Four Tips to Stick with Your Special Diet Over the Holidays

Do you love the holidays? Most likely, like many of us, you love certain parts of it but not other parts.

Getting together with loved ones, catching up with old friends, taking long walks in the (possibly very brisk!) outdoors, singing holiday tunes, watching sappy movies, giving and receiving presents, deepening spiritual connections, visualizing the new year, making plans. . . .

All good.

BUT: Holiday overeating, holiday over-drinking, holiday sweets that tempt us to overdo it, holiday fat-laden and heavy foods, holiday third helpings, holiday leftovers scarfed down at 12:42 AM. . . .

Not so good.


Stick with candida diet over holidays

Unfortunately, the holidays are also a time of year that encourages us to depart from our habits that may be in place the rest of the year. And particularly when it comes to what we eat, this departure may end up having negative consequences on our health.

If you’re on a special diet (such as gluten-free, anti-candida, low sugar, dairy-free, etc) and concerned about how you’ll manage to stick within your dietary boundaries through the holiday season, here are some of my best tips for you. (Plus, a bonus unexpected “wardrobe malfunction” that happened while I was talking!).

And don’t forget to share your own tips in the comments below the video!

What’s your favorite tactic to stick with your special diet during this season? Please share your own tips/strategies in the comments below!

Video Highlights:

  • Why context is everything
  • What to bring with you when you go to other people’s houses
  • Ricki’s wardrobe malfunction (the show must go on!)
  • How to remove the temptation entirely when it comes to “no” foods
  • What to focus on instead of the food


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