My Top Tips to Deal with Stress RIGHT NOW

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Quick: can you think of anyone you know who isn’t stressed, at least some of the time? (And if you can, are they conscious?).

Seriously, I’ve mentioned before that the HH is probably the most laid back person I’ve ever known. In 18 years together, I’ve seen him get upset. . . once. (I know, I am ridiculously lucky. Plus, I totally make up for it for the both of us.).

But even the HH gets stressed by work, or when Elsie wasn’t able to walk last year, or just by living in 2015.

Because I’m a denizen of the 21st Century, I’m definitely not immune to the stressors of modern life (in fact, one might even say that I’m an expert at it. Ahem.).

Besides all the psychological issues (inability to concentrate, worry, anxiety, and so on) that stress entails, there are also ongoing, chronic and potentially dangerous physical effects. Stress can cause problems with blood pressure, caridovascular health, inflammation, weight gain and (of course) candida. If there’s any way at all to diminish stress in your life, it’s something you should definitely aim to accomplish.

Today, I wanted to share my top tips for dealing with stress right at the moment you feel it most. As I mention in the video, stress can be ongoing, and the long-term effects can be serious and be the cause of chronic illness or other conditions. For ongoing stress, I’d suggest looking for something you can do on a regular basis (such as daily meditation) to have the best impact.

Today’s tips are really quick-and-dirty methods to alleviate stress right at the moment rather than act as long-term solutions. But they’re great to get you through a tough time so that you can then explore more long-term options.

What do you do to deal with stress in your life? Please share your own tips/strategies in the comments below!

Video Highlights:

  • Why stress is a negative force in most lives
  • Effects of stress on your body, cardiovascular system and immune system
  • How stress causes increased belly fat
  • How to trigger the autonomic relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system)
  • Which practice lowers blood pressure, improves cardiovascular function and even increases willpower
  • What Hawaiians taught me about stress reduction
  • When it’s okay to trick your brain
  • The power of other people


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