticking to a relatively strict diet but still having 5-10% lingering symptoms, particularly skin related.

        Dr. Lauren Grace at Sarasota Integrative Medicine has a selection of cleanses – I haven’t done them myself buy my roommate did the regular one last year. She actually gave me the little bit that she had left at the end and I just took one of the ‘colon scrubber’ capsules today as my favorite pectin fiber source (apples!) are rather out of season right now I haven’t been feeling as good as usual. She has a cleanse specifically for Candida though. Every time I talk to Lauren though, I’m impressed my her depth of knowledge and her approach of really aiming to get to the root of someone’s symptoms with a holistic mindset. Maybe one to check out?

        Also, curious if you’ve ready anything about the Bulletproof diet at all? It’s not technically AC, (but I think you would recognize many elements of it within the guidelines) nor is it vegan (although it can be modified and I incorporate many modified elements of it in my own diet). But David Asprey did tons of research ($350k+ worth) into “biohacking” all his health issues and includes some pretty interesting info in his book. In particular, regarding inflammation from plant foods like lectin sensitivity from nightshades (in the tobacco family), oxalates –> oxalic adic crystal formation leading to inflammation and pain, and tons of other stuff. Much of which made me go “oh dear god please no!” when I read it, lol. You don’t have to respond on that, I just thought you would find it really interesting on your reading list if you haven’t read it. 🙂

        • Thanks so much for this, Shayna! I’m not familiar with Lauren Grace, so I will look into her stuff. 🙂

          I do know the Bulletproof diet and approach. I have tried higher-fat approaches as well, but for me, that much fat simply doesn’t work with my liver. Some people have either genetic mutations or long-standing stress on the liver that prevents us from metabolizing fat as effectively as we should be. I feel it if I have a bit too much coconut oil, or even nut butter, in a day. So for me, Bulletproof isn’t something that appeals or that I think would be healthy. (And quite honestly, a lot of what he recommends kinda grosses me out). It goes back to what I say repeatedly: we each need to find the diet / approach/ philosophy that works individually for each of us. In an ideal world, no two people would be eating the same thing, drinking the same thing, taking the same supplements, doing the same exercise, etc. etc.

          Oh, and finally–my rebounder is one that came with my treadmill many years ago–I’m due for a new one! So I’ll be asking around about best brands myself. But that sounds like a great topic for a future video! 😉

  2. Jacqueline says

    Thank you so much for this video Ricki! Learned so much! Never did a detox. Didn’t think the detoxing symptoms could be so strong. I have some lingering digestive issues also. However, personally I would be more interested in the more natural route…without the shakes….more adaptable to a first time detox I believe.

    • Glad it was useful, Jacqueline! Yes, the die-off reaction can be pretty intense, depending on how toxic the person is and how big the changes. I love your idea, though. Hmmmm. . . .!! 😉

  3. This was really interesting and your presentation felt like we were visiting one on one! (Thank you.) It also explained “why I feel the way I feel” after I eat certain foods (or avoid them) — gluten and dairy being the worst offenders. Haven’t tried a detox (yet) but this made me think about toxins I’m ingesting in general, and those “I do to myself.” Again, thanks, Ricki — exceptional information in an “easy to digest” video! (Please pardon the pun…) Best wishes on getting rid of your candida symptoms once and for all, and for volunteering to be a guinea pig for our benefit.

  4. Karen Mcconnell says

    Thankyou for your efforts with this site. I suspect most of the average population are walking around with if not candidas, then some level of bowel problem preventing absorption of the good nutrients from even the good foods we eat. We and our children are the guinea pig population of what this major shift of modern day diet causes. Ills of allsorts and not looking good going into old age. I’m watching my friends parents fall into alzhiemers,parkinson and so many more ills, or even as simple as can’t leave home because can no longer control bowels, (very humiliating for so many wonderful people. We dont get it until we’re ready and I’m just ready. So I’ve read a fantastic book that I want to buy and hand out to so many people I know, with cancer or other problems struggling with. ‘Recovering your health, the body ecology Diet and rebuilding your immunity’ by Donna Gates. I am in the middle of a detox called ‘Brett Elliots Ultimate Herbal DETOX” There is a choice over what period you do it, 1 week for super healthy, 2 weeks for average, (thats me), and 1 month for gentler, (which my husband is doing because he needs to go to work). Its handy to have read the book and include a lot of those recipes and to understand why not lots of different things, and how to support any efforts with the rebuilding of a new body gut system for good bacteria with things like keffir, probiotic yoghurt etc. I found the book easy and comprehensive, answering all the questiions I would have had and more. It helps to stick to something that requires discipline if you know why.(for me motivation is a good why). I am also going to do a colon irrigation and have found a healthspecialist I can talk to. I figure the commitment I’m making is really turning my eating lifestyle around which will set me up for life and healthy longegivity.

    • Thanks, Karen. I agree–so many chronic illnesses are becoming more and more prevalent. I also turned to Donna Gates when I was first diagnosed and find her work really good. Of course, now that my own book has been published, I kinda prefer that one. 😉 Good luck with it–I hope you find some relief and are able to heal your digestion and feel better soon!

  5. Thank you for your video! In researching the symptoms of candida, I feel that my daughter has them 100%. Over the last year, she has suffered with reoccurring streptococcus infections for the first time in her life at age 22. She has had several antibiotics (probably 6-7 doses). Presents with a white tongue and always thinks the streptococcus is coming back. She tried acupuncture and oregano oil as well as metagenic vitamins, but I truly feel she could benefit from this detox. She eats mostly vegetarian with occasional meat. Any ideas? Could this hurt? Thank you!

    • So sorry to hear about your daughter, Laura. The detox did help me, but to be used safely, it needs to be part of a larger protocol and not always a great idea to start with it too soon when someone is clearing candida. It sounds like your daughter is dealing with several different factors that would all need to be addressed. Sometimes conventional medicine doesn’t address candida, as it’s not something regular doctors perceive as a problem. I’m happy to chat more with your and/or your daughter if you’re interested in individual help with it. More info here.

  6. I really like what you had to say! I too have been dealing with candida for a year and am trying to detox myself. Taking prednisone is what caused my yeast infection problem in the first place. Biggest mistake ever!. I find that you can eat unprocessed meat (grilled chicken and pork chops) on the diet as long as they are not marinated in pepper, vinegar or vegetable oil. Just curious. Once the die off phase is over, does that mean you can go back to your normal diet for good? Before I took the prednisone, I was eating pizza, protein bars and drinking iced coffee almost every week with zero issues.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Ian, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, your question isn’t one I can answer, as I’m not a doctor and don’t know how prednisone would affect candida. For me, going back to the previous way of eating wasn’t an option. But I think everyone is different.

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