50+ Sugar-Free Chocolate Treats (+ A Few Carob!) for Your Sweetie

Vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free chocolate recipes for Valentine's Day

I was recently chatting with someone who is about to embark on an anti-candida diet, and she mentioned that one of the hurdles stopping her is the no-sugar rule when it comes to chocolate. “I’m not sure I could give up my chocolate,” she said.

Because really, what’s better than chocolate?

Well, SUGAR-FREE chocolate! I assured her it’s easy to make your own treats when you’re sugar-free, so she shouldn’t let that stop her. Chocolate is one of the world’s almost-perfect superfoods, so you should never deprive yourself, is what I say.

These days, my homemade chocolate is sweetened exclusively with either stevia or xylitol. I occasionally use coconut sugar or coconut nectar, but other higher-glycemic sweeteners are a rarity, saved for special occasions. . . like Valentine’s Day. 😉

If you’re sticking with the lower glycemic options, you can substitute any of the dry sweeteners with xylitol or Lakanto. For maple syrup, try coconut nectar instead. But even if you opt for those with dates or maple syrup (if you’re on candida-diet maintenance or not following an anti-candida diet), they’re still eons ahead of the pre-packaged, sugar-laden stuff.

And that’s pretty darned sweet. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve indicated which of these treats is suitable for different stages of the anti-candida diet. 

Now, go forth and eat chocolate with your sweetie!

All Stages

sugar-free, candida diet, vegan Peppermint Nanaimo Bars on rickiheller.com

My Carob Coconut Bark (all stages)

Whole New Mom’s Healthy “Almond Joy” Bars (all stages)

My Ultimate Candida Diet Chocolate Chip Cookies (all stages)

Jesse Lane’s Carob Hazelnut Bark (all stages)

My Grain-Free Chocolate Berry-Swirl Cheesecake (all stages)

Vegan Family Recipes’s Mint Chocolate Mousse (all stages)

Bittersweet’s Sugar-Free Citrus and Spice Truffles (all stages)

My Chocolate Matcha Tea Truffles (all stages if you use the ACD-friendly version)

My Carob Fudge (all stages)

Fork & Beans’s Sugar-Free “Chocolate” Bars (all stages)

My Grain-Free Peppermint Nanaimo Bars (all stages)

Stage Two

Valentine's Day sugar-free chocolate treats

Cupcakes & Kale’s Salted Chocolate Pumpkin Butter Cups  (use Lilys chocolate chips and yacon syrup for Stage 2 or later)

Chocolate Covered Katie’s Heart Healthy Homemade Chocolate Candies (Stage 2 and later  if you use Lilys chips)

Lazy Cat Kitchen’s  Chili Chocolate Raspberry Cups (maintenance; or use Lilys chips and homemade jam for Stage 2 and later)

Wendy Polisi’s Crispy Quinoa & Cashew Chocolate Clusters (use Lilys chocolate chips for the chocolate; Stage 2 and later)

Whole New Mom’s No-Bake Chocolate Macaroons (Stage 2 and later)

Strength and Sunshine’s Chocolate Chip Raspberry Granola (Stage 2 and later)

Vegan Family Recipes’s Chocolate Puffed Quinoa Bars (for Stage 2, use Lilys chocolate chips)  My

My Homemade Superfood Chocolate (Stage 2 and later)

Whole New Mom’s Frosted Chocolate Mint Cookies (stage 2 and later)

Stength and Sunshine’s Mint Chocolate Sunflower Bites (Stage 2 and later)

Stage Three

Candida diet, raw chocolate fudge topped brownie recipe on rickiheller.com

My Chocolate Cinnamon Heart Sandwich Cookies  (Stage 3 and later)

Contentedness Cooking’s Chocolate Mousse (Stage 3 or later)

Vegan Heaven’s  Vegan Black Bean Brownies (use coconut sugar; Stage 3 and later)

My Chocolate Chip Cheesecake-filled Chocolate Cupcakes (Stage 3 and later)

Unconventional Baker  Raw Vegan German Chocolate Pie (Stage 3 and later if you use coconut nectar)

My Frosted Chocolate Potato Cake Donuts (Stage 3 or later)

Strength and Sunshine’s Triple Chocolate Donuts (use Lilys chocolate chips; Stage 3 and later)

My Chocolate Caramel Slice (Stage 3 and later)

JL Goes Vegan’s Coconut Ginger Infused Black Bean Brownies (for stage 3 and later, use coconut nectar)

Veggie Inspired Journey’s  Fudgy Mocha Black Bean Brownie Hearts  (for Stage 3 and later, use coconut nectar)

Veggies Don’t Bite’s  Salted Caramel Chocolate Espresso Pudding (for Stage 3 and later, use coconut nectar)

Eating Bird Food’s Valentine’s Day Superfood Trail Mix (use naturally sweetened cranberries; Stage 3 and later)

My Cookie Chocolate Bark (Stage 3 and later)

My Raw Chocolate Fudge-Topped Brownies (Stage 3 and later)

Cupcakes & Kale’s 4-ingredient Chocolate Turtles (Stage 3 or later)


Sugar-free raspberry fudge truffles on rickiheller.com

My Decadent Chocolate Pate (maintenance)

Go Dairy Free’s No Bake Chocolate Pecan Crumble Bars (maintenance)

Recipe Renovator’s Chocolate Date Pecan Truffles (maintenance)

Woman in Real Life’s Coconut Brownie Bites (maintenance)

Blissful & Fit Christy’s Heavenly Raw Chocolate Mousse (maintenance)

Spabettie’s Raspberry-Dusted Chocolate Truffles (maintenance)

Veganosity’s Vegan Chocolate Espresso Mousse (maintenance)

Dreena Burton’s Raw Orange Chocolate Pudding (maintenance)

Go Dairy Free’s Raw Chocolate Superfood Tart (maintenance)

Unconventional Baker’s Flourless Chocolate Cake (maintenance)


Looking for EVEN MORE Valentine’s Day treats? See this post for 40+ Vegan + Sugar-free Valentine’s Day sweets

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  1. What a truly mouth-watering roundup! Thank you so much for including my recipe. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for including my recipe Ricki! What a wonderful roundup! I want every one!

  3. My mouth is watering, fantastic roundup! Thanks so much for including my recipe, Ricki!

  4. Oh my, now I’m facing a serious treat making dilemma: how am I possibly supposed to choose from this amazing collection? I’m thinking extending Valentine’s to last about a month sounds like a good idea 😀 Thanks so much for putting this together and for including two of my recipes! <3

  5. This is an inspirational roundup! I need to cut back on my sugar intake and this gives me hope for some great options! Thanks for including my brownie bites. 🙂

  6. Thank you for including my chocolate mousse, Ricki. There are so many wonderful chocolate recipes in this roundup, I’m going to try many of them. 🙂 Sharing!

  7. What an amazing list of sugar free chocolate treats, Ricki! Thanks so much for including a couple of mine. All those recipes are a huge inspiration. Sharing 🙂

  8. You’re keeping the sweet in Valentine’s Day, Ricki! What a roundup!

  9. Mmmmm, chocolate!! Thanks for including my Black Bean Mocha Brownies!!

  10. Wow Ricki, only you could make chocolate, healthy, and enticing tie together in so many ways!

  11. Wow, with all these options chocolate can hardly be missed 🙂 Thank you so much for throwing a few of mine into the mix, Ricki! <3

  12. I am wondering if you can sub in dry stevia for the liquid drops & if so what is the ratio?
    Thanks for any feedback.

    • Elizabeth, usually the dry stevia (if it’s 100% pure white stevia powder, no fillers or additives) is about twice as sweet as the liquid, in my experience. So I use half as much powder as liquid–if it’s 1 tsp (5 ml) liquid, I’d use 1/2 tsp (2.5 ml) powder. But always start with less than you think you need and adjust from there–stevia is VERY concentrated, and it’s easy to use too much with just a little bit more. Let me know how it goes!


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