My Visit to SOUL7 Healing Center (+ Amazing GIVEAWAY!)

SOUL7 alternative therapies

If you’re a long-time reader of the blog, you may have noticed that things here on the RH site have changed a bit recently. Rather than posting recipes exclusively, I’ve begun to focus more on all aspects of health and well-being–a reflection of my own journey with candida and the many different treatments and approaches I’ve sought out along the way.

I’ve discovered that there are so many other factors that contribute to health, especially on an anti-candida diet. And while food is incredibly important, it’s by no means the only factor to consider. Stress relief, detoxification, boosting the immune system, other alternative therapies–they are all of immense value, and are useful approaches to eradicating yeast and regaining health. Because I do believe that for everyone, it’s possible.

Last year, I wrote about my experience for three weeks at the Hippocrates Health Institute. Earlier this year, I talked about what happened on a 10-day liver detox. Today, I want to share about a new and remarkable treatment center right here in Toronto: SOUL7 Healing Center, where everything they offer is fueled, at the core, by a desire to educate, do good work and, most importantly, help people heal.

A Perfect Blend of Alternative and Technology-Based Approaches

When I first learned about SOUL7 Healing Center in the heart of Toronto’s downtown core, I was both delighted and intrigued. Born through personal hardship, the Center is now dedicated to helping individuals reach their full health potential, whether they arrive dealing with cancer, candida, other chronic illness, stress, or a simple desire to live their lives as fully as possible.

SOUL7 Healing Centre on

[Robert Berman, SOUL7’s owner.]

SOUL7’s owner, Robert Berman, had a thriving law practice when his wife of 37 years, Jayne, was diagnosed with cancer. After exhausting conventional treatments, they began to seek out alternatives. What they discovered shocked them: they learned that many treatments considered standard in Europe and other countries were virtually unheard of in North America.

Sadly, this discovery came too late for Jayne, but Berman decided to abandon law and eventually opened a center where anyone could get help to improve their health using the most advanced, state-of-the-art and scientifically supported therapies from around the world. That’s when he launched SOUL7.

SOUL7’s mission is “to help people heal naturally, and faster by combining ancient healing wisdom with new and breakthrough technologies.” As a fairly modern gal who’s also devoted to natural healing methods, this approach appealed to me immensely.

When I chatted with Bob at length about the center, he mentioned a threefold strategy: first, introduce people to their own innate ability to self-heal; second, work to boost the immune system and balance the nervous system so they can function for optimal health; and finally, provide support and treatment to people diagnosed with cancer.

In fact, anyone who is currently enrolled in any of their 10-week programs can gift another person undergoing cancer treatments with SOUL7’s Cancer Support Program for free, which speaks both to Berman’s generosity and genuine desire to help people undergoing cancer treatment.  And note that SOUL7 supports both conventional and alternative treatments, so it doesn’t matter which kind of care you currently receive.


[The entryway at SOUL7.]

One of the points I really loved about SOUL7 was its focus on the individual’s own desire to heal and change. So many of us operate within the parameters of the conventional medical model that sees the doctor as the external “healer” who will “do something” to make us better. At SOUL7, they perceive each individual as a true participant in her or his own healing, and even ask people how motivated they are at the beginning of the treatment sessions.

As Bob puts it, the “healing equation” goes something like this:

healing = tools that you resonate with + motivation + self-awareness + willingness

If someone has been pressured into attending the center by a spouse or professional and doesn’t truly wish to participate, they may be sent away and other modalities recommended to them.

What happens when you visit?

Even before you descend the few stairs and step through the doors of the facility, you’ll notice that SOUL7 is a little different from the surrounding businesses. Nestled between boutiques, offices and cafes in the tony Yorkville district of Toronto, SOUL7 exudes a charm that is highlighted by color, calm and a tranquil energy.

Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by congenial front desk staff. My initial tour was led by Jacob Charendoff, the Director of Business Development. SOUL7’s staff also includes Jaime Slavin, Nutritionist and Registered Dietician and Dr. Sasha Taliani, Doctor of Naturopathy; as well as the owner Bob Berman,a certified Ondamed PEMF Practitioner and Hypnotist; and other professionals in fields of brain cybernetics, biofeedback and physioacoustics (see description below).

SOUL7 anti-candida treatment

[Jaime Slavin, Nutritionist and Registered Dietician at SOUL7.]

I was really struck by the genuine warmth and welcoming energy radiating from virtually every person in the place, and an obviously earnest desire to help. Berman is also passionate about sharing information about how the place can help each individual who walks through the doors.

The Treatments

Depending on your situation and your preferences, there are a variety of treatment packages from which to choose. Berman chose treatments that are already used in Europe and beyond, with established scientific studies to support their effectiveness.

SOUL7 Healing Centre alternative treatment

[Ricki relaxing in “the pod”.]

For instance, during my first visit, I lay in “the pod,” a reclining chair in which the body is infused with the full range of audio frequencies (which I experienced as sound and vibration) considered healthful to the body.

This treatment, known as VAT (vibro acoustic therapy), works via the nervous system to stimulate both sympathetic (voluntary) and parasympathetic (involuntary) systems. It involved a headset that emitted a guided meditation while I relaxed, emanating overhead lights and an oval pad on the stomach that infused my body with the Schuman resonance, a low frequency resonance that is often associated with a calm state of mind. Overall, for me the experience was similar to a deep meditation, eliciting calm and releasing bodily tension.

SOUL7 anti candida treatment relaxation room

[Part of the Relaxation Room.]

Next, we visited the “Relaxation Room,” a space entirely devoted to stress relief. VAT (described above) is combined with sound and light therapy, guided meditation and ‘zero gravity” to help increase relaxation. In fact, Bob pointed out that many people come to use the Relaxation Room as a matter of personal choice without requiring specific healing properties. As he noted, 30 minutes in the relaxation room can have the same profound impact on someone as “a day on the beach.”

Ondamed anti-candida treatment at SOUL7

[The Ondamed Machine.]

One of the treatments I found most fascinating was the Ondamed machine. Using what is known as PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequency) therapies, this machine works to relieve pain and other conditions through pulsed electromagnetic fields, which, through biofeedback, are tailored to a specific treatment for each individual.

As the SOUL7 website explains it, “The purpose of the Ondamed System unit with its applicators is to transmit electro-magnetic impulses to the human body. The micro-currents induced by the electro-magnetic fields alleviate pain and inflammation and stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. Due to the low energy content of the coils, there is no potential risk to humans.”

In my case, the machine was able to detect the areas in which I most required further healing. I was astounded when head/sinuses, lymphatic system, stress/relaxation, liver/gallbladder, thyroid, back pain–plus a few others!–were all pinpointed. In fact, each and every one of these areas has been a source of concern for me over the past few years, particularly since candida became a constant factor in my life.

anti candida treatments at SOUL7

Finally, there was the Pyradym, a pyramid-like machine called a “physioacoustic apparatus” (related to the Moog synthesizer), used to balance chakras and emitting beautiful light waves in a full rainbow of colors. It is used primarily for decreasing anxiety, tension and muscle spasms while increasing relaxation and an overall sense of well-being.

In the US, the FDA lists physioacoustic equipment as “a Class One medical device” that can claim to relieve pain, increase blood circulation and increase relaxation. I definitely experienced the latter during my visit, leaving with a renewed sense of calm and relaxation (for me, always appreciated!).

Give it a Try Yourself!

With the holidays coming up, SOUL7 has generously offered an incredible giveaway: a FREE 10-session treatment package for a treatment of your choice (retail value: $2500)! Anyone can enter (but take note that treatments are in Toronto).

So, if you’re in the general Toronto area, know someone who is, or even if you’ll be visiting within the next 10 months–PLEASE ENTER! 


You can still follow this link to fill out the form and subscribe to the SOUL7 newsletter for updates on their programs and events, of course!

This contest is open to anyone, but you (or the person to whom you give the prize as a gift) must be in Toronto before August 31, 2016, in order to claim the prize.


Congratulations to the winner, Janet MT! 😀

I’ve returned twice to SOUL7 and each time I visit, I’m struck with the palpable sense of increased calm, focus, and peacefulness. Paradoxically, I felt both energized and calmer at the same time. SOUL7 is truly an oasis of alternative healing energy amidst the bustle and noise of the big city, and a place where you’ll meet devoted, talented practitioners dedicated to helping you reach your best level of health.

I hope you have a chance to check it out for yourself!

SOUL7 Healing Center, 17 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Visit SOUL7 on Facebook, twitter or instagram.

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post. As with all of my posts, I never share about products or places unless I’m truly passionate about and believe wholeheartedly in them. I was truly impressed with both the philosophy and practices of the people at SOUL7 and would gladly return there myself. This post may contain other affiliate links. If you choose to purchase using those links, at no cost to you, I will receive a small percentage of the sale.



  1. Frederique says

    That’s amazing Ricki!
    I have to say we have a Spa here in Montreal that have those Pods, they call them the “neurospa – energising nap” and they do the exact same thing (even seems like the same chair). They are often paired in 30min sessions with an hour massage for an all relaxing session. I’ve enjoyed it twice 🙂 As for the idea of this clinic, it’s great! Things like this are starting to pop up. I am priviledged to go to a gym that has unlimited access to a thermotherapy circuit (sauna, hammam, hot tubs and cold bassin) which is great for relaxation and blood circulation/ellimination of toxins, as well as having access to a 15min sports massage every time i go. There is also a preventative medecine Clinic that is opening up next door which does a bunch of high technology tests in order to prevent disease and make sure you are at your optimal health! They do micronutrient, mineral and vitamin cell absorbtion tests, food and pollutant intolerances, glucose metabolism tests to see whether you may be at risk of type two diabetes (which doctors still don’t do), it’s amazing really! I think this trend is great, we must heal ourselves AND nurture ourselves BEFORE we get sick! If ever you are interested, the clinic is called SANO maybe you could test it for us ! 😛 I’d be happy to have you over for supper after haha! 🙂 It’s not opened yet, they don’t even have a website, but they do do consultations. Let me know if you are interested!

    • Thanks so much, Frederique! It really was an amazing place. The spa in Montreal sounds terrific, too! I don’t generally get to Montreal, but if I’m ever there and can visit, I will let you know. Thank you! 🙂

    • Lorraine Barrie says

      If possible, I would like to know where this clinic is in Montreal. I live close to montreal and would really be interested to see what they could do for me. Thank you so much.

  2. What a wonderful place. I wish I lived there so I could enter. Thanks for sharing the information so I can try to find something like that here in my area. Oh, and I’ve been a long time reader and I’m enjoying the new blog style you’ve been doing lately!

    • Thanks so much, Cherie (and for your kind comment–glad you like the new approach on the blog!). 😀 If you know someone who lives nearby, you can enter on their behalf and then gift them with the prize. Or, if you plan to visit, you can enter and use the package any time up to August. 🙂

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