Is it Okay to Cheat on Your Anti-Candida Diet?

vegan candida diet cheating

The anti-candida diet is one of the most challenging special diets out there. When I first started the diet, I remember wondering how I’d manage to stay within the dietary boundaries and still find enough to eat. Or, how to avoid wandering outside those boundaries.

These days, after having eaten this way for around 15 years, I no longer worry about such things. But in emails from readers, I’m often asked about how much they need to adhere to the diet in order to get well. Is it really 100% or nothing?

I get questions like, “Well, what happens if I happen to have a few pieces of bread on the weekend?” or “I was at a party and had half a glass of wine. Is that horrible?” or “I couldn’t help myself. I was out with friends and I had a few pieces of chocolate. . . but it was 70% chocolate.”

In other words, “How bad is it if I cheat on the diet? Will I have to go back to square one and start all over again? Or is it not so bad if I have a little something now and again?”

In today’s video, I talk about my perspective on cheating. Let me know what you think about this topic in the comments below.

Have you ever cheated on the anti-candida diet? If so, how what happened, and how did you handle it? 

Video Highlights:

  • Why asking the right question is crucial if you’re thinking of cheating
  • Three considerations that will affect what you eat
  • What I do to ensure cheats don’t happen


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    I am in stage one and i am starving no eggs sugar flour(coconut) just spinach cucumber, green beans broccoli and I cannot juice anymore or eat another salad. I began eating probiotic chicken and nuts and m still starving. When i eat the chicken nuts my stomach will get a little glatulence hours later and thats it. What can i do to keep from being hungry and having diversity.

    • Sorry to hear that, Tuere. There are over 700 recipes on this very blog, and I have 100 more in my book, Living Candida-Free. I know there are lots of other anti-candida sites as well that offer recipes. Take a look and see what you find–there is really lots to eat on this program! I also offer 4 new recipes every month in The Sweet Life Club. I hope that helps!

  2. Is there anything i could or should do after i cheated (ate chocolate)…?

  3. Wendy WITTKAMP says

    I am experiencing intense candida die off. I have a light fever and my body aches, I get dizzy and I’m very weak. I have supporting supplements for my liver but I still feel rotten. It’s been like this since this morning. Is it okay to eat something a little sweet to stop the die off process?

    • Wendy, so sorry to hear that you’re going through this. Unfortunately, I’m not a doctor and can’t recommend what you should or shouldn’t do. I would suggest speaking with your own practitioner asap so that you can clear it up and ensure you don’t make things worse!

  4. Hello! I started the candida diet for a week and a half. I don’t crave for sweets but I lost so much weight, now I am 99 lbs. I have a compromised immune system and can not afford to be skinny. What do you recommend?. I need to gain weight ASAP as I am feeling weak. Thanks for your response

    • Hi Justine, so sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with the diet. I don’t treat symptoms or provide treatments as I’m not a doctor. I would suggest seeing a medical specialist about those things. I do work with women to help them stick with their diets over the long term and have dealt with this kind of issue over the years with clients. If you are interested in exploring how we might work together, you can sign up for a clarity call to see if we’re a good fit here: . Good luck!

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